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Open Beta Testing Begins For Game Made Studio’s upcoming TCG Major League Wizardry

Major League Wizardry (MLW) is the first game release from the indie game developer Game Made Studio. MLW is a free-to-play cross-platform (iOS, Android, PC/Mac) trading card game that takes place in a magic filled arena where wizards are regarded as sports-stars. Wizards have their very own cheerleaders, fan clubs, greedy managers and unfair sponsorship deals – which is something you’d expect to find in “Major League” sport. Using your powerful wizard skills you will battle other League wizards as you climb the ranks to ultimate stardom. Along the way you’ll unlock new cards, level up your monsters, and also expand your pool of cards.

This is what David Reeckmann, the CEO of Game Made Studio had to say about the studio’s vision for MLW:

“With Major League Wizardry we have created a game that brings the look, feel and passion of a real card game to the mobile devices. Flicking through your collection, looking at the cool illustrations, having fun with the small flavor texts and trading cards with your friends is something we feel have been neglected in the current digital TCG’s.”


In MLW you are going to be collecting and trading a huge array of cards that you’ll use to battle enemy wizards and and to keep yourself safe from enemy attacks. You earn these cards in a multitude of different ways such as logging into the game every day or by defeating enemy wizards in the game’s asynchronous, live, or single player game modes. These cards will provide you with powerful new skills, spells, monsters, and traps that will help you to come out of battle as the victor.


The devs of MLW have been conducting a closed since mid-December 2013 but they have just now opened up beta testing to anyone with access to Google Play. Don’t be put off by the fact that the game is in beta though as the devs have created a wonderful TCG that sports extremely fun gameplay and a fantastic cartoon art style really draws you into this unique wizard filled world.

In addition to what is already available in the beta version of the game the devs already have some huge ideas for the game’s official release. Firstly there is going to be an in-game store that will allow you to spend your earned currency on new cards, wands, hats and monster skins. A well integrated social system where gamers will be able to challenge and trade cards with their friends and league rankings and match-making are going to be added into the game as well. Those are just a couple of the fun ideas the devs have for MLW, but who knows, they’re sure to have some other cool ideas up their sleeves. Heck, there’s  even talk of having physical cards made that would work like a mix of Skylanders and Pokemon cards.



  • Execute your moves with puzzle-like precision
  • Fast-paced and fun gameplay
  • Animated monster cards
  • Play live games or “Send-a-Turn” on the go
  • Create decks and collect cards
  • Hidden epic combos when cards are played right *coming soon*
  • Leveling and training monsters *coming soon*
  • Shop *coming soon*
  • Cross-platform – Android and PC/Mac (iOS will be added)
  • Real cards to be added in the near future!


The open beta release of Major League Wizardry is great news for not only fans of trading card games but also for gamers in general. The game’s charming art style, highly addictive gameplay, plethora of unlockables, and of several gameplay modes guarantee that MLW will be a sure-fire hit upon its release. I highly recommend downloading the MLW open beta today so you can get a taste of this awesome TCG gameplay today. And be sure that you keep an eye out for the game’s estimated release in March 2014.

(Important Note: *THIS GAME IS STILL IN BETA* – so expect occassional crashes and bugs. The devs are constantly working on improving it so be sure to report any issues, bugs, or feedback to them at support[at]

Developer Website: Game Made Studio

Official Game Website:  Major League Wizardry

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