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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #39


Welcome to the SGD Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up, our weekly tribute to the best and brightest new indie games to arrive on the scene. Our relentless editorial team has tirelessly combed every nook and cranny of the net in order to bring you this comprehensive guide to the coolest new indie games on Android. And after spending many hours playing great new games with our phones plugged into the wall we’ve come up with 25 awesome new indie Android games for you to check out!

Be sure to vote for your favorite new indie Android game in the poll at the bottom of the page too. As always, the game with the most votes as of Tuesday morning will be declared our indie game of the week and will also be featured on our front page!


Ball of Skill from Limaks! Studio

Like its name implies, Ball of Skill is a simple arcade game about the skillful manipulation of the classic Pong environment. This time around players wont be facing just another computer opponent or even another player for that matter, no, Ball of Skill pits players against themselves in a pitched battle for control of the ball a midst a steel inferno of randomly appearing buzzsaw blades of doom. Okay, so it’s probably not EXACTLY like that but Ball of Skill is a fun arcade diversion that will have you continously hitting the restart button.



Bunny Smasher from Javier Salmona

I’ll admit, when I first booted up Bunny Smasher I wasn’t expecting much aside from the usual whack a mole type games you see alot of nowadays but boy was I wrong. At first Bunny Smasher very much starts out that way, tasking players with dispatching hordes of marauding zombie bunnies while sparing any surviving cute bunnies because, well they’re cute, but the action quickly grows intense as a cornucopia of different zombie enemy types begin to rush players forcing them to quickly develop a strategy on the fly or lose. Strange, straightforward, and addicting, Bunny Smasher does what it does well and is well worth a look.

bunny smasher


Catbeam from Short Giraffe Games

Catbeam is a Doodle Jump inspired vertical jumper that follows the adventures of a cat that shoots lasers out of its eyes. Your goal is a bit bizarre in Catbeam: defeat the flying walruses, become a unicorn, shoot rapid-fire chopsticks, and bounce as high as possible! The game is a little bit bizarre… well… actually a whole lot of bizarre, but a little bit of strangeness never hurt anyone, right? If you’re looking for something unlike anything you’ve played before you absolutely must download Catbeam today!

catbeam1 catbeam2 catbeam3


CLARC from Golden Tricycle

CLARC is a highly polished action-puzzle-adventure game that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. You control a nerdy robot janitor named CLARC whose production facility has just just been intruded by an enemy space ship. It’s up to you to repair the facility and rescue your friends through the game’s unique grid-based gameplay. You’ll be challenged by 100 brain-teasing puzzles as you progress through the games 25 huge levels – and this should last you upwards of 12 hours! CLARC is a truly stunning game that absolutely shouldn’t be passed up by anyone!



Crusader Elite from Stupid Gizmo

From the indie studio that brought us the retro RPG Winds of Destiny comes a brand new adventure called Crusader Elite built on a simple yet satisfying gameplay design that continually pushes the player to do better. As a heroically brave knight on patrol for evil  monsters that have overrun the kingdom, players will have to tap the screen like crazy in a bizarre Simon Says style pattern if they want to live to fight another day. Crusader Elite’s humorous retro atmosphere and addicting gameplay make it the perfect follow up to Winds of Destiny.

crusaders1 crusaders2


Cutiebots from Goodnight Games

Cutiebots is a somewhat adorable yet entirely disturbing action-platformer that takes place in a nightmarish world filled with cute animal robots. You play as Gritch and Zitch, two individuals who have their minds set on destroying the source of these evil creatures: Dr.Whiskers. During your adventure you’ll have to slash your way through giant teddy bear robots, cute spark plugs and even horrifying candy gorillas! Do you think you have what it takes to scale the candy coated walls of Dr. Whisker’s fortress to reclaim the world that is rightfully yours?

cutiebots2 cutiebots1


Dead End from Flying Oak Games

Dead End is a 70’s themed grindhouse horror movie inspired racing game that is truly unlike anything you’ve seen before; and I’m not just talking about the game’s atypical monochromatic graphics! In Dead End you’ll be driving around while smashing as many zombies as you can while you complete missions and go for a new high score. Along the way you’ll upgrade your car to make it so you can survive for even longer and do a heck of a lot more damage to those freaking zombies! If you’re looking for one hell of a good time you really need to download Dead End today!

