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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #36


Gaming on Android is a beautiful thing. Never before has it been so easy for indie developers to reach so many gamers without the usual corporate middlemen involved, transforming literal garage studios into overnight heroes and providing a wellspring of amazing gaming content. With so many new games coming out all the time though plus the Google Play Store’s inexplicable aversion to indie titles it can be difficult if not impossible to keep track of them all. That’s why we here at SGD created the Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up, your weekly guide to the latest and greatest indie games to arrive on the Android platform.

We’ve hand picked 23 of the best new indie Android games to hit devices this week for you to check out below. Ranging from action games to strategy to shooters and more, this weeks Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up has something for everyone! And don’t forget to vote for your favorite new indie Android game in the poll at the bottom of the page. As always, the game with the most votes as of Tuesday morning will be declared our indie game of the week and will also be featured on our front page!


Bardbarian from TreeFortress

Bardbarian is a F2P TD/RPG/RTS/Shooter mash-up that is truly unlike anything you have played before. I describe it as being a 2 dimensional tower defense game where you have free reign of the level. Your allies will follow you around and together you’ll do what you need to do to decimate waves of the foes that are trying to destroy your town’s cherished decorative crystal. Along the way you will gather loads of loot that will help you to upgrade the units you call into battle, upgrade the hero (Brad), or unlock special Town upgrades that are exceedingly important to have if you really plan on doing well. The game consists of three extremely fun game modes: Story, Survival, and Endless. Each mode plays quite differently and they’re all a lot of fun to check out!

Bardbarian is one of the best games to be released in recent memory. Don’t pass it up!

bardbarian2 bardbarian3


Block Legend from Alvin Phu

Block Legend is a retro puzzle JRPG that feels similar to the indie hit 10000000 but also features enough unique charm and new gameplay elements to make it feel unlike anything you’ve played before. In Block Legend you will travel through a number of different regions as you fight monsters, visit new towns,  encounter a wide cast of characters, and of course complete a huge number of quests. You have multiple heroes to choose from, tonnes of monsters to fight, several powerful bosses to vanquish, and over 100 quests to complete! So what are you waiting for? Start your block busting adventure today!

block-legend-1 block-legend-3


CyberLight Rider from Rob Thompson

CyberLight Rider is a fun new endless puzzle-platformer that was created for Cyberpunk Jam by the developer of  bunnAI, Rob Thompson. In CyberLight Rider you control a small character who is trying to collect megabytes of data by sliding himself along different coloured datastreams. To collect this data you must change the colour of your jacket so it corresponds to the matching datasteam you are riding on. These datastreams are ordered in levels of greed so the higher datastream pipe you ride the faster the data is transferred to you… but the number of hazards that will come before you are much higher than riding the lower datastreams. CyberLight Rider also features leaderboards and achievements through Google Play Game Services – so get ready to see just how you match up with other CyberLight Riders from around the globe!

cyberlight2 cyberlight1


Cyclo The Viking: Diamond Run from Pinux

Cyclo the Viking is a unique arcade game that’s all about collecting coloured diamonds with your magical staff. You move Cyclo the Cyclops Viking by tilting your device from side to side and you will change the colour of your staff’s orbs by touching either side of the touch screen. Successfully matching both the falling diamonds and the orbs on the staff will earn you points that will help you to start up a score multiplier that will surely help you to earn a new high score (which can be shared via Google Play Game Services). Just be sure to keep an eye out for the deadly arrows and hammers if you hope to outscore your friends!

cyclo1 cyclo2


Disc Blaster from Jayenkai

Disc Blaster is yet another fun release from the one and only Jayenkai. This game is a retro shoot-em-up of sorts that takes place inside a petri dish. Your goal is simple: blast away at nasty microbes and survive for as long as you can. Disc Blaster shares the commonality that is always in Jayankai’s games: it’s simple and incredibly fun. Check it out!

discblaster1 discblaster2


Dungeon Crawlers from Ayopa Games

Dungeon Crawlers is a tactical RPG that takes a satirical jab at the genre with tongue-in-cheek riffs on long time role playing staples. You will assemble a rag tag group of warriors like druids and alchemists that will travel around the games beautifully detailed 3D environments while beating up bad guys in a Final Fantasy Tactics style of turn based combat. There is an incredibly deep game underneath all the humor though and fans of strategy-RPGs will instantly get hooked on Dungeon Crawlers’ well polished implementation.

dungeoncrawlers134 dungeoncrawlers13


Extreme Fishing from Leonardo Millan

Are you ready for a truly insane fishing action game?! Well, you better be if you plan on downloading Extreme Fishing from Leonardo Millan! In this game you’ll be swimming through dangerous waters where you’ll have to harpoon gentlefishes, spartan swordfishes, nazi sharks and everything else that crosses your path! Thankfully you’re equipped with some mighty combos like missiles, bombs, thunderbolts, and lasers that will certainly help you to decimate these dastardly fish! Share your top catch with players around the world using the game’s Google Play Game Services leaderboards and unlock the game’s achievements while you’re at it!

