Published on January 17th, 2014 | by Craig Forshey


Rogue-Like Shoot ‘Em Up TurretCrunch Hops Onto Android

Rabbits are normally peaceful creatures, but invade their world with hordes of destructive robots and these little critters will start producing highly advanced weaponry like apple launching carrot cannons……..oh and badass tanks too. So goes the premise for indie developer Fishtale Studio’s terrific new twin stick shoot ’em up TurretCrunch and you know what? It works. Inspired by rogue-likes and built for replayability, it’s easy to get hooked on TurretCrunch.

turretcurnch2  turretcrunch3

This addicting rogue-like survival shoot ’em up is one of the best twin stick shooters i’ve played in a long time. TurretCrunch casts players as one of these lone rabbit defenders commandeering a single tank against an increasingly dangerous and growing horde of metal crunching machines. While on its face TurretCrunch may look like yet another shooter, spend just one play session with it and you’ll see just how well designed it is. As players progress through each wave and defeat the zany bosses they’ll gradually unlock awesome new power ups through an RPG style skill tree that literally changes the way the game is played. Getting your furry behind handed to you by the machines? Unlock the exploding enemies upgrade and you’ll start chaining together massive combos by strategically grouping enemies together.


Addicting, stylish, and just plain fun, TurretCrunch is now available on Google Play.

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