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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #31

8-bit Olympics 


Finding cool new Android games to play is way harder than it should be, especially when it comes to indie games which rely largely on word of mouth. That’s why we created the Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up, your comprehensive weekly guide to all the latest and greatest indie Android games to arrive on the scene.

This week we’ve got 20, count ’em, 20 awesome new games for you to check out. You like puzzlers? We got puzzlers. Into epic quests with loot and monsters? We’re up to our eyeballs in angry orcs! Or maybe you just want to blast a bunch of zombies with a ridiculously over sized laser? Got you covered. And once you’re done experiencing all this uber awesomeness make sure you vote for your favorite game in the poll at the bottom of this article. The game with the most votes as of Tuesday morning will be crowned our “Indie Game Of The Week” and be featured on our front page!


BioGloom from Rich Tomato

An epic side scrolling adventure game in the vein of Ecco The Dolphin and OsmosBioGloom absolutely oozes with style and a unique sense of wonder rarely found in modern games. BioGloom’s protagonist Lumen is an alien who just happens to resemble a angler fish that’s a bit down on her luck. It seems she’s gotten herself stranded on earth in one of its deepest and most mysterious oceans. Players will help this literal fish out of water make her way through the vast dark unknown while avoiding the strange yet beautiful predators of the deep like murderous coral or jelly fish that look like they’re wearing an evil villian costume all the while solving the mystery of how Lumen found herself in this predicament. It’s very easy to lose yourself in BioGloom thanks to the amazing art and sound design which help to draw the player into it’s engrossing world.

biogloom3 biogloom2


Circle Stop from Twenty Percent Games

Circle Stop is an extremely addictive game. Trust me on this. You are going to have a very hard time putting it down. What makes the game so darn addictive is its simple concept and simple controls. You are in command of a small spinner that constantly circles around the game screen and to earn points you must tap on the screen when your spinner is above one of the circular targets. If you time it just right you’ll be rewarded with points. Simple. Very simple.

All around Circle Stop is one of the most addictive games you will likely play this year. It’s a simple game that has no quirks, gimmicks, or power-ups, and it doesn’t need them. The simplicity of the gameplay is what make Circle Stop such a fun game – and it’s a game that can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages. If you have been looking for an addictive reflex-action game you absolutely must check out Circle Stop today. It might just be the best $0.99 you spend all year.

circlestop1 circlestop2 circlestop3


Crystal Story II from Emmanuel Salva Cruz

Disappointed in the latest mobile Final Fantasy offerings? Struggling to recapture the magical feeling you got when you first played Chrono Trigger? Then I highly suggest you check out the incredible new retro indie RPG Crystal Story II, its rare that you find a game made with so much heart. Crystal Story II, created by indie developer Emmanuel Salva Cruz and a spartan team of dedicated artists, is an homage to classic JRPGS absolutely oozing with personality and will draw you in right from the beginnning with its beautifully done opening animation. Combining a deep active time based battle system, lively hand drawn graphics, great voice acting, and a hilarious tongue-in-cheek narrative, Crystal Story II is the best RPG i’ve played so far this year.

crystalstory2133 crystalstory213


Cubot from Nicoplv Games

This minimalistic brain teaser from Froggy Gobble developer Nicoplv Games features simple yet deeply challenging gameplay. Players use an intuitive control scheme to rearrange blocks in one simultaneous motion. Cubot looks and sounds great but more importantly it’s addicting as heck.

cubot1 cubot2


Dungeon Highway from Substantial

Dungeon Highway is a fantastic 3D running shooter that puts you in the shoes of a fast moving wizard with fantastical magic powers. You get around by tilting your device from side to side and you’ll tap on the screen to cast out projectiles. The controls are smooth and work perfectly for this kind of game, which is definitely a good thing as you’ll constantly be blasting away at monsters, dodging walls, and trying to set a brand new high score. The gameplay in Dungeon Highway is fun, hectic, and extremely addictive and I really suggest checking it out. It’s colorful pixelized graphics, it’s stellar chiptune soundtrack, and most importantly – as already mentioned – it’s gameplay is just a lot of fun! It’s available for free on Google Play so there’s no reason to pass this one up. Highly recommended.

dungeonhighway1 dungeonhighway2


Dungeon Madness from Pancik

A dreadful wizard is plotting to conquer the world and you’re the only one that can stop him! So is the case in many a dungeon crawler, but things work a bit differently in Dungeon Madness. Dungeon Madness is a dungeon crawling RPG that is all about collecting loot, finding great new gear, and upgrading your character in a multitude of different ways. You’ll gather rare root like new swords, helmets, shields, and more. As you gain loot and gold you’ll also be able to purchase new upgradable magic spells that make a huge difference in how well you do. Maybe you’ll cast a black hole to bring all of the enemies together, then blast them with a burning fireball – or maybe you just need to heal yourself when you fight one of the game’s many large bosses. The gameplay in Dungeon Madness is a whole lot of fun and I highly suggest checking it out. It’s free, so why not?