extremefish2 extremefish1


Flap For Life from Phime Studio

Flap For Life is a fun new take on the whole Flappy Bird style of gameplay. Rather than flying up and down in hopes of dodging pipes you’ll be tapping on the screen to get Polly the parrot to move forward and hopefully evade the evil flying totems that are trying to squish him! Flap For Life sports a beautiful pixel art style, a fun chiptune soundtrack, and easy to learn one-touch controls that will be fun for gamers of all ages! Don’t pass this one up!



Gone Batty from Zoom Creations

Returning to the Round-Up for the second week in a row is Ninja Touch developer Zoom Creations with its charming new arcade flier Gone Batty. As an adventurous young bat who’s gotten himself stuck in an ancient dreary castle it’s up to players to flap their way to freedom without getting knocked back to ground level by the many enemies lying in wait. Gone Batty is an addicting endless flier with vibrant visuals reminiscent of games like Knightmare Tower. Check it out today!



Happy Bacon from Llama Studios

Happy Bacon from Llama Studios is a fantastic new Flappy Bird-esque game that is actually quite a bit different from the various clones you’ll find spread all over Google Play. In this game you take control of a tasty little piece of bacon that has just escaped from the frying pan. Lucky for the chef but unluckily for you there are more than enough vegetables around to put a stop to your daring escape! You’ll really need to be on your A game if you plan on dodging all of these vegetables long enough to set yourself a high score! On top of this hugely addictive gameplay Happy Bacon also features both achievements an leaderboards though Google Play Game Services! Definitely don’t miss out on this gem!

happy-bacon-1 happy-bacon-2 happy-bacon-3


Knights Inc. from Kimeric Labs

In the history of Google Play we have seen a fair number of ‘manager’ games, but none quite like Knights Inc from Kimeric Labs. Knights Inc. is a minimalistic manager that’s all about sending Knights-for-Hire on bountiful quests in order to keep your business up and running. You see capitalism has just hit the middle ages and the Kingdom is in grave distress because of it! You must hire knights, solve quests, and gather gold if you plan on staying afloat in this harsh time. The future of the kingdom lies in the hands of your entrepreneurship… Do you have what it takes to survive the savage beast that is the free market? Download Knights Inc. to find out!

knightsinc1 knightsinc2


Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey from Bacon Bandit Games

Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey is a fantastic new word game that has you fighting your way through more than 30 stages by sending attacks at your enemies by spelling words. A large number of the word games on the market require players to spell words using letters that are touching one another – but that’s not the case in Letter Quest. You’re given free reign over all of the letters on the game board which means you have a lot more options to spell some truly astounding words! Just be careful to watch out for troublesome blocks like plague blocks, cracked blocks, and stone blocks as they’re there to make things a bit harder for you.

Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey is a fun game that is sure to entertain members of all ages. If you’re a fan of word games you’d be silly not to give this a download!



Mage in Cage from Sparkledye

If you are a fan of retro platformers you absolutely must download Mage in Care right away! The game takes place in the dungeon of an evil king that has just imprisoned you, a mage, in his dungeon. Thankfully for you you have the power of telekinesis so getting out of this dungeon should be easy as pie… right? You have the ability to move object, flip switches, and solve a wide variety of puzzles with these skills, but there are a tonne of traps that are sure to keep you trapped in this dungeon for quite a while. Do you have what it takes to make it out of this dungeon alive?

mageincage1 mageincage2


Mollusk Mayhem from Indievortex

Mollusk Mayhem is a fantastic new high speed platform game that is all about staying alive and setting yourself an all new high score. You move your friendly mollusk from side to side on the small island you are stranded on while pushing crates into the mysterious wormhole that has appeared behind you. Sounds simple enough, right? Well… maybe, except for the flying drone turrets that are trying to blast you to smithereens! How many crates do you think you can push into the wormhole before you finally meet your maker? Download Mollusk Mayhem right now and find out for yourself!

mollusk-mayhem-1 mollusk-mayhem-2


Not So Fast from Elemental Zeal

There have been many endless runners released over the years but perhaps none as unique as indie developer Elemental Zeal’s addicting new parody of the genre Not So Fast. While this retro themed reverse runner does feature an endless supply of side scrolling heroes trying their best to make it through a pixelated obstacle course that’s not who players will be controlling. Rather, Not So Fast flips the genre on its head by charging players with defeating these 8-bit hoodlums using whatever means necessary like dropping brick walls out of the sky or blowing up the level itself. An ingenious arcade strategy hybrid at its core, Not So Fast is perfect for any runner playing gamer who’s ever felt like someone was on the other side of the screen laughing as you failed again and again.

