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Keep The Streets Clear in New Snowplow Simulator Dawn of the Plow

Dawn of the Plow is a brilliant new arcade snowplow simulator that has just scraped onto Google Play. This game was crafted by the well known indie game developer Dan FitzGerald; the man behind the upcoming Kickstarter funded game Dog Sled Saga. These two games are very different in terms of their gameplay but both share a great retro style that is unique to this developer.

In Dawn of the Plow you’re going to be doing what any good snowplower would do: drive around the community while keeping the roads clear for commuters. Sounds simple, right? Well, not entirely. The snow comes down hard and fast and you’re the only snowplow in town. You’ll have to work hard to keep the roads snow free – but there’s no way you’ll be able to stay on top of things forever. Your approval rating determines how well you’re doing and if it gets too low you’re sure to find yourself out of a job.



  • Imminent failure and high skill ceiling
  • 3 different board sizes with randomized road layouts
  • 4 different powerups that you’ll need to master to stay afloat
  • No IAP, pay once
  • Leaderboards
  • Challenging achievements that demand different play styles
  • A silly amount of play statistics
  • HID controller support (beta!)


Gamers looking for something a little bit different have to check out Dawn of the Plow. It has introduced a wholly unique style of gameplay that is sure to keep gamers captivated for quite some time. Head on over to Google Play and grab your own copy of Dawn of the Plow for a mere $2.

Developer Website: Dan FitzGerald

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