Published on March 27th, 2014 | by Craig Forshey


Futuristic Freerunner RunBot Brings Stylish Parkour To Android

After wowing fans on iOS devices with its impressive graphics and addicting gameplay, the Mirrors Edge esque action runner RunBot has finally made the leap onto Android. A cross collaboration between Bravo Game Studios and Marvelous Games, RunBot is a visually stunning endless runner that delivers a satisfying amount of variety by incorporating multiple game styles into one seamless experience. Combining fast paced parkour, 3rd person shooter combat, aerial maneuvering and more RunBot may not break new ground but what it does it does well making it one of the best new endless action games on the scene.

runbot2 runbot234

For an endless runner RunBot has a surprisingly insightful backstory that evokes philosophical tenants such as the applicability of Asimov’s 3 laws as evidenced by the plight of the games protagonist. Players take on the role of an advanced robotic weapons system drone that has rejected its core programming and refused to kill. Sensing their imminent deactivation, players will have to use every ability at their disposal to escape the fortress-like mega factory that created them in a mad dash for freedom. As a badass killer robot though players have more options at their disposal than the normal sidescrolling hero like the ability to fly and a giant wrist mounted laser that can disintegrate anything that gets in the way.


Visually stunning and seriously entertaining, RunBot is sure to be a hit with endless runner fans everywhere. You can pick it up now for free with iap’s on Google Play.

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