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Circle Stop Review

Circle Stop is a stunning new one-button reflex-action game that has been crafted by the New York based indie game studio Twenty Percent Games. This game blends a beautiful minimalistic art style with great sound design and addictive gameplay into a game that will have you hooked in no time. Circle Stop was actually released in late December for iOS devices, but thankfully to the three man indie team behind it decided to make it available on Android devices too. I’m very glad they kept us Android gamers in mind as Circle Stop might just be the most addictive game I have played so far this year. Continue reading to find out why that is.

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As I mentioned above Circle Stop is extremely addictive. Trust me on this. Once you load it up you are going to have a difficult time putting it down. The first time I started playing it I found myself playing “just one more game” for over half an hour! It is addictive. Oh so addictive! What is it that makes Circle Stop so addictive? Well, for the most part it’s thanks to game’s simple concept and simple controls. You are in command of a small spinner that constantly circles around the game screen.  To earn points you must tap on the screen once your spinner is above one of the circular targets. If you time it just right you’ll be rewarded with points. Simple. Very simple.

There are many types of target in Circle Stop but the one you’ll encounter most often is what I call the “three dot line-up”. This target consists of three circles: the middle circle is a bullseye and the ones on either of it are targets that provide you with fewer points. Your goal is to hit as many bullseyes as you can, as they provide you with the most points, but so long as you hit any of the three targets you’re still doing well and earning some points. Just do your best to hit a target. You’ve only got three lives before it’s game over.

In addition to the “three dot line-up” you’ll also encounter several other target types. This includes the moving target, the hold-down target, and the single circle bonus point target. Each target type requires a different approach and timing is key each and every time. You have to be especially careful when you come across a the optional “single circle bonus target”.  There’s nothing forcing you to go for these targets but since they provide you with more points than the other target types it’s often a good idea to go for them. That said, these targets are also the most difficult to hit, so you’ve really got to be careful. There’s a real balance of risk and reward here and it’s entirely up to you to decide if it’s worth risking a life for those ever so tempting bonus points.

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Gameplay is always the most important aspect of any video game. But really, who doesn’t like having nice graphics to look at? I know I do. Well, guess what, Circle Stop has that aspect covered very very well. Circle Stop offers gamers several different color schemes to choose from. Each of these color schemes fits in perfectly with the game’s beautiful minimalistic art style. Each time you hit a target you will fill the screen up with color, but if you miss you’ll set off an explosion that will let you know you’ve messed up. No matter what though the graphics always look sharp and clean. Graphically everything in Circle Stop flows together wonderfully and it all comes across as one of the best looking minimalistic art styles I’ve seen in a mobile game.

In addition to the great art style in Circle Stop it also features a great sound design. Each of the graphical themes mentioned above also comes with its very own musical styling – all of which have been done by Nickolas Benedek & Friendly Ghost. A few of the themes, such as the “daytime’ and “nightime” schemes are pretty chill, while schemes like “ragtime” and “partytime” are a lot more upbeat. Each of these make the game feel a bit different, so it’s up to you to decide which you are more in the mood for.


All around Circle Stop is a fantastic game. The gameplay is highly addictive, the art style is superb, and the great sound design helps to pull this game into the must play category. There are no quirks, gimmicks, or power-ups in Circle Stop – it’s all about simple gameplay that can be enjoyed by anyone. The developers have done a great job of taking this simple concept and turning it into a game you’ll keep coming back to for “just one more game”. In addition to the addictive gameplay Circle Stop has both leaderboards and achievements through Google Play Game Services, which is always a nice thing to have. So if you have been looking for an addictive reflex-action game you absolutely must check out Circle Stop today. It might just be the best $0.99 you spend all year.

Developer Website: Twenty Percent Games

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Circle Stop Review James Maxwell


Summary: Circle Stop is a highly addictive reflex-action game that shouldn't be passed by. It mixes fun gameplay with a great minimalistic art style and great sound design into a game that is very difficult to put down.


Highly Addictive

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