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Math Shooter Super Killer Hornet Resurrection Blasts Onto OUYA

Super Killer Hornet, one of OUYA’s best arcade shoot ’em ups, is back and better than ever with a brand new sequel called Super Killer Hornet Resurrection that improves on its classic predecessor with greatly enhanced visuals and highly refined bullet hell gameplay. This unique Raiden style shooter from indie dev Flump Studios throws old school shoot ’em ups, a rocking soundtrack, and algebra class all together into a blender in order to make a video game smoothie the likes of which have previously only been seen in Super Killer Hornet Resurrection’s forerunner.

In addition to blasting away at hordes of pixelated bad guys with ridiculously oversized weapons players will have to simultaneously solve math problems in order to power up their arsenal and earn a high score in the process. At first glance Super Killer Hornet Resurrection’s math based gameplay may seem completely alien, but spend a few minutes blasting away at bizarre looking monsters and you’ll find it actually fits like a glove.

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Super Killer Hornet Resurrection is all about over the top bullet hell gameplay that forces you to think, something it does very well. As a nameless fighter pilot it’s up to players to save the universe by vaporizing an seemingly endless invading army from another dimension with one of three advanced fighting craft that each boast different styles of attack. The action is fast, furious, and unforgiving so players will need to stay on their toes and exercise both hemispheres of the brain if they want to survive. It’s got a great soundtrack too, players can opt for head bobbing hip-hop tracks from rock gurus The Sixty Fours or a fantastic original chiptune soundtrack from composer Dylan Barry to accompany all the arcade action.


Creating an original arcade shoot ’em up is an almost impossible feat, but Flump Studios has managed to do just that and in the process has given the OUYA one of its best and certainly most unique games. If you’re into old school style shooters you gotta check out Super Killer Hornet Resurrection! It’s available now for OUYA, Xbox Live, and Steam with OUYA owners getting a special discount price of only $1.99 as a way of supporting the fans.


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