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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #33



Finding cool new Android games to play can be a tiring process that all too often ends in frustration and early onset carpal tunnel syndrome caused by swiping through the Play Store’s “Top New” sections one too many times. Consider us your chiropractors then, as we’ve searched every nook and cranny of the internet to track down the hottest new indie games to arrive on Android this week and bring them all together into this tantalizing smorgasbord of indie gaming goodness for you to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for an epic new RPG to play, a unique strategy game to sharpen your mind, or are just in the mood to deliver a digital beatdown in an arcade style brawler, this weeks Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up has something for everyone.

And be sure to vote for your favorite game in the poll at the bottom of the page. The game with the most votes as of Tuesday morning will be declared our indie game of the week and be featured on our home page until next weeks champion comes along.


Bad Roads 2 from Laurent Bakowski

The follow-up to the hugely popular endless-driver Bad Roads is finally here! Ted is back and this time around he’s in for the adventure of a lifetime. While the original Bad Roads was already a tonne of fun the game’s developer Laurent Bakowski has decided to pull out all the stops in Bad Roads 2. He has greatly polished the gameplay, he has added a tonne of unlockable content (multiple stages, a large variety of different vehicles), he has implemented a unique splitscreen two-player mode, and maybe most impressively he has done a complete overhaul on the game’s graphics. The game is absolutely stunning and it has one of the most beautiful art styles I have seen in any Android game to date. Bad Roads 2 is a free download and it is definitely one that shouldn’t be missed out on. Download it today!

badroads2-3 badroads2-1


bunnAI from Rob Thompson

BunnAI is a beautifully designed 2D pixel endless side-scrolling collector shooter dodge ’em up (say that 5 times fast!) that is the first official game release from indie game developer Rob Thompson. In this game your goal is to help the robotic rabbit bunnAI along her adventure as she destroys the evil agents of G.R.R.R (Get Revenge on the Robotic Rabbit) while also collecting all of the Carrox that were stolen from the HUTCH facility. You will need to collect as many Carrox as you can while attempting to dodge enemies and their tricky traps as they are used to unlock new outfits and upgrade your weaponry. Your ultimate goal in bunnAI is to set a new high score – and luckily the game features global leaderboards so you can show off your score to your friends and gamers all over the planet. So what are you waiting for? Download bunnAI today!

bunnAI1 bunnAI2


Card City Nights from Ludosity

Card City Nights is a card-battling adventure game that is based around the characters from Ludosity’s previous game releases Ittle DewGarden Gnome CarnageBuniBonHealthy Weapon, and a whole bunch more. In the game you’ll battle your way through the game’s wacky storyline while earning new cards to bolster your deck in whatever way you see fit. Your ultimate goal is to collect all 8 legendary cards that are held by eight different individuals in town. The only way to get your hands on these valuable cards is to beat these eight individuals in a challenging card duel.

The rules in Card City Nights are simple to get a grasp on and once you get started. After just a few battles you’ll start defeating foes and unlocking new cards and you’ll find yourself instantly hooked to this card based gameplay. It’s always a tonne of fun to see which new cards you unlock after each battle and getting to test them out in your deck is a blast too. Believe me, once you get started playing Card City Nights you’re going to have a very hard time putting it down. It is among the best games I have played on Android and it is something that shouldn’t be passed up on by anyone. Card City Nights receives my highest recommendation!

Screenshot_2014-02-16-01-29-54 Screenshot_2014-02-16-12-39-02


Cave-In from Fifth Fox

Cave-In is a fun endless dodge ’em up that takes place in a deep icy cave with a serious problem of falling ice stalactites. As you might expect in a game of this genre your goal is simple: stay alive for as long as possible. This is easier said than done though as the falling stalactites are relentless! Dodge them all and collect as many precious treasures as possible to set a new high score. How deep do you think you can go?

cavein-2 cavein-1


Crosstown Smash from PANC Software

Indie dev PANC Software cleverly takes the arcade sensibilities of Streets Of Rage and mashes it together with light rogue-like mechanics and a slapstick sense of humor to make the awesome new hybrid fighter Crosstown Smash. Featuring a hilarious storyline, fun gameplay, and an authentically badass original soundtrack from chiptune artist Factor6, Crosstown Smash is the best indie beat ‘em up so far this year.

