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Test Your Wits In Hand Drawn Puzzle Fighter Ronin’s Revenge

When it comes to puzzle based fighting games it seems most big developers nowadays are content to throw in some match 3 gameplay, cash their check, and call it a day. Luckily the Android community is filled with talented coders that never cease to impress with their innovative game designs, like the awesome new puzzle fighter Ronin’s Revenge from indie dev Tyler Pack. This beautifully animated puzzle brawler puts an innovative spin on the genre by incorporating challenging reactionary based gameplay into a fighting game in a novel new way. Imagine Rock, Paper, Scissors on acid mixed with a Quentin Tarantino vengeance type movie and you’ll have an idea of what Ronin’s Revenge is all about.

In ancient lore a ronin refers to a master swordsman without a leader, usually someone with an ax to grind be it literal or otherwise. This is also true for Ronin’s Revenge’s main character, a killer samurai whose been betrayed by his fellow warriors, thrown in the middle of an assassination plot, and left for dead. It’s up to players to help the ronin get his revenge by defeating anyone who dares cross him in a variety of really neat puzzle based combat modes. These range from a fast paced endless Simon Says-esque mode to an epic single player campaign complete with enthralling animated cutscenes.

roninsrevenge12 roninsrevenge123


-Spectacular reaction-based duels.
-A mixture of gorgeous hand-drawn and digital art.
-5 different gameplay modes.
-Endless versions of your favorite modes.
-Multiple difficulties with variations in the storyline.
-Can you best the developer’s high scores?


Ronin’s Revenge is an addicting hand drawn puzzle fighter that no puzzler enthusiast should be without. It’s available now for $.99 on Google Play.

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