dungeonmadness1 dungeonmadness2


Frog on Ice from SpinFall

Part Crash Bandicoot, part Frogger, and all around sidescrolling hero, Frog On Ice is an awesome platformer that incorporates touch screen controls in a clever way. Since the games’ protagonist is a frog players are able to tap anywhere on the screen to aim their amphibian friend after he hops in the air. This leads to all sorts of awesome physics based gameplay and it’s what makes Frog on Ice so special.

frogonice1 frogonice2


HexxagonHD from Blind Logic

This new edition of the fan favorite video board game adds in a ton of cool new options while keeping the core gameplay that people love so much intact. While the single player has been expanded with four additional offline modes the main attraction this time around is HexxagonHD’s excellent multiplayer. If you’re into board games like Chess or Checkers definitely check this one out!



Leegayjetyeah Vs Monster from Polymeric Storm Studio

Leegayjetyeah Vs Monster is a truly bizarre tap-em-up defense game that follows Leegayjetyeah and his rather strange family. Monsters have come to inhale Lee and each and every one of his  family members… and that just won’t do! These kind hearted beings are not skilled in violence and weaponry so they’re going to have to improvise. Grab whatever you can get your hands on, whether it be kitchen utensils or furniture, and start whacking away at these vile monsters! It’s up to you and you alone to put an end to them once and for all!.

The storyline is bizarre, and so is the rest of the game. The game has very colorful and stylish graphics that look unlike anything you’ve seen before, there are plenty of enemies types to destroy, and there’s a a user friendly upgrade system that will keep you coming back for more too. Leegayjetyeah Vs Monster is an extremely stylish tap-em-up defense game that is well worth grabbing off of Google Play. It’s a free download so definitely give it a shot!



Milk Me Way from iTouchFlavour

Milk Me Way is a logic adventure platforming game from indie developer iTouchFlavour and terrific first title for the newly established studio. I’m not entirely sure about the game’s title but Milk Me Way is one great looking game that reminds me a lot of Limbo. However this time around you’ll be pushing boxes, jumping across platforms, riding elevators, and watching out for traps, bad guys, and of course pitfalls. The game is made up of 25 levels which means this is sure to keep you busy for a while. If you like platformers check out Milk Me Way today!

milkymeway2 milkymeway1


Overdroy from Roberto T. Fauri

Overdroy is a fantastic new platformer from the one man indie developer Roberto T. Fauri.  The game has been inspired by classic platformers like Super Mario Bros., Sonic, and the Lost Vikings, but with more modern gaming elements like physics rules, realistic motions, and gravitational effects.

In Overdroy you assume the role of a friendly robot named Droy. Together you will find yourselves up against some truly challenging but supremely satisfying gameplay that takes place over 54 levels that are filled with dangers and puzzles. While one issue with mobile platforming games is often the problem in it being a success you don’t have to worry about that in Overdroy. The developer has included three different control options – all of which work great! There’s bound to be at least one that will stand out as a personal favorite/preference.

If the fantastic gameplay wasn’t enough to get you hooked on Overdroy some of its extra features are definitely going to get you excited. Firstly the game features both an achievement system and leaderboards, it has high quality graphics, it is Xperia Play optimized and there’s even gamepad and joystick support too. Oh, and best of all the game is free to play! Overdroy is a solid package all around and you really shouldn’t let it slip by you.

overdroy1 overdroy2


Platdude in The Endless Forest from Jayenkai

Jayenkai is an indie developer that is well known for making addictive little games in a short amount of time. His most recent release onto Google Play is a fun little endless runner called Platdude in the Endless Forest. In this game you’ll control the popular game character Platman, not surprisingly, through The Endless Forest. You’re going to have to work hard to avoid any perils, pitfalls, and enemies that get in your way if you want to set a new high score.

PlatdudeEndlessForest1 PlatdudeEndlessForest2


Platforms Unlimited from XperimentalZ Games

Platforms Unlimited is a new endless ‘runner’ from the three man indie development team from Montreal, Canada: XperimentalZ Games : the guys that created the hit endless runner Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword. Their new game Platforms Unlimited is a one-button endless platformer that is all about making precision jumps. You’ll jump your way across procedurally generated levels and your goal is to stay alive for as long as possible. This is easier said than done though as getting your jumps just right can be quite challenging. The longer you hold your finger on the screen the further your little block will jump. This is a unique mechanic that works very well.