Check out our full review of Crosstown Smash here.

crosstownsmashcover1345 crosstownsmashcover


Dandelions Chain of Seeds from thumbr

This award winning puzzle game from independent developer thumbr won the prestigious “Critic’s Choice for Best Indie Game” distinction at Casual Connect Europe 2014, and for good reason. It’s minimalistic zen-like presentation and stimulating puzzle connector gameplay make it one of the more unique logic games to come along in a while. Puzzle aficionados tired of the same old match-3 mechanics used in countless other mobile puzzlers will get a kick out of Dandelions challenging riddles. 

dandelion1 dandelion13


Flappitalism from Slouch Couch Game Studios

Flappitalism is indie game developer Slouch Couch Game Studios unique vision on the ever so popular Flappy Bird gaming formula. The game was designed for Flappy Jam, and in all honesty it is one of the best I have seen so far. The game is simple-but-difficult (as you’d expect in a game of this type), and it’s all about having lightning fast reflexes. You really have to be on your A-game if you plan to successfully jump from ladder to ladder, and it’s tough!  REALLY tough! You only have one life so you’ve got to make each and every job on target!

If the addictive gameplay wasn’t enough for you Flappitalism also features a wicked awesome retro art style and a killer 80’s movie montage soundtrack. All around this game is a solid package that shouldn’t be overlooked!



Fright Fight from APPSolute Games

The highly anticipated online fighting game Fright Fight from indie developer APPsolute Games has arrived on Android and is fast becoming a huge hit thanks to its console quality graphics and Super Smash Bros. esque arena combat. Fright Fight takes a simple yet intuitive approach to its combat mechanics while still managing to keep things fun and exciting even while playing over the internet. Players can challenge up to three of their friends(or enemies) as one of four legendary mythical creatures like a menacing werewolf, a steampunk fashion loving vampire, and even a grim reaper type character that comes equipped with a deadly ranged scythe.

frightfight2 frightfight1


Glyph Quest from Alex, Leanne and Sproglet

This charming new puzzle-RPG from indie dev Alex, Leanne, and Sproglet casts players as a powerful wizard or witch who stands as the only line of defense between a horde of rampaging monsters and the innocent townsfolk in the village you call home. As players venture out into the great unknown on an epic adventure filled with addicting match gameplay that’s been crossbred with D&D sensibilities they’ll encounter an entire bestiaries worth of creatures to defeat while engaging in sometimes humorous quests that gives a tongue-in-cheek feel to the whole affair. If you like puzzles and RPGs you’ll love Glyph Quest.



Halve-Life from Massive Particle

Halve-Life is an extremely addictive reflex-action game that’s all about slicing up triangles. You do this by swiping your finger across the constantly growing equilateral triangle as many times as you can before the triangle manages to fill up the entire screen. This is an inevitable threat though as the triangle’s growth speed increases as you play, oh, and the fact that the triangle rotates constantly doesn’t make things any easier. But each time you make a successful cut the triangle will decrease in size… momentarily at least. You’ll need to be quick though if you plan on keeping the size down and setting yourself a new high score. Halve-Life is an absolute must download. It’s completely free so don’t miss it!

halvelife2 halvelife1


Hard Logic from One Man Band

Hard Logic is, well, not too surprisingly, a challenging logic puzzler. The game mixes addictive gameplay mechanics together with a stylish minimalistic graphics style and easy to learn rules into an absolutely must play game. Hard Logic is jam-packed with content too. There are over 100 complex levels of increasing difficulty that will undoubtedly keep you playing this one for at least a good couple of hours. Hard Logic is a game that puzzle gaming fans absolutely must check out.



Plumber Planet from Conymoon Entertainment

Plumber Planet is a puzzle game that’s a little bit different from anything you have played before. You have undoubtedly seen a couple of these game elements in other games, – usually in the match 3 genre, and this is all about performing an action to send out an attack at your enemy. This stays the same, but how you actually attack your enemy is completely different. Rather than simply matching three or more tiles you will be rotating ‘pipe’ pieces on a grid in a way that will link a specific attack at the top of the screen with a point on the bottom of the grid. The unique style of puzzle gameplay added into a genre typically overwhelmed with match-3 titles is a really nice change from what you are used to and it’s definitely worth checking out!



Portal Slingshot from Apple Bat Apps

I’m sure that the large majority of gamers have tried out the popular 3D physics puzzler Portal at some point in their life. It was the first of its kind on any system and it still holds the crown as one of the best games ever made. Well, it’s time to switch your perspective from the 3D plain to the 2D plain in the new Android game Portal Slingshot. You once again are equipped with a portal gun that allows you to shoot two portals that connect the space between them together. Just like in the original Portal you will have to use these portals in unique ways in order to complete the complex physics/gravity puzzles that are thrown your way. It’s a unique and awesome change from 3D plain and I highly suggest checking it out.

