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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #30

“I don’t always play video games, but when I do, I choose indie.”


Finding cool new games to play on Android can be an involving process, but don’t worry SGD’s got your back. Here at Super Game Droid we use the super-human hive mind of our editorial team to find the best new indie Android games to arrive each week then wrap them all up with a nice tidy bow in this weekly round-up.

As is always the case with the indie Android gaming scene there was an impressive amount of great new games that arrived this week. That’s the great thing about indie gaming, you’re almost guaranteed to be spoiled for choice. From side scrolling shoot ’em ups to puzzle based RPGs, this weeks indie round-up has something for everyone!

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Atomic Fusion from ByteSized Studios

This addicting trance-like version of Chemistry class is indie dev ByteSized Studios first game, and it’s a doozy. As a scientist gone mad it’s up to players to fuse together elements in order to literally recreate the periodic table and score some sweet combos in the process. If you’re looking for a unique new arcade experience like no other, check out Atomic Fusion.

atomicfusion1 atomicfusion2


Ball Patrol 3D from Eat Play Love

Imagine Marble Madness decided to clone itself only Sackboy from Little Big Planet got trapped in the machine along with it, what you’d end up with would be the awesome new action adventure game Ball Patrol 3D. As a humble animated sphere, it’s up to players to roll their way through a multitude of dangerous levels filled with cannons, spikes, and all sorts of nasty anti-orb weaponry. Independent studio Eat Play Love did a terrific job with Ball Patrol 3D’s level design and do a great job of consistently adding in new ideas to keep the gameplay fresh.



BlockSwipe from Nine Magics

BlockSwipe is a fun retro-styled puzzle arcade game that will have you using your mind and mental quickness to complete all of its 150 challenging levels. You must swipe your way through each course while avoiding a wide array of obstacles and enemy blocks that get in your way. It’s going to take some serious skill to complete all of the levels and gather up all of the stars, but it”’ be well worth the effort. BlockSwipe sports gorgeous visuals, fun tunes, and in-game achievements that will keep you coming back for more!

blockswipe1 blockswipe2


Dawn of the Plow from Dan FitzGerald

Dawn of the Plow is a game from the developer of the upcoming Kickstarter success Dog Sled Saga. In Dawn of Plow you drive as snowplow and you’ll do as any good snowplower would do: drive around the community and keep the roads clear for commuters. Simple, right? Well, not entirely. The snow comes down hard and fast and you’re the only one with a snowplow in town! You’re going to be working extra hard to keep all of the roads snow free! Just be sure to keep an eye on your approval rating. If it drops too low you’re sure to find yourself out of a job rather quickly.



DubSlider: Warped Dubstep from Pavel Tsarev

DubSlider: Warped Dubstep is an indie made rhythm-based arcade game that’s all about controlling the dub-trap and catching all of the the rhythm orbs on the way. Each orb equals more points, so you’re going to want as many as you can possibly get your hands on! That’s it! It’s a simple game premise but it’s well worth checking out as the gameplay is highly addictive, the visuals are stunning, and the music is top notch. Also there are no ads or IAP’s, which is a huge plus! Definitely check this one out!

dubslider1 dubslider2


Dungeon Creep from Somnium Entertainment

While there have been a few notable attempts at merging together the puzzle and RPG genres in the past, few have come close to Somnium Entertainment’s intuitive new puzzler Dungeon Creep. In this interesting spin on classic party based RPGs players lead their band of merry adventurers around a literal playing board as they fight monsters and find loot while stopping to pull off awesome attack combos. If you like games like 10000000, you’ll love Dungeon Creep.



Dungeon Nightmares from K Monkey

Referred to as “the scariest game on Android” by players who helped beta test it, Dungeon Nightmares is a horror adventure like Slender but with a much darker twist. Players wander the halls of a demonic castle filled with all sorts of nasty things that either want to kill you or scare the crap out of you. With its haunting graphics and eerie atmospheric music Dungeon Nightmares is one game you’ll want to turn the lights out and put your headphones on for to fully experience. 

dungeonnightmare dungeonnightmare2


Foxtrot! from Pie + Mash

Foxtrot! is a brilliant new arcade-platformer that puts you in the shoes of Neville the fox. It turns out that your little fox cubs are starving and there’s only one thing that will satisfy their cravings… eggs! You’ll have to head out into this bizarre game world alone in an attempt to gather up as many eggs as you can. You’ll play through the game’s 30 levels of arcade action that’ll are really going to put your platform-hopping and puzzle-solving skills to the test. In addition to gathering eggs you’ll be hunting for keys, defeating deadly enemies, and battling some truly terrifying bosses.Foxtrot! offers a great amount of challenge and variety for gamers of all ages.

Foxtrot-Factory1-PieandMashGames Foxtrot-Factory3-PieandMashGames


Hammer Quest from Albin Falk

In Hammer Quest, players take up the mantle of a rookie hero who’s new to the whole saving the world gig and consequently doesn’t have much bashing equipment to speak of save for a humble blacksmiths hammer. That hammer will come in handy though as players can use it smash open barrels and magic chests which often hold powerful new stat enhancing items and gold. As the players hero gets stronger and learns new abilities they’ll be able to venture even farther than before and in turn unlock even rarer special equipment.



