Published on February 7th, 2014 | by Craig Forshey


Retro RPG Crystal Story II Is Awesome And You Should Buy It

Disappointed in the latest mobile Final Fantasy offerings? Struggling to recapture the magical feeling you got when you first played Chrono Trigger? Then I highly suggest you check out the incredible new retro indie RPG Crystal Story II, its rare that you find a game made with so much heart. Crystal Story II, created by indie developer Emmanuel Salva Cruz and a spartan team of dedicated artists, is an homage to classic JRPGS absolutely oozing with personality and will draw you in right from the beginning with its beautifully done opening animation. Combining a deep active time based battle system, lively hand drawn graphics, great voice acting, and a hilarious tongue-in-cheek narrative, Crystal Story II is the best RPG i’ve played so far this year.


Crystal Story II tells the tale of a young hero who happens to have a tail named Dragon. The hero I mean, not the tail. He’ll team up with a quirky young thief and a strange cast of characters as they journey around the world battling the machinations of an evil witch bent on total domination. Fans of Chrono Trigger will undoubtedly appreciate Crystal Story II’s approach to combat and exploration which completely does away with randomized encounters in favor of a far more interesting sneaking system almost reminiscent of Metal Gear Solid. The battles themselves are fast paced and interesting thanks to the mind boggling amount of ways you can customize your character and do cool things like summons or train a deadly pet creature to aid in your opponents demise.


Replay value isn’t something you’d usually associate with RPGs but Crystal Story II has it in spades. Dungeons designs are completely randomized for a unique playthrough each time, which is cool enough in and of itself, but beat the game and you’ll find a slew of new missions and bosses waiting to challenge your merry band of rogues. Throw in a ton of addicting minigames like tower defense, a match style puzzler, and even an extreme snowboarding level and you’ve got an overload of awesome things to do.


A beautiful homage to classic RPGs that carves out its own place in gaming history, Crystal Story II is available now for $1.99. More of this please.

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