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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #27

Thought the holidays were over? Think again. SGD is here and we’ve brought a big red sack filled to the brim with awesome indie Android games for all the good little indie gamers around the world. The past week(s) saw the release of a tonne of incredible indie games, which means its time for another Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up!

We’ve highlighted some of the best games that have recently launched below, but as is tradition with the Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up, there can be only ONE. One winner that is, so be sure to vote for your favorite game in our non-scientific poll below so it can achieve social dominance over the competition and be crowned our “Indie Game Of The Week”.


Chuu Slime from Chubiri

Chuu Slime is a fast-paced 360 degree shooting game that has you fighting wave after wave of pestering slimes. Obviously you don’t want these little buggers kicking around so you’ll have to find a way to dispose of them once and for all. You’ve got yourself a normal attack, but why use that when you can use your special skills to destroy them instead? As you play through Chuu Slime’s normal mode you’ll become progressively stronger and who knows, maybe you’ll be skilled enough to take on the game’s Endless Mode!?

See Chuu Slime in action: Here

chu2 chuu1


Commanager from Skyjaz Games

The next game on our list is the unique business strategy game Commanager which comes to us from the indie development team Skyjaz Games. In this game you will be creating and managing a commercial building area that has its own shops and services. This means you’ll have to hire and fire staff, replenish your store’s stock and a whole lot more. You’ve got to do some seriously strategic thinking if you want to come out on top though you’re going to have to keep your clientèle happy. Through your career you’ll manage businesses both big and small – each of which brings its own set of challenges to the table. Commanager is a game that fans of strategy games should not pass up!

commanager_1 commanager_2


Dynamic from Apptention

Apptention is an indie game developer that created one of my favorite games of 2013 – Dodge Balls. Their newest creation, Dynamic, takes the gameplay formula from Dodge Balls and switches this around a bit. Your goal here stays the same: get your bouncing ball from side A to side B without getting hit by the constant onslaught of obstacles that get in your way. Where this game truly differs is through it’s unique stage designs that really keep the game feeling fresh throughout it’s 300 stages. From the levels I have played I would say I am most impressed by World 5 which looks like a retro space shooter that has shots flying in all directions.

Dynamic is a fun game that definitely deserves a look. If you’re not ready for an all out purchase there is a lite version for your to try out for free of charge.

See Dynamic in action: Here

dynamic1 dynamic2



INOQONI is a new puzzle-platformer that features a truly stunning art style that is mixed together perfectly with a unique world that you’re sure to get lost in. In INOQONI you play as a young girl that finds herself imprisoned in a mysterious tower. While under normal circumstances this would be a bad thing, and in this case it’s certainly not ideal, but luckily you have a powerful magical mirror that is sure to help you escape. During your escape you’ll pass through the tower’s 60 rooms where you’ll come across a multitude of disturbing creatures and you’ll find yourself doing your best to avoid the game’s many deadly pitfalls. You’ve really got yourself into a tricky situation but if you learn the secrets of the magic mirror, capture all the butterflies, and finish each level as quickly as possible you’re sure to make it out alive.

See INOQONI in action: Here

inoqoni2 inoqoni1


Isogon from shoe[box]

Isogon is a new minimalistic puzzler that is sure to get your scratching your head a couple of times. The concept is simple: restore the connections between the isogons, but as you play you’ll realise that things are progressively getting more difficult. Luckily the game has three different difficult levels to choose from so you’ll be able to start out easy and work your way up to the harder challenges when you’re ready for them. Isogon is currently stacked with a whopping 80 challenging levels and the developer promises more content will be coming soon. The game also makes use of Google Play Game Services to provide the gamer with access to achievements and online leaderboards – which is always a huge plus in my books.

Fans of puzzle games should definitely download Isogon today!

isogon1 isogon2 isogon3


Loot Hero from VaragtP

Loot Hero is an RPG- grind-fest that is unlike anything you’ve likely seen before. The game strips down the genre to its bare bones in terms of gameplay elements, but it really shines in the upgrade system and… that will keep the gamer hooked for a long time. You’re always gaining xp, earning gold, and upgrading your character which makes this a game that’s hard to put down.



M.A.C.E. Tower Defense from EntwicklerX

M.A.C.E. Tower Defense is a classic tower defense game from EntwicklerX – the indie devs that made the stunning space shooter M.A.C.E. M.A.C.E. Tower Defense completely changes the style of the original M.A.C.E. by switching over to the tower defense style of gameplay (which should be pretty obvious when looking at the game’s title). This game features some fun and unique towers and enemies, and also an in-game shop that allows you to upgrade your towers and buy special items like the Atom Bomb, Splash Bomb, and Air Supply. All of this is purchased through in-game currency that is earned by defeating bosses, having additional lives left after each battle, and by unlocking new maps.

What makes M.A.C.E. Tower Defense stand out from other games in the genre is that it isn’t just about placing, upgrading and selling towers. Nope. In M.A.C.E. Tower Defense you also have the ability to use unique abilities that will help you to better protect your base. These abilities include the option to place mines, put up walls, and even set up Electro Fields that will help to direct your enemies in the way you want them to go. These unique elements give the player added control over the action and truly makes you feel like you’re the one calling the shots.

