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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #35

Welcome to the Indie 500! er………22!


Unless you’re constantly scouring the internet for new indie Android games like a madman(ie: us), finding cool new hidden gems nowadays can be a challenging prospect. So since we’re always on the hunt for new indie Android games anyway we decided we’d give a recap of all the great new games we find each week. Here are 22 of the best new indie games to arrive on Android this week as decided upon by our editorial staff after countless hours of research(ie: us sitting around playing games)!

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite new indie Android game in the poll at the bottom of the page. As always, the game with the most votes as of Tuesday morning will be declared our indie game of the week and will also be featured on our front page!


Adventuring Company from Slothwerks

Indie dev Slothwerks’ absurd new rogue-like RPG is a manic mashup between Minesweeper and Dungeons & Dragons that will suck you in from the very first tap. Players command a haughty company of fantasy-esque adventure types as they go around slaying evil monsters and embarking on epic quests, preferably the kind that come with lots and lots of loot. Adventuring Company is a crazy awesome re-invention of the RPG wheel that you should definitely check out!

Screenshot_2014-03-05-21-37-45 Screenshot_2014-03-05-21-34-46 Screenshot_2014-03-05-21-35-55


Circles & Brain from Creaple, Inc.

For those that like to put their mental abilities to the test, comes the mind bendingly fun new puzzler Circles & Brain from Creaple Inc. This minimalist brain teaser challenges players with connecting different colored dots in various patterns across an ever shifting play field that will mesmerize you with its Twister esque layout. Imagine a crossword puzzle with an attitude and a paint brush and you’ll have an idea what to expect in this groovy new brain game.



CraZ Outbreak from Games Mayhem

Do you like your free games to actually be free? As in no ads or iap’s in sight? Then look no further than the completely free new survival shooter CraZ Outbreak from independent developer Games Mayhem. As the seemingly lone survivor of a rather well animated zombie apocalypse, it’s up to players to blast away at never ending hordes of the undead in a quest for vengeance.

crayz crayz3


CUBD from Acatcalledfrank

A new 3D puzzler from indie dev Acatcalledfrank, CUBD is a challenging test of players spatial awareness akin to a Rubiks’ Cube gone mad. It’s a race against the clock as players match up color sequences to prevent the cube from reaching critical mass by filling up the playing field in the tradition of Tetris. CUBD’s three dimensional approach to puzzling will challenge even the most seasoned of puzzler veterans.



Destroy The World from Ghost Time Games

Soul Power developer Ghost Time Games is back with a campy new physics puzzler that’s out of this world! As a mad scientist in an old timey black and white sci-fi movie it’s up to players to conquer the planet the only way a mad scientist knows how, destroy it of course! In order to do so players will use a super powerful magnet to manipulate the trajectory of asteroids so they crash into the earth. Oh no!



El Pinguino Run from Flavours Games

This charming old school platformer from indie dev Flavours Games is a fun throwback to Super Mario Bros 2 with a side of endless runner. Players take on the role of a fowl protagonist as they run and jump their way through a colorful world full of danger and avocados. In the mood for some NES style gaming? Check out El Pinguino Run!

penguin run penguin run3


Kingdoms Defender from AbanCORE-Games

There are so many tower defense games on Android nowadays that any new game in the genre needs to stand out from the crowd. One such game is the beautiful new 3D strategy game Kingdoms Defender from independent developer AbanCORE-Games. In addition to its amazing level of graphical fidelity, Kingdoms Defender uses detailed trajectory simulations to add realistic nuance to the gameplay. Best of all Kingdoms Defender is a traditional paid game so there are no iap’s anywhere near the full version.

kingdomdefender1 kingdomdefender3


Mega Flux Tube from Elemental Robots

This stylized sci-fi runner puts an innovative spin on the genre, literally. As players race along a series of high speed rails they’ll be able to rotate 360 degrees around each one like a constantly warping game of Tempest. Unique and addicting, Mega Flux Tube is an up and coming game to watch out for!



Mesh from Nocturne Games

Pixoban developer Nocturne Games has returned in style with its trippy new neon retro puzzler Mesh. Imagine Tetris on acid plus loads of really cool new gameplay twists and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect from this crazy new block basher. Who knew brick bashing could look this good?

mesh3 mesh2 mesh1


Mission Sword from Click Connect

While its best known for its line up of augmented reality apps, developer Click Connect is branching out a bit with the terrific new cel shaded side scrolling beat ’em up Mission Sword. This tongue-in-cheek old school adventure game has players embarking on a hilariously perilous quest as they go around laying the smackdown on the various monsters plaguing the land. Mission Sword’s gorgeous visuals and nostalgically addicting gameplay are sure to win the heart of any old school gamer.

missionsword1 missionsword14


Ninja Touch from Zoom Creations

While indie dev Zoom Creations’ new twitch arcade game Ninja Touch may seem like just another riff on Fruit Ninja at first glance, look closer and you’ll find its fast paced gameplay is actually much more in line with the manic atmosphere of the classic light gun game Point Blank. Rather than slice fruit players will have to precision tap shifting targets at just the right moment in order to score combos and prove their ninja skills. Ninja Touch’s simple yet addicting arcade atmosphere is tons of fun.

