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Bug Crush Review

Gotta Smash ‘Em All!

One of the more memorable toys from my childhood were the Real Squish Bugs, miniature insect action figures that were designed to look as disgusting as possible and shoot out puddles of nasty looking goo when you stomped on them. I took a certain glee in these over the top(and very messy) toys, which is why indie developer Phantom Fox Studios brand new game Bug Crush immediately caught my interest.

Whereas in Phantom Fox Studios last game Firefly where the object was to guide a lone bug to safety this time around you’ll be literally smashing as many of the little critters as possible while, in a hilarious twist, smearing as much of their gooey remains all around the screen in order to score massive combos.


The more bugs guts you smear all over the screen though, the harder it becomes to see the action and distinguish what kinds of bugs you’re actually smooshing. That’s important because not all of these creepy crawlies are exactly smash friendly. Hidden among the flurries of highly crushable insects like lady bugs, moths, and of course fireflies are swarms of deadly wasps that will make you pay for smooshing them with a life draining sting. Get stung enough times and it’s game over for the player as the in-game character would presumably have to go to the in-game hospital at that point. The more your screen gets covered with bug guts, the higher your combo from smooshing bugs goes but be careful because if you don’t bank those points by wiping the screen every now and then you’ll lose your entire combo. And no one wants that.

A high score based arcade mode is the main attraction here, but Bug Crush has a few other nifty tricks up its sleeve as well. Experienced players who feel they’ve become a Bug Crush zen master can test their smooshing skills in the games elite insta-death based challenge mode which offers an intense variation on the standard gameplay. However, my favorite feature of Bug Crush has to be its excellent two-player mode. In this brutal bug smashing death match, players can go head to head with a friend(or enemy) to simultaneously try to clear their own corresponding color bugs from the screen which leads to fierce competitions and general hilarity. Playing Bug Crush with a friend is a blast!


Tap based games have become so rote at this point in mobile gaming’s’ history that it’s become difficult to get excited for anything even remotely resembling Fruit Ninja. Phantom Fox Studio’s Bug Crush is a wake up call to gamers that tap based games aren’t dead yet. Through simple yet innovative touch based gameplay variations Phantom Fox Studio has managed to reinvent the wheel which has resulted in the easily accesible yet deeply addicting smoosh ’em up Bug Crush.

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Bug Crush Review Craig Forshey


Summary: Bug Crush is a terrific tap based arcade title filled with innovative gameplay and tons of bug guts.



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