notsofastss3 notsofastss2


Numolition from Q42

Numolition is a new and incredibly explosive puzzle game that features unique puzzle gameplay, a cast of seriously wacky characters, a beautiful comic book art style, and best of all it’s sure to be fun for the whole family! Your job in Numolition is quite simple: just flatten as many constructions as you can by setting up, adding up and eventually blowing up the numbers 1 through 9!  You’ve got a tonne of content at your fingertips; you’ll play through the games 50 mind-bending levels, 120+ bonus challenges, and a number of other game modes that are unlocked by collecting stars. You can even share your high score with friends via Facebook leaderboards! There is do much explosive content in Numolition that you’re sure to have your hands full for a long time to come!

numo1 numo2 numo3


Neon Snap from Bipolar Studios

Neon Snap is a simple but challenging puzzle game from Bipolar Studios, the dev team that brought us the awesome endless arcade game Paragon Infinite. Neon Snap is completely different concept and here you’ll be trying to fit the various tetrimo pieces into the game’s well crafted pixel-art themed puzzles. You’ll need to do some serious thinking if you plan on dragging and rotating the different tetrimo pieces onto the grid successfully (trust me, it’s a serious challenge)! Do you think you have what it takes to solve all of Neon Snap’s 100+ levels? There’s only one way to find out! 

neon-snap-1 neon-snap-2 neon-snap-3 


Pixel Defense from Clonix Impression

Pixel Defense is an interesting new take on the ever so popular tower defense genre. Your goal is simple: kill all of the lines before the reach the bottom of the screen. Each line comes in a certain colour and in order to destroy it you must tap the tower of the corresponding color to blast out a laser at it. It’s a simple concept that is lots of fun to play and it looks great while doing it!

pixel-defense-1 pixel-defense-2 pixel-defense-3


Slime Attack from Gamers Associate

Slime Attack is a brand-new fast-paced platformer that puts you in the shoes of a little slime named Slimy. It turns out that Slimy is being held against his will in a truly awful laboratory and he really needs to escape! His ultimate dream destination… Mexico! You must bounce, jump in flight, master bullet time, and do whatever you can to survive the game’s unrelenting enemy forces! 

Slime Attack is jam packed with content and includes 80 challenging levels in it’s Time Attack story mode, an infinite number of procedurally generated levels in survival mode, and quite possibly the cutest slime in the world! How can you say no to that? Head over to Google Play and download this great looking platformer today!

slimeattack2 slimeattack1


Soaring Ninja from Epic Pixel

Warning! This game is insanely difficult! Soaring Ninja is the most recent game developed by Epic Pixel (the devs behind the huge indie hit Grow) and it is another game that falls under the Flappy Bird genre of games. However, Soaring Ninja stands out from other games due to its insane difficulty! What makes it so much more difficult than other games? Well, mostly its unpredictable moving objects! How far do you think you can make it? Test your mettle and post your high score on the online leaderboards to see how you compare to other ninjas from around the globe!

soaring-ninja-1 soaring-ninja-2 soaring-ninja-3


Spellbind from Spider Key Games

This Myst style adventure from indie developer Spider Key Games is an enthralling puzzler filled with gorgeous visuals and brain twisting gameplay. Players must sneak into the deepest darkest part of a foreboding old mansion in search of a valuable artifact that will change their life. It wont be easy though, as this rickety house isn’t about to give up its secrets due to a huge labyrinth of puzzles and riddles standing between players and their objective.

spellbind spellbind2


SQWRZ from Josh S

SQWRZ is an addictive little dodge’em style game from Josh S, the guy that brought us the excruciatingly diffivult sidescrolling shooter Merdermaid (which you really need to check out if you haven’t yet). The gameplay in SQWRZ is simple: run your little character around the bottom of the stage while avoiding any SQWRZ that bounce in your general direction. It’s a simple concept, but that’s certainly not a bad thing – and the game features some pretty colours, awesome music, and both achievements and leaderboards through Google Play Game Services! Could you really ask for more? Download SQWRZ today!



Swipe The Walls from Telekinetic Apps

This frustratingly addictive endless twitch arcade game takes everything about Flappy Bird and flips it on its head. Rather than guiding a character through a narrow tunnel of tubes, Swipe The Walls casts players as the tubes themselves as they frantically try to move out of the way of the oncoming hero. Swipe The Walls puts a simple yet game changing spin on the whole Flappy Bird phenomenon to create an addicting new arcade experience.

swipethewalls swipethewalls2



The Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up is brought to you by the combined Voltron-like powers of Craig Forshey and James Maxwell!

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