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Surreal Physics Platformer Campfire Bursts Onto Android

There are some genres that just don’t translate well to touch screens. This is particularly true when it comes to side scrolling platformers like the 16-bit classics of yore that relied on razor sharp reflexes and precision button mashing. Although there have been many valiant attempts at marrying platforming and mobile gaming before, each with varying degrees of success, there hasn’t really been a game that wholly embraced the concept of trading in a gamepad for a touch screen. That is until now, as a beautifully surreal new physics platformer called Campfire from indie developer William Morrison has arrived with a refreshingly unique take on the sidescrolling adventure epic.

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Campfire is a game that is minimalist in its art design yet intrinsically open ended to a degree thanks to straightforward and intuitive gameplay that leaves it up to players to develop their own strategy for beating each stage. As a blazing fireball destined to light a cold grill, players must flick their way to a campfire at the end of over 90 bizarrely beautiful scenarios filled with an immense variety of physics based challenges to conquer. Campfire’s gorgeous graphics are for more than show however as lighting and environmental physics play a huge role in the game design and serve to distinguish Campfire from the rest of the platforming crowd.


Looking for a fun new platformer that brings back the 16-bit magic of your childhood without making you want to smash your phone due to shoddy controls? Check out Campfire, it’s available now for free on Google Play.

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