deadend1 deadend2


Grapes Issue from Equilibre Games

This new brain twister from indie dev Equilibre Games puts an interesting spin on the Lemmings formula to create a unique new arcade play style designed to provide a constant challenge. As the master in charge of making juice it falls to players to gather up all the good grapes they can find by disposing of bad grapes by any means necessary. The trouble is it’s not so easy when you can’t exactly influence said grapes directly which results in tons of strategic planning and trap deployment.

grapcesissue grapcesissue2


Hoots from Simple Machine

Hoots is an adorable match-3 puzzler from Simple Machine, the developer of both 4 Thrones Solitaire and Even Up. Hoots has actually been out for a little while now but I just discovered it myself and had to pass it along to our readers. Sure there are hundreds of match-3 games on Google Play, but Hoots does it a bit differently. You can swipe the different coloured owls around the game’s grid with your goal being to match three in either a row, a column, or diagonally. However, a bit of strategy is needed as getting a row or column will only net you one point while diagonal matches will give you three. You’ve  only got 60 seconds to set a high score so be sure you’re thinking smartly!



The Impossible Cave from Bluepig Games

The Impossible Cave is a game that’s all about survival. You’ll fly your spaceship through an unknown world while trying to stay alive. This is easier said than done though because as time goes by you start picking up speed and the likelihood of an untimely death is greatly increased! How long do you think you’ll be able to survive in this stunning minimalistic reflex action game?

tIC1 tIC2


Jetpack Panic from Pug Fugly Games

Jetpack Panic is a game of skill that is sure to really test your patience! You’ll be guiding your little jetpacking guy or girl through space in a sort of vertical Flappy-Bird style while avoiding the obstacles that get in your way. I know, I know… another Flappy Bird game! However, Jetpack Panic is actually quite a bit different than other games thanks to it’s truly infuriating gravity mechanic. As you progress upwards gravity can switch at any time which makes progress a true challenge. Prepare to die a lot in this fun yet excruciatingly challenging Flappy Bird spin-off!

jetpack1 jetpack2


Jungle Journey from Fluckster

Part physics puzzler, part shoot ’em up, Jungle Journey never feels entirely like one or the other at any given time. Playing as a lone commando struggling to survive in the jungle players will run, jump, and shoot their way through an army teeming with futuristic soldiers while solving a few puzzle along the way of course. Things start out easy but Jungle Journey quickly ramps up the difficulty for those who like a little more challenge in their games.

jungle2 jungle1


Micronytes Director’s Cut from Gibs & Gore

Micronytes Director’s Cut is a game that you must download right away! Just take a minute to head over to Google Play and get the download started. You’ll thank me later. Why you ask? It’s quite simple: Micronytes is a fantastic 90’s inspired platformer that is just a whole lot of fun to play. You control an army of tiny Micronytes that must jump their way through the body of a man that has been infected by an evil virus. As you run and jump your way through the game’s 63 levels and 3 boss battles you’ll encounter an ever increasing number of deadly obstacles that will challenge even the most skilled platform gamers. Download Micronytes Director’s Cut today! You wont be disappointed!

mycronytes1 micronytes2


Millie from Forever Entertainment

From the creators of Violett and lesabel comes a brand new arcade action adventure that nostalgically blurs the line between Pac-Man and Snake while offering a ton of variety in the progress. As the hopeful young millipede Millie players will have to survive the rigors of a prestigious flying exam which involves munching their way though over 90 levels of arcade action while occasionally stopping to play one of many minigames of course. Sporting slick production values and charming design, Millie is one game to keep an eye on.

millie2 millie23


Mr Flap from 1Button

Mr Flap is a unique minimalistic spin on the ever popular ‘Flappy Bird’ Genre of games. You fly Mr Flap through circular environments while trying to avoid any obstacles. It’s a heck of a lot easier said than done though! How long do you think you can survive?

mrflap1 mrflap2 mrflap3


Noir Syndrome from David Gedarovich

Noir Syndrome is an absolutely stunning murder-mystery game that introduces procedurally generated content that makes for a game with an infinite amount of replay value! Each time you load up the game you’re treated to a whole new experience: there will be new people to talk to, new evidence to find, and a new killer to track down too! This infinite amount of content combined with the game’s fantastic pixel art style and brilliant jazz soundtrack make Noir Syndrome an absolute must download title. I highly recommend checking it out.

noir1 noir2


One Finger Death Waltz from High Calibre Wizard

One Finger Death Waltz is a side-scrolling space shooter that is shear insanity! Using simple touch controls you fly your spaceship through the great expanses of space while picking up ship-upgrades and blasting away at enemy vessels. Along the way you’ll rack up a high score that you can share with your friends via the game’s built-in Google Play support (a favourite feature of mine!). The game’s procedurally generated content, excellent pixel graphics, fun music, and responsive touch controls are sure to keep you coming back time and time again for more space shooter action!

ofdw2 ofdw1


Perfect Pixel Tower Defense from Curious Pixel

In the past couple of years developers have been working hard to create the most revolutionary tower defense games imaginable. Just look at the Anomaly series of games: attack and defend gameplay, crazy enemies, massive explosions, and some of the best graphics you’ll find on mobile devices. That’s all good and fun – but what ever happened to the good ol’ traditional tower defense formula?

