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Award Winning Adventure Game BioGloom Swims Onto Android

Most indie games have to wait until after they’re released to win any kind of award, but an upstart independent developer out of Brisbane, Australia by the name of Rich Tomato had already achieved critical success with its hauntingly beautiful new adventure survival game BioGloom before it even launched. When testing a new indie game it’s not uncommon for friends and family to be the only avenues for acquiring valuable feedback for an indie developer but in Rich Tomato’s case they were able to enter BioGloom into the prestigious Brisbane based SAE Qantm Grad Show with little more hope than to see their game played by a few new people. Unsurprisingly, Rich Tomato’s enthralling tale of an alien fish trying to survive in an amazing but deadly exotic ocean resonated with the multitude of other developers in attendance as BioGloom took home the award for best game of show despite strong competition.

An epic side scrolling adventure game in the vein of Ecco The Dolphin and Osmos, BioGloom absolutely oozes with style and a unique sense of wonder rarely found in modern games. BioGloom’s protagonist Lumen is an alien who just happens to resemble a angler fish that’s a bit down on her luck. It seems she’s gotten herself stranded on earth in one of its deepest and most mysterious oceans. Players will help this literal fish out of water make her way through the vast dark unknown while avoiding the strange yet beautiful predators of the deep like murderous coral or jelly fish that look like they’re wearing an evil villian costume all the while solving the mystery of how Lumen found herself in this predicament. It’s very easy to lose yourself in BioGloom thanks to the amazing art and sound design which help to draw the player into it’s engrossing world.

biogloom2 biogloom3


• Free to play!
• Use your coloured light to lure fish into your jaws whilst avoiding predators of the deep.
• Explore 4 unique environments as you adventure deeper into the unknown.
• 8 levels of increasingly dangerous territories.
• Survival and exploration/platforming gameplay.
• Retro pixel art aesthetic and design.


BioGloom is a stunningly beautiful adventure game in the tradition of Ecco The Dolphin that carries the torch for a new generation. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play. 

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