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Celtic Heroes Review

One Thumb Mobile has shown real ambition with this massively multiplayer RPG, taking on the mighty Gameloft as their only serious rival in the genre. Bringing Celtic Heroes to the android platform, and from beta to final, has been technically challenging but the final result shows immense promise. Graphically, it’s a more serious-looking affair than its rival’s MMO, and the strains of celtic strings provide a haunting backdrop to the world.


Character creation is painless, and within minutes I was grinding my way up the levels with my bearded druid. The classes are genre standards: warrior, rogue, ranger, mage and healer (druid). Players can form mission-centric groups, and naturally the traditional guild system is in play here. PvP can occur in certain dueling zones, and there’s even multi-PvP with instanced arenas too.

Celtic Heroes clearly takes its cues from the WoW lineage, but with a couple of twists. And when it does break away from the standards, Celtic Heroes makes some curious choices. For instance, players can fast travel between portal-like leystones, but only if they’re not carrying too much gear. This is not conducive to fun, but luckily players can make IAPs to increase this weight cap, or just travel to the one free leystone in the world. Make of this what you will.


Another change from the norm is that skills are purchased from vendors and boosted through points earned when leveling up, rather than through a class-fixed skill tree. This offers more freedom in character development, which always makes a game that bit more immersive.

It’s early days for the Android release of Celtic Heroes, by which I mean the game world is pretty much devoid of human life. As an experiment, I placed my druid in the marketplace of the first main town in the game (11am GMT) and waited for other players to arrive. Seeing two other people in twenty minutes did not inspire confidence, but like I said – it’s early days. Also, players coming to the Android platform from iOS can’t import established characters, as initially promised. Understandable, but certainly disappointing to the early fan base. 

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Celtic Heroes Review JC Richardson


Summary: Celtic Heroes certainly ticks most of the right boxes for the MMORPG fan, and the game world has been beautifully crafted. No doubt future updates will build on this solid foundation, and as it stands it's the only serious rival to the ubiquitous Order & Chaos.


Heroic Effort

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