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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #32

I believe I can fly…..err, flap!


Ever since Google removed the “just in” section of the Play Store it’s been harder to find good indie Android games than it is to fight the urge to drop your phone into an active volcano after reading one too many Flappy Bird articles. Don’t ready that catapult and hang glider just yet though, SGD’s got your back.

17 of the best new indie games to arrive on Android this week await you below, hand picked by our meticulous editorial team from every corner of the known internet. Whether you’re in the mood to blow some zombies up or if an epic strategy game is more your style, this weeks Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up has something for everyone.

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AstroRush from Inertia Software

You are a lone space cadet that has found himself in quite an unfavourable situation. Your ship has gone off course and you quickly find yourself drifting into a merciless asteroid field! Oh man, this can’t be good! You’re going to need catlike reflexes and a whole lot of luck if you have any hope in making your way through the pinhole sized gaps between these asteroids.

Luckily, this can be done easily (well, more or less) thanks to the great controls in AstroRush. You press on the screen to make your ship descend and you let go to ascend. Simple stuff, and it is greatly appreciated considering the sheer challenge you’re up against. You have just three bombs and three lives (though more that can be collected) to try to set that new high score. Do you think you have what it takes to navigate these asteroid fields successfully? There’s only one way to find out – download AstroRush today for free on Google Play.

astrorush1 astrorush2


Beyond Fighting 2 from PJS-Coding

Arcade style fighting games are a rare thing on the Play Store which is why it’s great to report that the sequel to one of 2013’s top indie fighters, Further Beyond Fighting, has arrived on Android to claim the fighting game throne. Although it has a shorter name than its predecessor Beyond Fighting 2 from indie developer PJS-Coding is a much more ambitious and feature packed title that represents a major step forward for the fan favorite series. This time around there are a tonne of awesome new game modes, impressive new graphics, and completely redesigned enemy AI custom engineered to provide a challenge to veteran players.

BF2_1 BF2_3


Big Tower from Insane Sheep

This charming retro tower defense game from indie dev Insane Sheep combines a hilarious storyline involving time travel with chiptune aesthetics and customization heavy gameplay. Imagine Bill & Ted jumped through time in their telephone booth only to be metaphysically combined with Fieldrunners and you’d end up with something very much like Big Tower. Whoa.

bigtower3 bigtower4


Conde from Evil Indie Games

Conde is a new puzzle game from our good friends at Evil Indie Games. You’ve probably checked out one of their other popular games like Draw Wars or Chiptune Runner, but their newest release Conde is their first foray into the puzzle game genre. Conde is a logic game that is all about connecting things in a creative way. Essentially you will be connecting a source to its receiver by simply adding three blocks. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, not quite actually. These levels will demand the use of that creative part of your brain as that’s what these puzzles require to be completed successfully. They’re simple yet challenging, all at the same time! If you just think outside the box a bit you’ll be able to solve each of the game’s 42 uniquely designed levels. Definitely check this one out!

conde1 conde2 conde3


Galaxy Cat from Monster Robot Studios

While Monster Robot Studios is best known for its old school style games like Heavy Sword and Steam Punks the indie developer knows how to make a great puzzle game too. Case in point, Galaxy Cat, an amazing nyan cat-esque physics adventure that’s recently made its way onto Android. Expect flying cats, psychedelic blob creatures, and tonnes of addicting gameplay.

galaxycat1 galaxycat2


Gravity Rush 2 from Crazy Cricket

Now that the original Flappy Bird has gone the way of the dinosaurs there has been no shortage of clones on the market. That said, some of these clones are actually of higher quality than the game that started it all – Gravity Rush 2 is one such game. Crazy Cricket, the talented indie developers behind the hit game The Tapping Dead has taken the addictive Flappy Bird gameplay style, added in some awesome retro graphics, and put in the unique charm they’re known for. So if you still haven’t had your Flappy Bird fill quite yet Gravity Rush 2 is a game that you absolutely must download!



Hard Path from KaelTV

Hard Path is a game that’s all about memory. You start each level with a brief glance of the obstacles you’re up against but as soon as you touch the screen the obstacles disappear from sight and you must make your way through the level by memory alone. As you make your way through the game’s 130+ levels your memory will be put to the ultimate test. There are also boss battles to master, leaderboards to climb, and achievements to unlock. Hard Path is a game you’ll be busy with for a long long time! Don’t pass this one up.

hardpath1 hardpath2


Jetpack Journey X from Panic Art Studios

In Jetpack Journey X players take on the role of a bubble gum chewing badass as they strap on a jetpack and fly their way through fields of dangerous girders, because that’s what super cool badasses do. While it shares the same basic premise as Flappy Bird, Jetpack Journey X feels much more polished thanks to rich old school Duke Nukem-esque graphics that offer welcome changes in scenery as well as a handful of extra achievements die hard gamers can aim for.



