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Procedurally Generated Murder-Mystery Noir Syndrome Sleuths onto Google Play

David Gedarovich, one member of the indie development team Glass Knuckle Games has just released a new detective murder-mystery game onto Google Play called Noir Syndrome. Noir Syndrome is David’s solo project; he did all of the game’s art and coding, though he did get help from Liz from Bombadeer Studios for the games awesome soundtrack and sound effects.

So what exactly is Noir Syndrome you ask? Simply put it is a procedurally generated murder-mystery game where you are the detective. A murderer is on the loose and you’ve been put in charge of tracking him/her down. By speaking to people from around town, gathering clues, and finding damning evidence you might just be able to finger the killer before he strikes again!

Games like this have existed in the past, but none are quite like Noir Syndrome. The content here is all procedurally generated which means that each time you boot it up you’ll be treated to a whole new experience. Each game will have different people to interrogate, different evidence to find, and there will be a new killer too. This adds an infinite amount of replayability to the game, and when you combine this with the game’s ultra pixel art and jazzy soundtrack you end up with a game that truly deserves your attention!

noir1 noir2


  • Procedural generation: Murder mystery scenarios with a new culprit and clues each time, every play-through is unique.
  • Permanent choices: NPCs, interactions, death, and a slew of other features will all persist until a new game is started. Every action counts!
  • Notebook: Collect vital clues in the detective’s notebook to help narrow down suspects and solve the case.
  • Investigation: Interact with and examine numerous objects and characters in a number of environments in the search for more information on the killer.
  • Countdown: Given a set number of days to solve the mystery, each area visited will decrement the time left, adding to the urgency of every case.
  • Freedom of choice: Attempt to solve the case, or live out your remaining time doing as you please – be it fighting the law, going after gang members, or just seeing the city.
  • Gunplay: Combat is generally to be avoided as a single bullet will take down the player. However, when necessary, the revolver is always available for use.
  • Badges: Complete a variety of challenges to earn unique badges which directly influence future playthroughs.
  • Statistics and Scores: Statistics and high scores for a wide variety of topics will persist through every game.


Noir Syndrome is a truly unique game that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s procedurally generated content, intriguing detective gameplay, and fantastic art and sound design make it one of the best games we’ve seen so far in 2014. Download it today!

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