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Gaming And Giving Meet In Action Packed Sidescroller Ace Tales

One of the coolest Indiegogo projects in recent memory has arrived on Android and its innovative approach to making the simple act of playing a video game mean something important will blow your mind, or at least touch your heart. The brainchild of indie developer Bugbyte, Ace Tales is a vibrantly animated new hybrid shooter/runner that delivers action packed gameplay and a great reason to earn the most points you can. That’s because in addition to being an excellently crafted arcade style romp Ace Tales allows players to help donate to charity without ever having to spend a dime. How is this possible? Simple, completing in-game challenges and climbing to the top of the leaderboards in this novel new game means a portion of the games revenue will be donated to a variety of worthy causes each week.

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This canine themed action game casts players as grizzled veteran pilot Ace in a harrowing journey across the Atlantic in a desperate race for a grand prize that will save the denizens of his home town. Like many abandoned dogs in real life, Ace’s pals at the local dog shelter are in danger of losing their home unless they can raise enough funds to stay afloat. After hearing about an unprecedented cash reward for winning a race of oceanic proportions Ace leaps into action with his rabbit friend Doc ‘O Hare by his side.

The core of Ace Tales’ gameplay is reminiscent of the best of dodge ’em up anti-shooters complete with high production values and addicting game mechanics that will keep both Kids and Adults alike hooked. The main goal of each level is to fly to the end without bumping into bad guys but along the way players will also have the opportunity to collect cool powerups and dog treats that can later be used to help contribute to a worthy cause. Ace Tales provides simple entertaining fun that is highly rewarding.


As a special treat just for our readers, players who enter in the code “sgdrocks” through April 21st will receive an awesome in-game bonus! With that I think it’s safe to say “Bugbyterocks”!

There are alot of “endless” style games out there, but only one lets you make a positive difference in peoples lives. Ace Tales is available now for free on Google Play.

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