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Gorgeous Arcade Shooter Lazer-Hawk Begins Its Strafing Run

With so many games going the free to play route these days, it’s refreshing to see titles still sticking with the traditional paid pricing scheme. Games like the newly released and crazy awesome shoot ’em up Lazer-Hawk from indie developer Angry Monkey.

This old school arcade shooter is an addicting homage to classics like Star Fox, Radiant Silvergun, and 1942 done up in the neo-retro 1980’s style ala Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Players jump into the cockpit of an advanced experimental fighter jet and take to the lazer filled skies to mow down wave after wave of over the top sci-fi enemies. Like many bullet hell shooters, Lazer-Hawk will test your reflexes with its twitch-shooting action and mind boggling amount of enemies just itching to shoot you down. Luckily players have a variety of futuristic weaponry at their disposal in addition to standard ordinance like missiles and bombs so you’ll have plenty of ways to fight back and hopefully in the process beat the high score.

lazerhawk13  lazerhawk2


– 10 Great Missions
– 7 Player Planes
– 66 Different Enemys
– Numerous Pickups
– 12 Different Weapons
– Amazing Lighting and Special Effects
– Fancy Music
– Physics
– Amazing 3D environments
– 25+ Huge Mid and End Level Bosses
– 4 Control Types: Touch, Gamepad, Mouse, Keyboard
– XBox360 controllers support
– no in-app purchases, micro-transactions, or hidden costs
– no advertising
– and a lot of Lazers


Lazer-Hawk is an addicting arcade style shooter filled with beautiful visuals and replay value. It’s available now for $1.99 on Google Play.

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  • scott duckworth

    So this looks really nice and I went ahead and bought it. It appears to have an onscreen d-pad , which most android shmups don’t. Unfortunately it crashed on my Xperia play and caused the phone to reboot. After rebooting, the second and third times I tried to run the app at least it didn’t lock up the whole system, but it still didn’t work. I barely had time to do a refund before my 15 minutes was up. Maybe I’ll try it again once the software is more mature.

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