Laser Speed Force from Games By Zed

It has been a while since we’ve seen a new game from the indie developer Games By Zed. However the wait for his newest game was well worth it! This new game is ‘Laser Speed Force’ – a challenging on-rails top-down shooter that was actually inspired by a song by Zed’s favorite band Machinae Supremacy.

In the future Earth’s galactic borders are being patrolled by the Laser Speed Force – a global collective of pilots who are tasked with protecting Earth from any new threat that might arise. Unfortunately one such threat eventually does come which for one young cadet means the difference between life and death. During the middle of an important mission his ship’s boosters fail and he’s left floating throughout the great expanses of space. Worst of all the timing for this couldn’t be any worse – a massive swarm of deadly outer space aliens are inbound on your location! Your boosters might not be working but luckily your blasters are still fully operational! So blast away at those fiends to save your own hide and protect the Earth while you’re at it. Humanities fate is in your hands!



Legendary Wars from Liv Games

One of iOS’s most highly rated games ever, the award winning strategy-rpg hybrid Legendary Wars, has arrived on Android complete with a host of new improvements that make it the definitive version of developer Liv Games castle defense epic. Whereas Plants VS Zombies only provided players with a handful of flora to combat the encroaching undead Legendary Wars gives players a mind boggling amount of ways to beat back the unsavory legions spewing forth from the underworld. Combining challenging strategy, epic hero based questing, and more content than you can shake a wand at, Legendary Wars’ Android edition stays true to its stellar pedigree and delivers one of the Play Store’s best strategy-rpgs.

2 legendarywarsss1


Only One from Ernest Szoka

This pixelated arena hack ‘n slash has been a breakout hit and for good reason. Only One starts off with a simple yet awesome premise then goes wild with over the top action and incredibly deep rogue-like gameplay reminiscent of classics like Zelda and Diablo but rebuilt for mobile gaming. Top all that off with a mind boggling amount of content and welcome concessions like gamepad support and you’ve got one heck of a game.

onlyone1 onlyone2


Ronin’s Revenge from Tyler Pack

In ancient lore a ronin refers to a master swordsman without a leader, usually someone with an ax to grind be it literal or otherwise. This is also true for Ronin’s Revenge’s main character, a killer samurai whose been betrayed by his fellow warriors, thrown in the middle of an assassination plot, and left for dead. It’s up to players to help the ronin get his revenge by defeating anyone who dares cross him in a variety of really neat puzzle based combat modes. These range from a fast paced endless Simon Says-esque mode to an epic single player campaign complete with enthralling animated cutscenes.

roninsrevenge123 roninsrevenge1


SpikeDislike2 from Jayenkai

SpikeDislike2 is a brand new game from the popular indie developer Jayenkai. Not surprisingly from the 2 in it’s name SpikeDislike is the follow up to the original SpikeDislike – a game that was all about hopping over and under spikes while staying alive for as long as possible. There are some obvious similarities between the two games but SpikeDislike2 adds several new gameplay styles that will keep you coming back time and time again. SpikeDislike2 is a one-button arcade game that you’re certainly not going to dislike. Download it today!

spikedislike2 spikedislike1


The Domingos from TeaPOT Games

Total Parking developer TeaPOT Games is back with an awesome new physics puzzler called The Domingos that feels equal parts Dominoes and Angry Birds. The Domingos challenges players with creating complex formations of puzzle pieces only so they can blast them apart in glorious fashion using an over powered cannon. There’s really no other puzzle game on Android quite as unusual yet inexplicably intriguing as The Domingos.

domingos1 domingos13


TyuTyu NyuNyu: The Forest Ninja from BlueBurn Mobile

With TyuTyu NyuNyu:(say that five times fast!) The Forest Ninja indie dev BlueBurn Mobile has put an addicting Shinobi style spin on the whole Flappy Bird phenomenon that adds some much needed arcade action to the equation. As a deadly pixel ninja in ancient feudal pixel Japan it’s up to players to leap their way through a massive forest while taking out any would be assassins in waiting with razor sharp shurikens. If you’re looking for a Flappy Bird with a little more meat on the bones, check out TyuTyu NyuNyu: The Forest Ninja.



Wheel Of Attack from Infinite Action

Although it’s still in a very early alpha stage this imaginative rpg from indie dev Infinite Action holds a tonne of promise thanks to its innovative premise and interesting design. Rather than rely on droll stats to determine the outcome of battles this dungeon crawler revolves around a game show style wheel mechanic to make things fun. RPG enthusiasts in the mood for something different should give Wheel Of Attack a spin.

wheelofattack1 wheelofattack14


Zombie Cubes from MayoNinja Games

Zombie Cubes is a new retro style twin stick shooter from indie dev MayoNinja Games and is the debut title for the MayoNinja team. An intense arcade survival experience akin to Call Of Duty: Zombies, Zombie Cubes offers challenging adventure gameplay coupled with non-stop shoot ’em up action. Not to mention that the zombies in this game are actually video game cubes that bleed pixels. Need I say more?

cubezobies cubezobies3


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