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Pixelated 3D Endless Shooter ‘Dungeon Highway’ Gets Cast onto Google Play

Dungeon Highway is a brand new 3D endless running-shooter that takes place in a delightful pixelized fantasy world. The world is colorful, the graphics will instil you with a feeling of nostalgia, and the game’s enchanting chiptune soundtrack pulls the whole experience together. This world sounds like it could be a nice place well… aside from that fact that it is plagued by hordes of deadly monsters! These little fella’s want nothing more than to see you to your demise – but you’ll show them who’s really in charge here. With your nimble toes and powerful magic you’ll out manoeuvre these baddies and blast them into a whole new dimension.

dungeonhighway1 dungeonhighway2

Dungeon Highway plays just like you’d expect a good 3D runner to play; you tilt your device from side to side to move your character and tap the screen to cast out your magic projectiles. The controls are smooth and work perfectly for this kind of game, which is important when you’re constantly blasting away at your enemies, dodging walls, and trying to set a new high score. In addition to the fun gameplay and great controls Dungeon Highway features a plethora of fun power-ups to mix up the gameplay and three different game modes (Normal, Hardcore, and a Daily Challenge) that make sure that you’ll be hooked on this one for a long long time.


Dungeon Highway is a fun, hectic, and extremely addictive endless running-shooter that you shoudn’t pass up. It’s colorful pixelized graphics, it’s stellar chiptune soundtrack, and most importantly it’s fun gameplay make Dungeon Keeper an absolute must download. It’s available for free on Google Play so make sure to check it out. You wont regret it!

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Developer Website: Substantial

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