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Arranger Review

Arranger is a unique adventure game that has actually been out for quite a while now, but it’s a game I feel deserves a lot more attention than it has received since its release. Arranger is without a doubt one of the strangest games I’ve ever played but it’s also one of the most enjoyable. The game is filled with strange characters, bizarre locales, it has an awesome 8-bit art style, and it features one of the catchiest soundtracks around. Arranger is an adventure game unlike anything you’ve played before.

Arranger takes place in the truly absurd world of Musica. As of late all music has disappeared from these lands and it’s up to you to bring it back. To do this you’ll take your small yellow creature on the journey of a lifetime through Musica in an attempt to return the eight magical chalices to the king. On your noble quest you will visit nine extremely bizarre realms; each of which has its own unique look and soundtrack. You’ll also meet many interesting characters that will provide you with more insight into the weird things that have been happening around the realm.

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At its heart Arranger is an adventure game. You will visit each of the nine realms while collecting items that will be used to solve problems and progress the game’s storyline. The majority of the items you’ll need are earned by playing through the games many unique mini-games. You might be dodging items as you fall down a gigantic esophagus, feed burgers to hungry patrons in a restaurant, or even match up the best clothing combination from items you find in a dumpster. Each of the mini-games is bizarre and humorous, and they really shows that the developer worked hard to make each and every one of them stand out as unique. Best of all these mini-games don’t feel like a simple re-skinning of mini-games you’ve played in the past. They actually feel brand new!

At the conclusion of each realm you’ll encounter a boss battle that you’ll destroy through a unique mini-game battle system. At the beginning of each of these battles you’ll choose three instruments from your collection (which are gathered as you progress through the game) that you think will work best to defeat your opponent. Each instrument has its own unique attack pattern and each boss is susceptible to certain instruments you have in your possession. You’ll often fail these battles on your first try but after testing out some different instrument combinations you’ll find yourself dominating the boss in no time.

You are given two different control schemes in Arranger – both of which work very well. The first option is to move your little dude by placing your finger on the screen and having him follow it, while the alternate option is to just use the game’s virtual d-pad. Both work great so it’s all just a matter of preference as to which you are more comfortable with.

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One of my absolute favorite features of Arranger is it’s fantastically bizarre 8-bit graphics. I found that the developer really crafted an unbelievably unique 8-bit world through the use of this graphics style. Each character you encounter comes across as unique and each of the nine realms has its own bizarre and quirky vibe. Each new area you enter also seems to get a bit crazier than the last and it’s always exciting to see what the next world has in store for you.

The wonderful art design flows into Arranger’s many fun mini-games too. The games you play not only play differently from one another but they all have their own unique look and feel to them too. Some of my favorites were the ones played out from a first person viewpoint as they really give you a unique perspective on this already bizarre world.

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If the graphics and gameplay weren’t enough to keep you entertained Arranger has one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard in any mobile game to date. Each realm has its own style of music and the tunes fit in perfectly with the bizarre world you find yourself in. The music is a fusion of great 8-bit chiptunes and rock – and it gives the game a seriously funky vibe. If you don’t believe me check out the soundtrack here. This is one game that I highly recommend playing with your headphones on.

If there is one thing to complain about in regards to Arranger it would be in it’s replayability. This isn’t a problem with Arranger per-say but it’s just how adventure games are. Once you solve all of the puzzles and see all that there is to see you just don’t have much of a reason to go back to it. That said, the adventure will still last you at least a few hours, and you have the option to replay the mini-games if you want to.



Arranger is a game that is simply flowing with creativity. You are placed inside a wonderfully imagined 8-bit world that gives you an interesting look into the mind and imagination of the developer. Musica is one of the most bizarre worlds you’ll ever see in a video game, and that’s what I love about it. By just spending a few minutes in this world you can tell that the developer worked hard to create this entrancing world that you’ll find very hard to put down once you start playing it.

Arranger is available for just $1.00 on Google Play and I highly recommend that everyone check it out. The great 8-bit art style combined with the stellar soundtrack and the truly bizzare adventure make Arranger one of the most unique games you will ever play. Don’t pass this one up!

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Arranger Review James Maxwell


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Summary: Arranger is one of the most unique, bizzare, and charming games that I have ever played. The retro art style, the upbeat chiptune soundtrack, and the hugely entertaining gameplay make this a game that shouldn't be missed. Arranger might just be the best $1 you ever spend!



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