ninjatouch ninjatouch3


Paragon Infinite from Bipolar Design

Paragon Infinite is a fun new endless ‘runner’ game that was designed by Bipolar Design as their submission to the hugely popular game development competition Flappy Jam. The game is a bit of a spin-off of the developer’s PC game release Paragon; a highly addictive ball-bouncing-platformer. Both of these games share a lot of similarities, primarily the same great art style and sound design, but the gameplay itself is actually quite similar too. A few changes had to be made to transform the platforming gameplay into something with more of a Flappy-esque feel to it, but the end product is something that you shouldn’t let bounce past you.

paragoninfinite1 paragoninfinite2


Pixel War from Supaband Team

What this retro themed shoot ’em up lacks in visuals it more than makes up for with the sheer insanity of its addicting gameplay. Think Space Invaders on steroids and you’ll have a ballpark idea of all the awesome old school goodness Pixel War has in store. As the Earth’s last line of defense it’s up to players to blast away the pixelated alien hordes that threaten humanity by pew pewing their way to victory!

pixelwar1 pixelwar2


Projectile Heck from Magic Falling Button

What if the bullet hell shooter genre went old school? That’s the question indie dev Magic Falling Button’s fantastic new retro shoot ’em up Projectile Heck resoundingly answers. As players blast their way through an enemy space armada they’ll rack up tons of points in Projectile Heck’s high score based gameplay progression.

projectile-heck2 projectile-heck1 projectile-heck3


Random Chance from Dennis van den Broek

Random Chance is an intriguing new 3D action rpg that’s completely, well, random. From the environment to the enemies to players themselves, nearly every aspect of Random Chance is left up to the gods of fate which makes every new play through unique. As a random protagonist in this random world it’s up to players to rescue their girlfriend from an evil wizard using a combination of both real time and turn based combat.

random-chance1 random-chance2


Safe Cracker from Supergonk

Pinball style arcade gameplay meets intuitive physics manipulation in this slightly amoral yet completely charming new action puzzler. As a world class thief’s high tech hacking bot named Nano, it’s up to players to defeat some of the worlds toughest security systems by bouncing their way over 128 multi-faceted levels. Imagine the bonus rounds from Sonic The Hedgehog went high tech and you’ll have an inkling of what Safe Cracker is all about!



Smileman from Nestor’s Imagination

This wacky touch based arcade game riffs on the avoidance games genre with eccentric visuals and clever twists that make it one of the more unusual games in recent memory. Players guide a slightly scary smile face around wacky level layouts by dragging their finger to where their big grinning friend needs to go. Smileman is a simple yet addicting arcade game with an affinity for trippy visuals and fast paced action.

smileman1 smileman12


Tiny Touchdown from Fat Fish Games

Tiny Goalie developer Fat Fish Games is back with another minuscule sports game in a big way. Tiny Touchdown takes the retro spinoff style to the gridiron as players do their best to defend an end zone from an opposing teams onslaught. If you liked Tiny Goalie you’ll get a kick out of Tiny Touchdown!



Unstoppable Square from Aketomic

This retro-tastic runner from indie developer Aketomic is a hardcore high score based arcade challenge of a game that gives other platformers a run for their money. As a speedy little square it’s up to players to slide their way through a multi-colored world that rewards those who make sure they match. Apparently fashion and challenging gameplay are big in this pixelated paradise.

unstoppable square unstoppable square2


Vex Puzzles from Itzy Interactive

The game studio behind the breakout indie hit Vex Blocks is back with another outstanding new match puzzler that echoes both Tetris and more recent titles like Lumines while incorporating an engaging twist into its gameplay. Not only do players need to line up like colors, symbols, and configurations so they can be destroyed in explosive fashion with lightning but they’ll also need to analyze each level from all angles by literally rotating their Android device to get a better view. Itzy Interactive has done it again, make sure you check Vex Puzzles out.

vex3 vex2 vex1


War Of Imperion from Reality Studios

War Of Imperion is a breath takingly gorgeous new arcade shoot ’em up that backs up its console quality graphics with console quality gameplay. Part R-Type, part Sine Mora, War Of Imperion’s side scrolling shooting action is a thing of beauty thanks to imaginative art design and the powerful Unity3D engine. Don’t miss this mega-awesome new shoot ’em up!

warofimperionss4 warofimperionss45


Zombie Infection from Greenies Games

This highly ambitious zombie survival simulator aims to bring first person DayZ style action to Android and for the most part it succeeds. Zombie Infection is still in early development but already it’s showing a ton of promise thanks to its massive open world and attention to detail. Just like what people do in real zombie apocalypses players will need to scavenge, fight, and run if they want to survive in this new world ruled by the undead hordes. If you’ve ever wanted to see this kind of game come to mobile make sure you help out and download Zombie Infection then give the developer feedback on what you’d like to see in future updates.

zombieinfection2 zombieinfection3


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The Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up is brought to you by the combined Voltron-like powers of Craig Forshey and James Maxwell!

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