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Purr Your Way To Victory In Card Based Strategy Epic Turf Raiders

Indie developer Wappworks Studio, best known for its fast paced action game Hyper Grav, has returned with an awesome new strategy epic years in the making called Turf Raiders Card Battle. Set in a hilarious alternate future timeline where cats and dogs have taken their never ending struggle to the farthest corners of the galaxy, Turf Raiders is an uber-addicting turn based strategy game that seamlessly blends card battle mechanics with a Risk-esque battle for dominance. As a cat commander of sorts its up to players to lead the charge against their adorable canine overlords as they liberate their feline comrades paw by paw.

Though the strategy and card game genres may seem like an odd mix at first, it quickly proves a wise choice as Turf Raiders gameplay is both straightforward and incredibly deep at the same time thanks to its intuitive design. Players give commands to their kitty commandos by selecting an action from a deck of cards that each have a move and action point cost associated with them. As both cat and dog complete their respective turns their decks are replenished with a random selection of cards which puts an interesting spin on the action since you never know quite what to expect in Turf Raiders’ pitched battles of attrition. Anticipating your opponents move by deploying a powerful card at just the right time is the key to victory and a part of what makes Turf Raiders so special.

turf_34 turf_3


– Unique turn-based card and territory strategy game
– Family friendly! Compete in ‘friendly’ competition for gluons
– Outsmart cunning AI opponents in over 40 different missions
– Fight it out on 8 hand drawn maps
– Dynamically generated battle conditions ensures that each battle is unique
– Autosave features ensures that your nefarious battle plans are preserved even if an overlord “interrupts” a battle session!
– Simple and intuitive touchscreen controls

turf_344 turf_1

Turf Raiders is a terrific strategy game that uniquely blends genres into an addicting tactical experience. It’s free to play structure is exceptionally user friendly and I never felt pressured to spend anything if I didn’t want to. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play, check it out!

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