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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #28

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get indies on Friday.

Finding interesting new indie Android games to play nowadays can be a time consuming prospect, so we created the Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up in order to bring you the latest and greatest in independent gaming each week. Our dedicated team of Android ninjas have reported back after scouring the farthest reaches of the interwebs for indie games and boy oh boy do we have some awesome new games for you this week.

From puzzlers to platformers to shooters to RPGs, this weeks Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up has something for everyone! Check out the newest indie Android games from the past week below and make sure to vote for your favorite game in our poll at the bottom of the page. The game with the most votes will be crowned our “Indie Game Of The Week” and be featured on our home page!


Brainsquare from Sompom Games

Brainsquare is a simple yet highly addictive puzzle game that is certainly going to get you thinking with your noggin. The concept is quite simple: link all pins of the same color with square tiles of the corresponding color. Simple, right? Maybe to start out it is, but this is a game that will definitely make you think. You’ll have to combine both logic and intuition if you’re going to beat these levels and achieve supreme mastery of the game. If you’re up for a real challenge see if you have what it takes to get a gold medal on each of the stages too!

In addition to the challenging puzzle gameplay Brainsquare features a tonne of content (over 200 levels!), has a clean and colorful minimalistic art style, and its relaxing soundtrack will keep you calm as you progress towards the most challenging levels. If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding puzzle game you really need to download Brainsquare today!

b21 b22


Bug Crush from Phantom Fox Studios

Tap based games have become so rote at this point in mobile gaming’s’ history that it’s become difficult to get excited for anything even remotely resembling Fruit Ninja. Phantom Fox Studio’s Bug Crush is a wake up call to gamers that tap based games aren’t dead yet. Through simple yet innovative touch based gameplay variations Phantom Fox Studio has managed to reinvent the wheel which has resulted in the easily accesible yet deeply addicting smoosh ‘em up Bug Crush.

bugh bugc


Cat Basket from Retro Dreamer

Retro Dreamer, the developer behind the highly addictive and very popular jumping-smasher title SlamBots has just released their newest creation onto Google Play – Cat Basket. The concept of Cat Basket is quite simple, actually, but that’s not saying that the gameplay itself is easy! You take control of a crazy cat lady that is trying to catch as many falling cats in her basket as she possible can. This is easier said than done though as you’ll experience new obstacles, like dogs, that will certainly try to hamper your progress. But if you’re sharp enough and you have the reflexes of a cat you’re sure to do well here!

catb1 catb3 catb2


Faif from Beavl Games

Faif is a new puzzle-RPG that is based around a unique gambling styled battle system. Your goal is to defeat as many opponents as you possibly can while trying your hardest to unravel the game’s special storyline. The gameplay works like this: You’ll choose five adjacent tiles, but as the game is based around gambling you’ll only get to use one of them. You’re going to need to think wisely and hopefully have some luck in order to beat the odds and defeat your enemies before they have a chance to defeat you.

Faif is still in development but that doesn’t mean that what’s already in the game isn’t of high quality. The devs have been improving and uploading new versions of the game almost weekly, and they’re always making steps to making the game perfect. The devs really want to make the game something that everyone will enjoy so they’ve included a “Tell Us” button in the game that allows you to contact the developers directly with any ideas or suggestions you might have for Faif.

If you’ve been looking to try out a unique RPG with a unique battle system you really need to check out Faif today!

faif1 faif3 faif2


Fezball from Ginik

Did you grow up playing the classic game Jezzball? If so you NEED to check out the modern remake with new graphics called Fezball. If you have not heard of this game now is the best time to check it out. The goal in Fezball is actually quite simple: just contain all of your balls inside the playing field. You must trap them in the smallest area that you can in order to beat the level. Fezball’s gameplay is similar to what you’ve likely seen before in games like iSlash and Spider Tilt, but with it’s unique retro look and feel it makes stand out as something special.

fez3 fez2 fez1


Job the Leprechaun from Álvaro Herrero

Many indie devs try to make fun retro themed platformers but many miss the mark by once the game is released. That isn’t the case in Job the Leprechaun though. This dev has managed to create a game that truly feels retro through it’s great use of sound and it’s awesome retro graphics. Most importantly the game is actually a whole lot of fun! It’s inspiration from classic games like Alex Kidd, Snow Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros, and Ice Climber really show while you’re playing the game.

Not too surprisingly you play through the game as a leprechaun named Job. Your friend Eri has been captured by an evil witch and it’s up to you to get her back. You’ll battle through an assortment of evil monsters as you make your way through the game’s 30 fun levels. Job The Leprechaun is a game that really shouldn’t be missed out on.

job1 job2


Lunar Lander Reloaded from Queader

The remake you’ve always wanted to see of the classic arcade hit Lunar Lander is finally here! While the gameplay stays more or less as you’d expect: you must safely land your craft on the surface of the Moon by controlling the craft’s velocity, but a bunch of new elements have been added to make the game feel brand new. For example the game now features an awesome minimalistic art style, has four difficulty settings, and more content like leaderboards and achievements are planned for release in future updates. Lunar Lander Reloaded is free over on Google Play so download it today!

lunar1 lunar2


LYNE from Thomas Bowker

Whereas most puzzlers tend to put pressure on gamers using timers and other mechanics, LYNE takes the opposite approach. Players solve relaxing logic riddles while listening to some great background music which combines with the minimalistic graphics to create a surreal zen-like atmosphere.

