Published on February 25th, 2014 | by Craig Forshey


Spacey Physics Platformer Moon Boing Blasts Off On Android

If you had told me before playing indie developer Space Hat Games’ trippy new platformer Moon Boing that someone made a game that crossed Space Odyssey 2001 with Super Mario 64 i’d be hard pressed to believe you, but you know what? It works surprisingly well. Unlike the usual happy-go-lucky platformers that feature cartoon characters this somewhat dark yet rather intriguing new action adventure offers up an engrossing narrative while introducing innovative new tweaks to the genre.

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As a brave astronaut whose mission to the moon is suddenly interrupted by the appearance of a terrifying alien structure on the scene it’s up to players to bounce their way through the galaxy’s harshest environment in order to find the truth behind the mysterious monolith and its humanoid looking design. Taking the action to a lunar setting allows Moon Boing to introduce some interesting ideas to the platforming genre and its emphasis on precision controls go a long way towards improving the gameplay experience.


Moon Boing is an awesome new platformer and there’s really nothing quite like it on Android. You can pick it up now for $.99 on Google Play as well as the Samsung Apps Store.

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