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Shattered Planet Review

Like hooking a fresh air tank up to a stank-filled space suit, Shattered Planet is breathing new life into the rogue-alike genre with both its deep, rewarding exploration and likeable approach to IAP’s.

Kitfox Games has gone all out to refine the old ‘explore-die-explore’ routine, making a hugely re-playable, and more enjoyable, experience. The players clone explores the remnants of the titular world, finding objects, resources and of course strange new life-forms. Most of this alien life wants to kill you, unless you’re lucky enough to tame it first, but luckily your corporate bosses provide you with the tools to defend yourself.

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Weapons and armour are spawned from the spaceship you awake on each time you die, and you can upgrade your clone’s stats here too. All this comes at a price, namely the crystals and scrap metal found all over the alien world. IAP’s are available to boost these resources, but after a few hours of play I’ve felt no pressure to spend real money. Other IAPs are available to open new character models, too, should the urge take you.


The alien world is strewn with mysterious objects, from potion-like fluids with various effects, to keycards opening up new areas. Players are also teleported deeper into the game, much like finding stairs in a dungeon, and are rewarded with crystals for their progression. The mysterious corporation also rewards your exploration with gifts, such as weapons and armour. Nice of them to think of the working stiff once in a while…

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Shattered Planet Review JC Richardson


Summary: As a fan of Ye Olde Rogue clones, Shattered Planet presses all the right buttons for this jaded player, and with multiple increasingly tough worlds to explore, I’m going to be marooned on this Shattered Planet for quite a while.



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