portalslingshot1 portalslingshot2


Powered Descent from Digitoimi

Powered Descent is a new Lunar Lander-esque game that is sure to put your spacecraft piloting skills to the ultimate test. You find yourself stranded on the surface of a several different moons and planets and you must figure out the best way to bring your ship in for a safe landing. You might think this would be easy, but it’s anything but! You must take into account your speed, the planet’s gravity, and a huge number of environmental hazards! This isn’t your typical Lander game! Powered Descent isn’t just about landing though. Each of the game’s many planets have areas to explore; such as the deep caves and long plains of Mars, the icy caves under the crust of Europa, and a whole lot more. Fans of Lander game’s absolutely must download Powered Descent today!

powereddescent1 powereddescent2


Snailboy – An Epic Adventure from Thoopid

It’s been a few months since we did our hands on preview of Snailboy and I can happily report that Thoopid’s rambunctious pet mollusk is back and even better than ever. This beautiful platformer uses a highly advanced version of the graphical pre-rendering technique popularized by the SNES classic Donkey Kong Country to achieve its startlingly good graphics and it’s usually the first thing people notice about Snailboy. However in addition to its good looks, Snailboy also has intuitively designed gameplay mechanics that feel like a marriage of Super Mario Bros. and Angry Birds.

Snailboy_promo_Image_Ingame_06 Snailboy_promo_Image_Ingame_03



Space Munchies from Toast Mobile

The arcade gaming genre is undoubtedly the largest of all the genres. These games can run the gambit of awesome sub-genres like space shooters, endless runners, side-scrollers, dodge ’em up’s, 3D first person racing games, and so much more. With such a vast variety of gameplay options out there you’re sure to always come across something unique and fun that is unlike anything you have played before… and this is where Space Munchies comes in. In Space Munchies you are in command of three huge space monsters. It seems that there has been an outbreak of astronauts into your quadrant of space and you want nothing to do with it! Luckily your space monsters are more than willing to help dispose of these creatures for you and the only guidance they need is a small tap to get them to bite down hard. Letting just one of these vile astronauts by is not acceptable so make sure you eat everything that comes your way! If you don’t it will be game over for you! How well do you think you can do? Download Space Munchies today and see how well you rank against gamers from around the world in the game’s online leaderboards!

spacemunchies1 spacemunchies2


Spheroid Cyclone from Alex Swan

Who out there doesn’t enjoy fast-paced endless reflex arcade games? Games like Super Hexagon, Boson X, Super Grid Run, and a countless number of others make this genre hugely popular – and Spheroid Cyclone looks to be on par with the greats. In this game you’ll dash down a colorful endless tunnel while trying to avoid any of the many deadly obstacles that pop up in front of you. You are going to need some catlike reflexes if you plan on setting a new high score in this awesome psychedelic adventure!

spheroidcyclone1 spheroidcyclone2


Truck n’ Roll from finalslice

Truck n’ Roll is a great new physics based driving game from indie studio finalslice that charges players with driving a cargo truck across deadly terrain without losing the cargo or totaling the vehicle. It puts an interesting spin on the genre popularized by Trials HD by introducing new mechanics like different kinds of cargo that needs to be transported and utilizing trucks to give a unique feeling to its gameplay. This great new driving game is also free, check it out!

trucknroll1 trucknroll13


Turf Raiders Card Battle from Wappworks Studio

The latest game from Hyper Grav developer Wappworks Studio, Turf Raiders Card Battle seamlessly blends strategy and card based mechanics into one terrific package. This family friendly turn based strategy game pits eternal enemies cats and dogs against each other in an epic struggle for control of territory across a variety of hand drawn maps complete with dynamic battle conditions for a unique play through each time. Turf Raiders Card Battle is a really awesome game filled with great gameplay and endearing charm. Check it out today!

turfraiders1 turfraiders2


Twistor MineSweeper 3D from Twistor

You might have played MineSweeper before, but you’ve never experienced the addicting 3D mayhem in the awesome new indie remake Twistor MineSweeper 3D from independent studio Twistor. This time around instead of a flat playing area players will have to carefully poke and prod their way through a bomb-lading psychedelic cube while not getting themselves blown up. In addition to the cool new gameplay improvements taking MineSweeper in 3D offers, Twistor throws in fast paced arcade mechanics that give players a chance to shoot down exploding mines before they hit and take away a heart. MineSweeper has never been this cool!

twistor13  twistor1


Way of the Knight from Mjölnir Games

Way of the Knight is a challenging puzzle game with amazing voxel graphics that is all about directing a brave knight through a variety of diverse environments in an attempt to get his hands on a life-saving antidote. To do this you will be placing random tiles around the grid-based game board in a way that will direct the knight to the end of each of the game’s many stages. You’ve got to plan your moves smartly and you need to act quickly if you really want to succeed. The gameplay is frustrating yet engaging and it’s amount of challenge is going to be a blast for both casual and hardcore gamers alike. Puzzle fans must check this one out!

way-of-the-knight1 way-of-the-knight2


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