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Turn-Based RPG Elementalist Magically Appears on Google Play

Tengu Games, a two man indie game developer from the Netherlands, has just released their first official game onto Google Play. This game is a fantasy-themed turn-based RPG called Elementalist that combines a solid narrative, beautiful visuals, and a unique touch-screen oriented combat system into a well rounded adventure that wont soon be forgotten.

elem2 elem1

In Elementalist you find yourself in the shoes of either a male or female protagonist that has just begun his/her across a beautifully crafted fantasy world. The land has been overrun by evil creatures and it’s up to you to traverse the world’s many diverse landscapes while looking for the source of all this evil. Luckily you have the ability perform a variety of magical spells that will undoubtedly send your enemies to an early grave.

What really makes Elementalist stand out from other games in this genre is it’s unique battle system. To attack your enemies you will trace a variety of magical runes on your touch screen to cast a spell at your enemy. These spells are based around the four main elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind, each of which has it’s own strengths and weaknesses against the others. The amount of damage your attacks inflict is determined by how precise your drawing is, how quickly you draw it, and also the relationship the element has to the type of enemy you are battling. The system has quite a bit of depth to it which ensures that a fair amount of strategy will be required to actually make it out of battle victorious.

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  • Intuitive gesture mechanic that allows players to draw magic spells
  • Tactical gameplay with elements sporting unique mechanics
  • Nearly 15.000 possible skill combinations!
  • Also featuring 16 characters and 46 weapons and tomes!
  • 6+ hour long campaign and an endless arena mode
  • Beautiful audio and graphics to wrap up this pocket sized rpg!


Elementalist is an extremely well made turn-based RPG that shouldn’t be passed up on by anyone. It has some of the best hand drawn graphics you’ll find in a mobile game, it’s combat system is both fun and intuitive, and best of all it is completely free! There are optional IAP’s that can be purchased with real money if you desire, but during my time with the game these didn’t seem necessary to get full enjoyment out of the game.

If you’ve been looking for a unique RPG to take with you on the go you should look no further than Elementalist. It is a lot of fun and I highly suggest heading over to Google Play right now and downloading it today. You wont be disappointed!

Developer Website: Tengu Games

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