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Tactics RPG Dungeon Crawlers Arrives On All Android Devices

Ayopa Games’ satirical strategy RPG Dungeon Crawlers released back in 2012 to rave reviews and received a well-deserved welcome when it debuted on iOS. And while we did eventually get an Android port in the form of a Sony Xperia exclusive, the vast majority of Android gamers have been unable to enjoy this fantastic indie RPG. Until now that is, as the studio that brought us the 3rd person shooter M.U.S.E. has finally unleashed an updated version of Dungeon Crawlers made for newer Android devices onto Google Play complete with enhanced visuals and a redesigned control scheme. Sporting a host of new improvements and gameplay tweaks, this new updated edition is easily the definitive version of Dungeon Crawlers.

dungeoncrawlers13 dungeoncrawlers134

Dungeon Crawlers takes a satirical jab at the tactical RPG genre with tongue-in-cheek riffs on long time role playing staples such as embarking on an epic quest to save the world. Players assemble a rag tag group of warriors like druids and alchemists as they travel around beautifully detailed 3D environments beating up bad guys in Final Fantasy Tactics style turn based combat. There is an incredibly deep game underneath all the humor though and fans of strategy-rpgs will instantly get hooked on Dungeon Crawlers’ well polished implementation.


If you’ve never had a chance to check out Dungeon Crawlers before I would highly recommend you do so. You can pick it up now for $1.99 on Google Play without an in app purchase in sight.

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