LabRATory from Bubo Games

LabRATory is a great new action-puzzler that plays as a sort of mash-up of Lemmings and  Portal 2! With that said LabRATory is certainly not a ripoff of anything. It features unique and highly addictive gameplay and it has an intuitive control system that works perfectly for when you’re navigating your rats through the game’s 100 levels. In these levels you’ll have to manipulate lasers, forcefields, portals, stampers, and a whole lot… and the controls work perfectly for each of these actions. Best of all each of the game’s puzzles has dozens of solutions which means it’s totally up to you and your imagine to come up with the best possible solution. LabRATory is also advertisement free and you get all game content for just the price of buying the app, which is always a huge plus in my books. Definitely check this one out.



Monster Roaster from Ragulator Games

This comic book inspired action runner from indie dev Ragulator Games has a dark subtext accompanying its arcade style action. Players help a young kid who has retreated into the fantasy world of his favorite comic book in order to escape his real life fears and fight his mental demons across a variety of dream-like scenarios. Monster Roaster is an intriguing new action runner done up with comic book style visuals, check it out! 

monsterroast monsterroast3


Morphopolis from Micro Macro Games

Morphopolis is a truly stunning game that was actually released on Amazon a few months ago, but now it has finally made it’s way onto Google Play. In Morphopolis you play as an aphid grub that is beginning his epic journey through his metamorphosis. This point-and-click adventure game takes place in one of the most beautiful game worlds I have ever seen before. As you play you will interact with the beautifully illustrated world while solving brain teasing puzzles and collecting hidden objects that have been scattered throughout the environment. The visually beautiful gameplay is accompanied by an equally beautiful musical score, and together they draw the player into a mesmerizing game world they wont soon forget.

Morphopolis is a game that you really must check out!

morphopolis1 morphopolis2


MushRoom Bounce! from Two Squid Games

MushRoom Bounce! is an eccentric new physics game from independent studio Two Squid Games that transcends genres to deliver a unique mashup of Pinball, Pool, and Angry Birds. As the biggest, baddest mushroom around it’s up to players to put other ‘shrooms in their place by shoving them down holes and laughing at them. Filled with content and a blast to play, MushRoom Bounce! is an awesome new physics game you should check out!

MushRoom Bounce on Super Game Droid (1) MushRoom Bounce on Super Game Droid


Poxii Pocket Puzzle from Mogamu LLC

Indie developer Mogamu’s inagurual game Poxii Pocket Puzzle is a charming new arcade puzzler with a dash of strategy thrown in. It’s up to players to save a family of loveable rabbits from being eaten by equally cute foxes by rearranging the environment ala Lemmings. Poxii Pocket Puzzle’s addicting action puzzler gameplay will appeal to arcade purists everywhere.

poxi2 poxi23


Pyro Jump from PINPIN TEAM

Pyro Jump puts you in the shoes of a little flame named Pyro. You’re in love with a paper princess… though, not too surprisingly the combination of fire and paper are not idea. that’s not enough to keep pyro from his dreams so you;ll be playing through some fun physics platforming gameplay as you leep from wheel to wheel in the hopes of having a chance with the Princess Paper.

pyrojump1 pyrojump2


Radiohammer from Vinyl Lab

This quirky rythym action game from developer Vinyl Lab could best be described as a cross between Final Fight and Parappa The Rapper. Players will slay zombies, deflect missiles, and pull off some groovy riffs by tapping on the screen in time with the in-game music. Radiohammer’s addicting action mixed with its awesome art and visuals makes for a unique experience.

radiohammer-1 radiohammer-2


Slice The Ice from Fancy Factory

Independent developer Fancy Factory’s gorgeous new physics puzzler Slice The Ice is an interesting take on the puzzle genre. With gameplay that feels like an intuitive mix between Where’s My Water and Cut The Rope, Slice The Ice challenges players to help a hyperactive squirrel collect his missing nuts by knocking them down with a rubber ducky stuck in ice. The variety in level design means there’s always something new to experience in Slice The Ice.



Snakes Like Frogs from Extreality

Snakes Like Frogs’s addicting Rush Hour style puzzle gameplay had me instantly hooked. In this dynamic new puzzler from indie studio Extreality, players will help multi-colored snakes slither their way to lunchtime by rearranging their positions. An awesome new brainteaser that puzzle vets will eat up, Snakes Like Frogs is sure to be a hit!



Starling Fall from Lionfish Apps

This unique arcade side scroller from developer Lionfish Apps features a very unique setting that’s been naturally incorporated into the gameplay for a unique sci-fi action romp nerds will love. As an astronaut who has crash landed on an errant asteroid in the middle of a meteor shower players will have to think fast and grab essential materials that fall that can be used to fix the ship while avoiding deadly fast traveling meteorites that can easily pierce a space suit and kill. Retro gaming enthusiasts will love Starling Fall’s high score focused game style.

starling-fall-1 starling-fall-2


Undead Pixels: Zombie Invasion from Revolab

Indie dev Revolab’s over the top side scrolling shoot ’em up Undead Pixels: Zombie Invasion is a survival shooter made with pixels and a whole ton of attitude. With nothing but their wits and a firearm players must last as long as they can against the 8-bit zombie hordes by blasting away at them for maximum damage. If Call Of Duty: Zombies had been made in the SNES era it probably would have looked something like Undead Pixels: Zombie Invasion.



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