Platforms Unlimited is a game that is just jam packed with content. There are a huge number of challenges to complete that will reward you with valuable coins. These coins are used to buy or upgrade your power-ups, but there are a plethora of tail colours available for purchase too. These upgrades are all reasonably priced too as Platforms Unlimited is a premium game. That means no IAP’s or ads whatsoever!

Platforms Unlimited is a unique endless runner that fans of the genre absolutely must check out. Grab it from Google Play today for just $0.99.



The Power Game from Atom Split Games

The Power Game from Atom Split Games is a digital re-make of Ireland’s best selling board game “The Power Game” (also known as Turn). In case you have never heard of The Power Game it is essentially a multiplayer strategy game where players must place gearwheels across the gameboard with the main goal being to to move the opposing players main gearwheel. Fans are sure to fall instantly in love with this digital re-make, but because the rules are so easy to grasp anyone should be able to pick it up in no time. What truly makes the digital version of The Power Game so great is it’s numerous gameplay options it has available. You can play a  single player match against the game’s intelligent A.I., play against a friend in the game’s single device multiplayer, or you can challenge gamers from around the globe in an intense online game. The more you play the more “Bolts” you’ll earn (the in-game currency) and the amount of XP you gain will help you to burn your way up The Power Game ranks. Who knows, maybe you’ll become the Ultimate Power Gamer if you try hard enough.



Rainbow from TCHOW

When it comes to video games, generally the character spreading sunshine and rainbows is considered the good guy. But in indie dev TCHOW’s minimalistic and unique puzzler Rainbow the happy-go-lucky character is actually the bad guy and as said bad guy it’s up to players to bring happiness to everyone around whether they like it or not. Rainbow is a beautiful puzzle game with an imaginative concept.

rainbow1 rainbow2


Rooftop Raider from Pipe Games

Rooftop Raider is a new brand of endless-runner that reminds me quite a bit of Mirrors Edge… but on mobile! You find that you have crash landed on a strange alien world and you must escape quickly if you’re to avoid a grisly. You’ll jump from rooftop to rooftop in the first person as you collect gold and rare gems that will help you to buy new powers and abilities that will help you to gain the survivalists edge in this fast-paced action game!

Rooftop Raider is still in its beta stage so you can expect to see some changes made to the game in the near future. These updates will mostly be cosmetic upgrades, such as different character skins and different environmental skins, but there will also be additional new rewards that will help you to earn more gold – and thus giving you better upgrades and abilities! How can you argue with that?



Salvation from Foggybus Ltd

Imagine Space Invaders crossed with Brick Breaker and you’ll have an idea of what Salvation is all about. It’s up to players to defeat an army of slimy aliens from beyond using nothing but two paddles and a ball, plus some really killer power ups. Salvation’s addicting fusion of two legendary arcade styles makes it one of the best Arkanoid type games on Android.

1 2


Solar Swarm from Freshly Baked Games

Solar Swarm is an addicting arcade style shoot ’em up fused together with intuitive gesture based controls that make the experience much more fun than your average twin sick shooter. As the lone defender of an imperiled planet under the threat of alien invasion players will have to blast and zap the extraterrestrial menaces using cool retro weaponry. If you’re looking for an awesome shooter filled with addicting action built from the ground up for mobile, look no further than Solar Swarm from indie developer Freshly Baked Games.

Screenshot_001_960 Screenshot_002_960


Switch from Massive Hamster Studios

Switch is a one-button action-platformer that puts you in control of a young lad named Jack who has just had his pet bunny stolen by a mysterious (and undoubtedly evil) magician! You’ve got to get him back and to do this you will need to jump your way through five distinct environments made up of a whopping 150 free levels! As you delve deeper into the game you will notice that the worlds quickly become more complex. That’s kind of a pain, but luckily Jack will learn new skills like wall jumping, double jumping, and swimming that will help him to overcome these new obstacles. In addition to the huge amount of content in Switch there are also a bundle of achievements to unlock – so this is one game you’ll be kept busy with for a long long time!

switch1 switch2


Time Bunker from TripleSky

ATTENTION!!! This game is hard!!!

This is what you first read when checking out this game’s description in Google Play – and I totally agree! Time Bunker is one heck of a puzzler. Time Bunker is a puzzle game akin to classic games like Boulder Dash and Supaplex – but with the time rewind feature from Prince of Persia: The Sand’s of Time thrown in for good measure. So don’t sweat if you make wrong move or die, just hold down the rewind button and… SHABAM! Back in business! This is very useful as these are some of the most challenging logic puzzles you’re likely to ever come across.

In addition to the ever so challenging gameplay that spans over 30+ levels Time Bunker also sports a unique art style, both Russian and English language support, flexible control configurations, and it is ads free! These are some great features that will keep you playing for a long time to come. So put on your thinking cap and download either the full or lite version of Time Bunker today!

timebunker1 timebunker2


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