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Oregon Trail Style RPG Tales Of Illyria Gets An Epic Sequel

Indie developer Little Killerz has come a long way since releasing one of the earliest breakout RPG hits on Android with its hand crafted action adventure Legends Arcana. Although the independent studio started out relatively small it has honed its game making abilities over the years, giving us the endlessly intriguing Oregon Trail inspired RPG Tales Of Illryia and very recently delivering the ambitious next chapter in the Tales Of Illryia Saga, Tales Of Illryia: Beyond The Iron Wall. Beyond The Iron Wall heavily expands the scope of the original game with a vast new world to explore, elegantly refined combat system, and greatly improved production qualities that represent an evolutionary step forward for the indie RPG series.

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Like it’s predecessor, Tales Of Illryia: Beyond The Iron Wall features a dynamic character personality system that helps to bring a “choose your own adventure” weight to each of the decisions players make throughout their journey. Rather than blindly go along with whatever the player chooses to do characters that have joined your party will voice their own opinions and might even outright oppose you if you do something contrary to their alignment. Start robbing weary travelers or attacking defenseless towns and the groups paladin will probably want to have *ahem* words with you.


Tales Of Illyria: Beyond The Iron Wall is an incredible sequel that improves on the original Tales Of Illyria in nearly every way. It’s available now for $6.99 on Google Play.

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