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Clobber Your Friends In Retro Fighting RPG Winds Of Destiny

It can be tough for indie developers to decide what kind of game to make for their very first title. It’s a very important decision that can potentially make or break a fledgling studio. While some developers make RPGs and others opt for shoot ’em ups, freshly minted indie dev Stupidgizmo studio head Chad Wilson has taken a bold stance by choosing both all and none of the above with his inaugural game Winds Of Destiny – Duels Of The Magi. 

Winds Of Destiny is a gorgeous new 8-bit style mashup of the fighting, RPG, strategy, MMO, trading card, adventure and several other genres that seamlessly blends multiple game mechanics into an intriguing new experience. It feels so well polished that it could easily be mistaken for a retail 3DS title, because that’s essentially what it is. From the epic story driven single player mode to a simple yet elegant online multiplayer system, Winds Of Destiny has an entire mega cartridge’s worth of content to offer.

windsdestiny3  windsdestiny34

After selecting their own uniquely powered hero players will venture forth into a strange and hostile world full of strange creatures intent on engaging you in one on one combat. These death match style encounters are the meat of the experience and will instantly hook fans of several different genres with its deep combat system that utilizes several different schools of gaming. Complete with fighting game style life bars, RPG based character stats, and a trading card game inspired command set, Winds Of Destiny has something for everyone.


An addictive mashup teeming with nostalgic gameplay, Winds Of Destiny – Duels Of The Magi is available now on Google Play.

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