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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #38

Finding cool new games to play on Android can be an involving process, but don’t worry SGD’s got your back. Here at Super Game Droid we use the super-human hive mind of our editorial team to find the best new indie Android games to arrive each week then wrap them all up with a nice tidy bow in this weekly round-up.

As is always the case with the indie Android gaming scene there was an impressive amount of awesome new games that arrived this week. That’s the great thing about indie gaming, there’s never any shortage of amazing new titles to choose from. From psychedelic shoot ‘em ups to pixelated puzzlers, to games that make you question the very nature of existence, this weeks indie round-up has something for everyone!

And be sure to vote for your favorite game in the poll at the bottom of the page. The game with the most votes as of Tuesday morning will be declared our indie game of the week and be featured on our front page!


25 from Bart Bonte

25 is a new Bart Bonte game that falls into the new popular puzzle game genre ala games like 1024, 2048, and Threes! In 25 you will be swiping various numbered blocks around the game board with your ultimate goal being to match same-numbered blocks together to create a higher number value – and thus increasing your total score. How 25 differs from other games in the genre is that you’re also going to be contending with red blocks that will block you time and time again – and this adds a nice level of challenge not seen in other games in the genre. You can remove these blocks by matching three or more of them together, but that’s not always as easy as you might think. How long do you think you can survive in 25? Download this fantastic free game today to find out for yourself!



Banana Phobia from Lunch Box Studios

Oh no! The friendly zoologist has found himself in quite the situation! He has been cornered by a troop of crazy banana flinging monkeys and he’s in serious need of some help! You must take control of this zoologist and hit the boxes above your head in traditional Mario-style to knock these monkeys off their high horse for good! Do you have what it takes to dodge this constant barrage of bananas and set yourself a new high score?

banana3 banana2 banana1


Dark Guardians from Studio Baikin

One part hack ‘n slash RPG, one part endless runner, the epic new side scrolling action adventure Dark Guardians will keep you coming back for more. The same graphic designer that worked on LUMI worked on Dark Guardians and it shows. Top notch animation and addicting gameplay make Dark Guardians one of the hottest new runners around.

darkguardians1 darkguardians2


Fate of Mankind from Leonardo Millan

Fate of Mankind is a short little Metroidvania styled side-scrolling platformer that is really unlike anything you’ve played before. You start off the game with nothing… and I mean NOTHING! Not even your eye sight! By playing around you’ll eventually unlock new skills and powers, and the more the play the more you unlock and the more interesting the game becomes. It’s a game that’s all about discovery of yourself and your environment.

Oh, it’s also worth mentioning that Fate of Mankind did great in Ludum Dare #19 by getting 2nd place for Theme, 5th place for Fun, and 6th place overall! Definitely check this one out!

FoM1 FoM2


Freeway Mutant from Butterscotch Shenanigans

Freeway Mutant is a fun new ‘mini’ game from Butterscotch Shenanigans that is part shooter, part runner, and part RPG. Using your finger you’ll be controlling a lovable green mutant that’s trying to make his way through a post apocalyptic wasteland with nothing more than his handy blaster. As you run through the world you’ll gather a plethora of loot that can be used to add power to this weapon – which in turn increases the damage it does to the enemies you encounter. It’s an addictive element that will keep you hooked and coming back for more for a long time to come! Be sure to grab Freeway Mutant for free on Google Play right away!



Hectic Space from James Swiney

We’ve all played side scrolling space shooters before – but we haven’t played any filled with quite as much retro style as that found in Hectic Space! As you’d expect from the genre you’ll be flying through space while blasting away at deadly aliens with your blasters and a multitude of insane power-ups while aiming to set a new high score. In addition to the fun gameplay you’re treated to a pumping arcade soundtrack and a glorious pixel-art design. If you’re looking for an arcade shooter that’s a real blast-from-the-past download Hectic Space today!

hectic2 hectic1


Ignis Castle Adventure from 2kSomnis

Ignis Castle Adventure is a fun new platformer game that features some of the best 3D graphics around. You, a lowly knight, must make your way through an expansive castle while doing anything in your powers to stay alive. You’ll be up against a wide array of traps that will put your skills to the test – so make sure you’ve got your reflexes as sharp as you can get them! Do you think you can make your way out of Ignis Castle alive? There’s only one way to find out…

ignis2 ignis1


Lightspeed Hero from Squideo Games

Coming across ‘Flappy Bird’ styled games on Google Play is pretty much the easiest thing you can do. There are a tonne of clones out there – most of which are just terrible – but if you search hard enough you’ll be able to find some truly fantastic games – and that’s where Lightspeed Hero comes in. The gameplay will be what you expect in the ‘genre’: tap to ascend, don’t tap to decend. Where the game stands out though is through it’s truly beautiful art style, great sound design, and the fun gameplay tweaks added really amp up the fun factor. Best of all Lightspeed Hero is completely FREE! Not a single IAP or ad in sight!

lightspeed1 lightspeed2 lightspeed3


Lost Yeti from Neutronized

This unbelievably charming puzzle adventure game from indie dev Neutronized looks and feels like a classic Nintendo game out of the SNES era. Lost Yeti takes the age old slide puzzle mechanic and gives it new life thanks to a simple but paradigm shifting twist. It’s up to players to help an adorable young yeti find his way back to his family by rearranging the ice in each level without him getting eaten. If you like puzzlers and are a sucker for nostalgia, definitely check Lost Yeti out!

