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NES Style Platformer Kitten Challenge Pounces Onto Android

What’s in a name? While it may sport a fairly non-descript moniker on first glance, the new arcade platformer Kitten Challenge’s name is really quite apt. You see, alot of mobile games like to look like a title from the NES era but very few dare to even approach the kind of tough as nails game design old school games were infamous for. Enter indie developer Robert Nikicionek’s Kitten Challenge, a hardcore skill based platformer with retro aesthetics and mind bending level design. Part Mario Bros, part Gravity Guy with a dash of Mega Man’s jump puzzles, Kitten Challenge is devilishly hard yet addicting fun that will knock you on your butt faster than you can say: “I can haz more retries?”

kittenchallenge1 kittenchallenge12

As a precocious young feline named Ginger on a journey around the world, players must jump their way through elaborately designed roller coaster obstacle courses in a quest to test her platforming skills and be the best mowzer she can be. The kitty engineers behind these courses are a little vicious however and have added all sorts of not-nice-at-all traps like giant flying buzz saws which means poor Ginger is going to have to dodge like her life depends on it! As we all know though, Cats have more than one life so players will have plenty of opportunities to try again and purrfect their runs. There’s even a neat level editor built in should you ever want to torment other players with your designs.


Kitten Challenge is a terrific old school platformer with tough as nails gameplay that’s both fair and fun. It’s available now for free on Google Play, check it out!

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