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Zen-Like Retro Runner Platforms Unlimited Coming Soon

XperimentalZ Games, the talented indie development studio that brought us the hit sci-fi action runner Don’t Run With A Plasma Sword, is gearing up to release an ambitious spiritual successor called Platforms Unlimited. This creative side scroller has been designed to shake up the endless runner genre by throwing out all the established gameplay conventions that have made most runners feel stale and starting over from scratch.

To create Platforms Unlimited, XperimentalZ Games went point by point over what makes platforming fun until they had distilled its essence down to the most primal of 8-bit forms. This approach to game design is beautiful in its simplicity and in Platforms Unlimited case it has resulted in a fantastic zen-like platformer that’s taking aim at all the boring runners out there.


Platforms Unlimited shares the same basic concept as other runners, survive, but how it goes about testing your reflexes is wholly different. Precision jumping has been heavily incorporated into the game design, so much so that the games protagonist, a charming blue square, spends more time in the air than on the ground.

Rather than simply throw in an endless mode and call it a day like most mainstream endless runner developers do, XperimentalZ Games has an impressive amount of content planned for Platforms Unlimited in order to give players a wealth of gameplay options like a dynamically evolving mission structure, power ups that completely change how the games played, and even additional challenge levels that will appear on a daily basis. It does, however, still have the obligatory endless mode for the masochists out there who revel in being defeated by absurdly difficult challenges.


Platforms Unlimited is a ground breaking new platformer that’s set to take the endless runner genre by storm. It’s expected to launch towards the end of this month and will thankfully be a traditionally priced “paid” game with no iaps or micro-transactions in sight. XperimentalZ Games will also be hosting a pre-release beta for Platforms Unlimited which you can sign up for here.

XperimentalZ Games

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