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Ludosity Releases New Card-Adventure Game ‘Card City Nights’ onto Google Play

Card City Nights is a brand-new card-adventure game from Ludosity – the developer behind the hugely popular Zelda-esque adventure game Ittle Dew. This new release is a quite a departure from any genre they’ve created before. Card City Nights is a traditional card-trading game (for the most part) with a wacky adventure filled storyline that will keep gamers entranced for a very long time.

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In Card City Nights you will be card-battling a large variety of interesting characters with a deck of cards made up of characters from a number of Ludosity’s past game releases. You’ll see characters from great games like Ittle DewGarden Gnome CarnageBuniBonHealthy Weapon, and a whole bunch more. As you battle your way through the game’s wacky story you’ll earn a tonne of new cards to that can be used to customize your deck in whatever way you see fit. There are 180 unique cards to collect – all of which can be unlocked via booster packs that are earned by defeating foes, or you can purchasing individual cards from the in-game store. These purchases are done with in-game currency that is earned simply by playing the game – there are absolutely no IAP’s here!

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You are a newcomer in Card City. Shortly after settling in you discover that the citizens here are obsessed with some sort of card-battling game. You receive a few quick training lessons you quickly find yourself hooked too and you start going around town looking for anyone looking to duel. After a few battles you learn there’s a huge competition going on in town that is based around 8 legendary game cards. To win this competition one must gather all 8 of these cards – but that’s must easier said than done. These cards are all being held by eight different individuals in town that will only hand them over if you beat them in a card battle. This might sound like an unfathomable task at first but as you defeat competitors you’ll earn new cards and booster packs that will help to increase the effectiveness of your deck of cards.

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Once you download Card City Nights you’ll quickly see just how easy it is to hooked by its gameplay. The game’s rules are simple to get a grasp on and once you start defeating foes and unlocking new cards you’ll be hooked in no time. It’s always fun seeing which new cards you unlock after each battle and trying out the new cards in your already solid deck of cards is a lot of fun too. I can assure you that once you get going in Card City Nights you’ll have a very hard time putting it down. I downloaded it last night and I’ve already sunk a good couple of hours into it.


Card City Nights is yet another solid game release from Ludosity. It sports incredible art and sound design, the gameplay is hugely unique for a card battler, and most importantly it’s incredibly addictive. I highly recommend checking it out. And now is the time to buy – it’s on sale for one week at 50% off as part of it’s launch sale. Download it today!

Developer Website: Ludosity

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