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Physics Platformer Snailboy Launches Onto Samsung Apps

Indie developer Thoopid’s award winning physics platformer Snailboy is finally making its way to Android. Previously only available on iOS, Snailboy will be coming to Google Play soon but first its making an early appearance on the Samsung Apps store courtesy of Samsung’s %100 indie initiative. If you have a newer Samsung device like the Galaxy S 3 or 4 that can handle Snailboy‘s jaw dropping console quality graphics though you’ll want to check out this intuitive action adventure game right away.

It’s been a few months since we did our hands on preview of Snailboy and I can happily report that Thoopid’s rambunctious pet mollusk is back and even better than ever. This beautiful platformer uses a highly advanced version of the graphical pre-rendering technique popularized by the SNES classic Donkey Kong Country to achieve its startlingly good graphics and it’s usually the first thing people notice about Snailboy. However in addition to its good looks, Snailboy also has intuitively designed gameplay mechanics that feel like a marriage of Super Mario Bros. and Angry Birds.

screen568x568  screen568x568 (1)


– Sling, Slap, Slide and Stick

– Collect Slimey’s in every level and bonus levels

– These Slimey’s can buy lives

– Find Shells

– Unlock Jump Boost

– Bonus Levels for free slimey’s

– Purchase Awesome Skins

– Earn Game Centre Achievements

– Master Game Play


Snailboy is an intuitive physics platformer filled with jaw dropping graphics and addicting gameplay. While most Android users will have to wait a little longer, those with Samsung devices can pick up Snailboy right now for $1.99 on the Samsung Apps store.


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