lostyeti1 lostyeti2


Luminescence from LittleBit

Luminescence is a hardcore platformer that takes place in the world of Lumine. You are a tiny particle that has been tasked with seemingly impossible task of passing all of the game’s levels – which will be much easier said than done. This neon-styled platformer is ridiculously tough! You’ll need perfect timing and some seriously crazy skills to make it through this one! However, Luminescence has been optimized for a wide variety of gamepads – so that’s sure to help out! If you’re looking for a real challenge and don’t mind dying a LOT you really need to check out this beautiful new neon platformer.

lumin1 lumin2


Noah Should from Dino Merguez

This sardonic take on the biblical story of Noah has alot of fun with its presentation and implements a clever gameplay design that weaves together multiple genres into an overarching narrative. In between quirky conversations with God players have to gather enough animals to repopulate the earth and build an ark to house them all. Except this Noah likes to capture animals with a grappling hook and throw them flying onto the ark.

noahshould1 noahshould13


On The Line from Kevin Choteau

You may have played tunnel runners before, but you’ve never played them like you do in On The Line. Instead of indirectly controlling an onscreen avatar, players fingers literally become the protagonist as try to keep it in the ever more challenging line boundaries. Chock in randomly generated levels and competitive leaderboards through Google Play Games and you’ll be playing On The Line for a long time!

ontheline3 ontheline2 ontheline1


Planetventure from G-rant’s Games

Planetventure is a Terraria inspired action-platformer that takes place in a post apocalyptic universe. You control Fred, a young lad that has been hired to discover new species on five unique planets. You’ll free roam these planets while solving puzzles, gathering space acorns (the game’s in-game currency), and unlocking new tools, ships, and space suits. Fans of free roaming adventure games absolutely must download Planetventure today!

planetventure1 planetventure2


RunBot from Marvelous Games

After wowing fans on iOS devices with its impressive graphics and addicting gameplay, the Mirrors Edge esque action runner RunBot has finally made the leap onto Android. A cross collaboration between Bravo Game Studios and Marvelous Games, RunBot is a visually stunning endless runner that delivers a satisfying amount of variety by incorporating multiple game styles into one seamless experience. Combining fast paced parkour, 3rd person shooter combat, aerial maneuvering and more RunBot may not break new ground but what it does it does well making it one of the best new endless action games on the scene.

runbot2 runbot


The Running Dead from Kronbits

The Running Dead is a fast-paced platformer that is excruciatingly difficult and requires cat-like reflexes if you hope to succeed. You’ll be running and jumping through 30 small stages with the goal of avoiding any zombies, birds, or wolves that get in your way. If you die you’ll have to start it all over again – so you absolutely must be on your A-game! If you’re looking for a serious challenge download The Running Dead today!



Shattered Planet (RPG) from Kitfox Games

This new rogue-like sci-fi RPG from indie dev Kitfox Games draws inspiration from a variety of sources to deliver a unique survival focused experience. As an intrepid alien explorer tasked with finding new and rare species, players will travel the galaxy in search of adventure and fame. It won’t be easy though, as it seems pretty much everything in the universe wants your hide and in true rogue-like fashion once your character dies he’s dead which adds weight to every move you make in combat. Currently only available in select countries as a limited release, Shattered Planet will be launching globally on April 10th so don’t worry if you’re not able to download it right away.

shattered2 shattered1


Spire Squire from Ressom Studios

Spire Squire is a fun new infinite climber/jumper from indie developer Ressom Studios. It turns out that the moon is trying to eclipse the sun and you have been tasked with keeping this from happening. How might you do this? Well, by gathering sun tokens of course! If you don’t succeed and the world gets enveloped in darkness it’s not game over but rather the worst of the worst come out and the game becomes seriously more difficult! How long do you think you can survive in this colorful new endless jumper?

spiresquire1 spiresquire2 spiresquire3


Sumotori Dreams from

Sumotori Dreams is a hugely popular 3D physics-based fighting simulator for PC that has finally pushed its way onto Google Play. You’re a sumo wrestler that will be fighting against AI opponents or a friend via same device multiplayer to see who comes out victorious. Your goal is simple: knock over or force your opponent out of the ring to win. Where the game gets interesting is through its heavy focus on weird physics and interesting controls. It’s wacky and hilarious and it’s a heck of a lot of fun! If you’re looking for something a little different you absolutely must download Sumotori Dreams.

sumotori2 sumotori1


Take Your Time from Bromio

Take Your Time is a seriously twisted game that tells the story of a gunfighter on a quest for a legendary treasure. The location of this treasure is know: it’s in a mountain at the farthest point of the west of the expansive sandy desert. Well, it should be an easy task then, right? Well… not quite! The treasure is protected by six powerful guardians… and you only have six bullets to take care of them! Yikes! You’re going to need lightning fast reflexes if you hope to complete this short but challenging adventure game.

tyt2 tyt1


War Agent from Bazinu Inc

For each game we post in our round-ups we to describe them in our own words. However, the developer of War Agent has described their game far better than I could ever hope to:

War Agent is a high score, fast paced resource management game that puts the player in the place of a war profiteer. The game explores the world of war profiteering and how greed can lead to unforeseen consequences on a global scale.

War Agent is a truly unique strategy game that is unlike anything you have seen before. If you have an interest in politics or you are just intrigued by the game’s unique gameplay style you absolutely can’t miss out on War Agent.

waragent2 waragent1


Warp 5 Overdrive from Bearded Man Studios

Warp 5 Overdrive is a potent blend of classic arcade shooter mechanics alongside adrenaline fueled visuals from the developer of the popular word game Word Lab. There are a tonne of arcade shooters to be found on Google Play, so what makes Warp 5 Overdrive stand out as one of the best? It’s all thanks to how these devs completely rewrote the rules of the road on what a classic arcade shooter should be.

warp5-1 warp5-2


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The Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up is brought to you by the combined Voltron-like powers of Craig Forshey and James Maxwell!

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