Worry not as Curious Pixel has created a tower defense game in the traditional formula called Perfect Pixel Tower Defense! This game returns tower defense to a two-coloured dimension that’s filled to the brim with traditional content while adding enough new stuff to keep you hooked for hours on end. Sit back and relax on Easy mode, test your skills with endless waves, or even build you own levels using the game’s Map Creator. Finally tower defense returns to it’s roots in Perfect Pixel TD.



Rolo from Volcanic Penguin

Rolo is a ball-rolling platformer where players take on the role of a spherical raccoon protagonist named Rolo. Rolo is on a perilous journey searching for the one thing that will win the heart of his beloved: diamonds and jewels! Rolo is far from rich so he must come by other methods of attaining these treasures so players will have to safely guide Rolo through an imaginatively designed world filled with danger and mind bending riddles at every turn. Traditional arcade style platforming is combined with physics manipulation to great effect resulting in gameplay that’s both a fresh challenge and oddly comforting in its nostalgia. Rolo is a fantastic new game that carries hints of some of the Nintendo 64′s greatest platformers.

rolo-1 rolo-2


Running With Scissors from Poemdexter

Running With Scissors is an endless runner of sorts that follows the terrifying escapades of a boy named Jimmy; a boy that has unfortunately managed to get a hold of his grandmother’s pruning sheers. If that wasn’t scary enough he is now sprinting unsupervised down down a suspiciously busy city side walk that is filled with a huge assortment of tripping hazards! It’s entirely up to you to help Jimmy avoid these obstacles and keep him safe for as long as you can.

RwS1 RwS2


Silver Zombie from XIXGAMES

With Android gaming becoming more and more popular over the past few years we’ve seen practically every kind of genre make its way to the Google Play Store. However one type of game that has been noticeably absent from mobile devices is the survival horror genre. Indie developers XIX Games and Pixel Bones Studios aim to change that with their new survival horror epic Silver Zombie, a spooky 3rd person shooter that takes a page right out of Silent Hill to create a tense and sometimes disturbing atmosphere.

silverzombie silverzombie13


Smash Wave from Russ Kumro

Smash Wave is a reflex action game that requires lightning fast reflexes. You say you have cat-like reflexes? Well, that might not be enough here! You’ll be climbing your way out of a tunnel while finding green goal cubes that allow you to fly higher and higher. Simple, right? Wrong! You’ve got to avoiding the walls of the tunnel… and this is far easier said than done! How long do you think you can survive?

smashwave2 smashwave1 smashwave3


Tidy Tools from Namuka Studios

This terrific and completely free new puzzler from indie dev Namuka Studios puts an addictive spin on the genre thanks to its clever combination of Tetris and oddly enough the inventory screen from Resident Evil 4. As a master craftsman closing up his shop for the day players must put back every piece of equipment used in perfect order in order to proceed. And did I mention it’s free? As in no ads or in app purchases either? If you like puzzlers check Tidy Tools out today!

tidytools tidytools2


Trial of Bones from Jack Zackowitz

Trial of Bones is a unique and truly fantastic endless runner that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. You take control of a lowly knight that finds himself up against an endless army of undead skeleton soldiers. There’s no way you are coming out of this alive… or is there? By switching lanes, gaining XP, levelling up, and gathering helpful power-ups you might just have a chance! How long do you think you can survive in this endless dungeon runner RPG? Find out today!

ToB1 ToB2 ToB3


Xenotron from Xenotron Studios

Released as an impressive early alpha, the new arcade shoot ’em up Xenotron is already showing signs of promise and continues to improve. Players can help indie developer Xenotron Studios help develop Xenotron in a sense, as all the comments and suggestions the developer receives are taken into account and are implemented in future updates based on user feedback. Whether you want to make an already good game even better or just want to defeat a horde of alien spaceships, be sure to give Xenotron a spin.

xenotron1 xenotron2


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