If you’re a fan of the tower defense genre you’d be silly to pass up on M.A.C.E. Tower Defense.

maceTD2 maceTD1


Magic Rampage from Asantee Games

Indie developer Asantee Games, the studio behind the sleeper hit puzzler Magic Portals, is back with a spiritual successor called Magic Rampage that ditches the mind bending puzzles of its predecessor in favor of a good old fashioned Ghouls ‘N Ghosts style action RPG. Like Magic PortalsMagic Rampage is a gorgeous looking 2D sidescoller filled with amazing visuals and unique gameplay, but this time it also comes with non-stop zombie bashing, looting, and more secret areas than you can shake a stick at. Both an homage to old school side scrollers like Metroid and a fresh new take on the sidescrolling RPG, Magic Rampage is an impressive followup that shows indie dev Asantee Games has clearly upped its game, literally.

magicrampagess2 magicrampagess1


NeonPlat Extreme from Jayenkai

Jayenkai is an indie game developer that is very well known for his ability to make great games in a short amount of time (just check out his webpage One of his most recent gems is the fun retro action platformer NeonPlat. In this game you’ll run, jump, and throw giant balls at the game’s many enemies… all while trying to stay alive for as long as possible! NeonPlat gives you 9 different gameplay styles to check out, loads of enemies to avoid, and as is the case in all of Jayenkai’s games there is plenty of craziness going on at all times.

Be sure to check out this extremely fun retro platformer today!

See NeonPlat Extreme in action: Here

neonplat1 neonplat2


Once Upon a Light from Guru Meditation Project

Once Upon a Light is a fun new physics puzzler from the indie development team Guru Meditation Project. The game tells the story of Eddie, a lowly light bulb that is in search of his beloved. He sets out on a journey through a unique steampunk world that consists of 90 levels of challenging physics puzzles. You’ll travel this world to exotic locals like the Far West and the Deep Abysses… all through the eyes of this brave little light bulb named Eddie.



The Sheepening from Logic Squid

Have you ever wanted to be a shepherd? You know, someone that herds sheep? Well now you can! And best of all you’ll be doing it in a UFO! You’ll be doing this in Logic Squid’s newest game The Sheepening – a game that’s all about traveling through the lands while helping a lowly shepherd to find and collect his lost sheep friends.

sheep1 sheep2


ShockWave from Senfina8

ShockWave is a fun new “breakout” style of game that has been designed specifically for devices with touch screens. While in other “breakout” games your goal is to remove all of the bricks on the screen in ShockWave your goal is to protect bricks of one color and then changing the color of the balls to remove the other bricks. This adds a whole new level of strategy to a genre that hasn’t seen a whole lot of change over the years, and it makes each level you play feel a little different from the ones that came before it. The way you control the balls is also unique as to get the balls to move across the screen you’ll be creating shockwaves by tapping on your touch screen. It’s a unique style of gameplay that breathes new life into this classic genre of games. ShockWave also features an in-depth level editor which gives players the ability to make levels of their very own.



Sir Hoppity from Coded Velocity

Sir Hoppity: Challenge of the Dragon is a game that has been born from the mind of the 8-year old game designer Benjamin Howard. You take control of Sir Hoppity; a rabbit whose girl friend has just been taken away by an evil dragon. Obviously you do what any good rabbit would do – you head out on a quest to return her home safely. With just your magical carrot sword to defend you fight your way through a mysterious world filled with dark forests, rolling sand deserts, and of course the evil volcano dragon’s secret lair. On your journey you’ll gather treasure, purchase upgrades for your items, and battle deadly enemies like jumping spiders, angry wasps, sidewinder snakes, and a whole lot more. If you’re looking for a platformer that is sure to be fun for the whole family look no further than Sir Hoppity!



Volt from Quantized Bit

In Volt you find yourself taking control of a robot that has just escaped his expected death while en route to the recycling plant. So you’ve managed to avoid that untimely fate but now you realise you need to actually escape from the facility that you’re being held captive in. This is easier said than done though as you are just a battery… and you have no legs! However you do have the ability to connect to walls, move and destroy objects, turn switches, and charge generators, which are all very valuable skills in a facility such as this. That said you will have to be conservative when using these abilities as you only have a limited number of electric beams at your disposal. You’ll have to do some problem solving and strategic planning if you’re going to get out of this facility in one piece.

Volt is a fun and stunning platformer that will test your understanding of both physics and gravity.

See Volt in action: Here

volt2 volt1


Voxelnova from Playground Heroes Studios

VoxelNova is a fun new retro-themed mini-game runner that puts you in command of a spacecraft that is constantly running out of fuel. As you make your way through the depths of space you’ll have to collect fuel barrels to keep you going while also avoiding the dangers of space like black holes and space debris. Luckily you’ll come across useful power-ups that will help you fly further into space by giving you a huge speed burst or helping to clear out some of the obstacles that stand in your way. However where Voxelnova really shines is through it’s retro mini-games that are accessed by entering a blue wormhole. These mini games pay homage to retro classics like Space Invaders, Parachute and Pong and are sure to give older gamers a kick of nostalgia. These mini-games aren’t just fun but they also give you huge boosts to your score, extra fuel, or even a nice speed boost. So what are you waiting for? Head out into the depths of space and aim to set a new high score in the game’s leaderboards!

voxelnova2 voxelnova3 voxelnova1


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