Published on February 17th, 2014 | by Craig Forshey


Epic Shooter Console Saga Coming Soon To Playstation Mobile

If you happen to own a Playstation Mobile equipped device you’re in for a real treat as indie developer TACS Games is gearing up to unleash its insanely awesome new action platformer Console Saga in the near future. Part Bionic Commando, part Super Mario Bros., Console Saga is a love letter to video gaming history featuring zany fourth wall breaking characters that are well aware they exist within the digital confines of a game.

Rather than Wreck-It-Ralph style surrealist acceptance however this leads to a glitch causing corruption of the game code which slowly spreads to other action platformers both old and new. With things starting to look a bit dire in video game land it’s up to one spunky handheld gaming console to run, jump, and pew pew her way across beautifully remixed mashups of some of retro gamings most iconic moments, plus a few fan favorite TACS Games titles like the legendary spiritual precursor to Console Saga, Super Skull Smash Go!, of course.


Console Saga’s finely tuned shoot ’em up gameplay manages to simultaneously evoke Metroid’s sprawling levels and Super Meat Boy’s panache for tough as nails platforming design. As players make their way through each of Console Saga’s game worlds they’ll notice tonnes of really neat nods to old school gaming like a Mario inspired mushroom filled level to a Sonic esque Green Hill Zone homage. If you’re a die hard retro gamer who places more importance on speed run times than silly things like breathing then Console Saga will blow your mind.


While Console Saga doesn’t have a firm launch date just yet, TACS Games has said it is aiming for a release in the next month or so but that largely depends on the speediness of the Playstation Mobile Store’s approval process. Console Saga looks absolutely awesome, looks like TACS Games lead developer Thomas Hopper has hit it out of the park once again!


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