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RPG Style Runner Hammer Quest Smashes Its Way Onto Android


Ever since Temple Run came out, most endless runners have had the tendency to not stray too far from its positively droll game design. However two talented young indie developers named Albin Falk & Isak Persson have come up with a crafty new way of reviving the genre, which they have put to good use in their brand new runner/RPG hybrid Hammer Quest. By incorporating the classic reward-response mechanism inherent in RPG looting(that special feeling you get when you find that ultra rare flaming sword of awesome +1000 after spending 12 hours farming an enemy generator) into an endless runner style framework, Albin & Isak have created an addicting casual action game with a much better reason to return to everyday than games like Temple Run have.

In Hammer Quest, players take up the mantle of a rookie hero who’s new to the whole saving the world gig and consequently doesn’t have much bashing equipment to speak of save for a humble blacksmiths hammer. That hammer will come in handy though as players can use it smash open barrels and magic chests which often hold powerful new stat enhancing items and gold. As the players hero gets stronger and learns new abilities they’ll be able to venture even farther than before and in turn unlock even rarer special equipment.



– Swipe controls for jumping, sliding and swinging your hammer
– Endless running through six epic environments
– Upgrade your hammers, armors and abilities
– Smash crates and barrels stuffed with coins
– Upload your scores to our leaderboard
– Find chests that may contain hammers, armors or coins
– Ultimate control over your character
– HD Graphics with real time shadows


Hammer Quest offers an addicting mix of role playing and endless running that’ll keep gamers coming back for more. It’s available now on Google Play and iOS for free.

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