lyne1 lyne2 lyne3


Neon Beat from Gripati Digital Entertainment

There’s brick breaker games and then there’s Neon Beat, a groovy new neo-retro homage to games like Arkanoid that literally turns the genre on its head. Traditional brick breaker games have been pretty linear in their design but Neon Beat pulls out all the stops with head spinning level design and crazy yet awesome game mechanics.

neon1 neon2


Oozengard from Cranial Acid

Oozengard tells the tale of an ordinary young gamer like you or I that finds himself trapped in a nightmarish yet oddly video game-like scenario. One day while casually playing your favorite game in front of your TV, you hear an unmistakably ominous gurgling sound outside followed by screams. As you rush outside to see what in Miyamoto’s name is going on(without forgetting to get to the next save point in your game of course), you come face to face with the enigmatic ocean of pixel death that is the Ooze. This deadly organism corrupts and decays everything it comes in contact with, and in the case of living organisms like humans it can even create zombie Ooze clones that would fool all but the keenest of adventurers. Your main goal is to kick some sludge zombie butt and unravel the mystery of where the Ooze came from but there is a whole lot more than that to do since as an open world game Oozengard has side quests, extra storylines, and special achievements out the wazoo.

oozengardss4 oozengardss1


Pill Popper from Flyover Games

The developer behind the gory arcade hit Knife That Guy is back with a psychedelic new puzzler that’s like Dr. Mario meets Breaking Bad. Pill Popper is probably the first game ever to depect the mental health care system in puzzle form, with players treating fatal conditions like “happiness” with mood altering drugs which in this case are connect threes and combo chains.

pillpop1 pillpop2 pillpop3


Rumble Bots from Zudenken Entertainment

Anyone who has ever seen the TV show Robot Wars should instantly be familiar with why Rumble Bots is awesome, but for the uninitiated it features awesomely designed killer robots outfitted with blades and saws that are pitted against each other in brutal death matches. Rather than making you sit back and not get directly involved in the fight like some Robot Wars style games have done in the past, Rumble Bots casts players AS the robots themselves as they fight to the death using a Twisted Metal meets Tekken combat system.

rumbot1 rumbot2


Spacebat from Hot Box Games

You thought Super Meat Boy’s uber challenging gameplay was addicting? Wait till you meet the new action arcade game Spacebat, it’s essentially a platformer except there is no up or down which can make avoiding getting eating by vicious space snakes or chopped to pieces by errant space saws rather difficult. This addicting indie title features a tonne of content and will give you plenty of bang for your buck.

spacebat3 spacebat2 spacebat1


Tank Riders 2 from Polarbit

Everything is bigger and better in Tank Riders 2. The most noticeable improvement comes in the form of greatly enhanced graphics that sport spectacular dynamic lighting and much higher polygon counts than in the original Tank Riders. This arcade shoot ‘em up isn’t all about looks though as the arcade style vehicular combat from the original has returned in better form than ever. Rather than acting as mere mindless drones, the many different enemies of Tank Riders 2 respond strategically to your actions and each one of them has their own deadly specialty. Players have alot more precision this time around too as the physics have been greatly enhanced. Tank Riders 2 also features full HID controller support for devices like the Xperia Play, Nvidia Shield, and the Moga series of bluetooth gamepads.

tankriders12 tankriders1


TurretCrunch from Fishtale Studio

This addicting rogue-like  survival shoot ‘em up is one of the best twin stick shooters i’ve played in a long time. TurretCrunch cast players as one of these lone rabbit defenders commandeering a single tank against an increasingly dangerous and growing horde of metal crunching machines. While on its face TurretCrunch may look like yet another shooter, spend just one play session with it and you’ll see just how well designed it is. As players progress through each wave and defeat the zany bosses they’ll gradually unlock awesome new power ups through an RPG style skill tree that literally changes the way the game is played. Getting your furry behind handed to you by the machines? Unlock the exploding enemies upgrade and you’ll start chaining together massive combos by strategically grouping enemies together.

turretcrunch3 turretcrunch1


Twisted Adventures: Little Red Riding Hood from Cerebral Games

Twisted Adventures: Little Red Riding Hood is a new adventure game for Android that takes place in the classic storyline of the Red Riding Hood fairytale… but with a couple of major twists. This time around there’s no Big Bad Wolf. Nope. This time your problem lies with a legion of deadly shadow creatures that are intent on keeping you from arriving safely at Granny’s house.

The gameplay in TA: Little Red Riding Hood reminds me quite a bit of the award winning action platformer Little Galaxy (and that isn’t a bad thing!). You’ll travel through a number of stunning yet creepy environments as you jump your way from floating island to floating island. Your goal is simply to collect as many apples and flowers as you can while also doing what you can to free each of your little bunny friends from the cages they’ve been locked up in. It’s a simple concept for sure, but once new elements like shadow wolves and shadow bats are added into the mix you’ll realize that TA: Little Red Riding Hood requires some serious skill to master.

Twisted Adventures: Little Red Riding Hood is a fantastic adventure game that is free to play online over at, but if you want to experience all the game has to offer you’ll need to grab yourself the Android version of the game. The paid version available on Google Play will give gamers access to additional content like extra levels, cutscenes, a spectacular ending, and best of all you’ll get to take the game with you wherever you go! So what are you waiting for? Jump over to Google Play to grab this sure fire hit today!




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