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Kosmik Revenge Review

Fan favorite indie developer Realtech VR may be best known for making 3D powerhouses like No Gravity and Iron Fist Boxing but that doesn’t mean this independent studio doesn’t like to kick it old school now and then. For proof look no further than Realtech VR’s mind meltingly awesome new arcade shoot ’em up Kosmik Revenge, a psychedelic shooter that feels like the result of Space Invaders, Geometry Wars, and many other classic pew pew fests being put through a blender in order to create a delicious pixelated smoothie. While Kosmik Revenge doesn’t exactly remake the shoot ’em up genre in its own image, the way classic shooter tropes have been cleverly reintegrated into its core gameplay creates an imaginative new scenario that will feel both novel and familiar to the veteran arcade gamer.

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Like with many old school arcade shooters Kosmik Revenge casts players as our galaxy’s last best space fighter jockey whose been chosen to pilot a hyper advanced weapons platform in order to save the universe from certain doom. Blasting away at a neverending horde of alien invaders is the order of the day, leading to the uncanny feeling that this is probably what Space Invaders on steroids would look like. And while its storyline may not exactly be original, it more than makes up for that with addicting twitch gameplay and highly impressive production values. Lasers vaporize enemy ships, neon cacophonies of explosions abound, and enormous bosses dominate the entire screen to create a delightful visual spectacle that, accompanied by the fantastic soundtrack and audio work, will satisfy even the most jaded of old school gamers.


Levels are arranged in a traditional linear fashion but subtlety intertwined is a deep rogue-like RPG upgrade system that pushes players to do their best and even has perma-death for the hardcore shoot ’em up fans out there. Players can opt to play Kosmik Revenge for completely free with perma-death that resets players skill sets once they’ve run out of lives or pay $.99 to unlock premium which carries upgrades over from game session to game session and showers the players with experience points. This kind of pricing scheme works perfectly here and gives players complete freedom with how they want to play the game. Kosmik Revenge is available for Android now on Google Play and OUYA.

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Kosmik Revenge Review Craig Forshey


Summary: Gorgeous, addicting, and clever, Kosmik Revenge is a terrific shoot 'em up that will satisfy all but the most jaded of old school gamers.



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