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Defend Your Crypt Brings Trap Based Tower Defense To Android

Has the recent debacle over Dungeon Keeper’s shoddy mobile spinoff got you down? Looking for a truly diabolical dungeon master sim that does justice to the fine art of dispatching any would-be heroes that dare trespass upon your dastardly lair? Take heed then keeper, as Cowlien developer Ratalaika Games has unleashed its fiendishly addicting new strategy game Defend Your Crypt upon the mobile underworld. Absolutely brimming with great gameplay, cool retro style, and clever ideas, Defend Your Crypt is a terrific tower defense hybrid that provides an authentically unique strategy experience.

DYC_Screen_V DYC_Screen_III

As the long deceased spirit of an ancient pharaoh who has recently been awakened by the presence of would be grave robbers it’s up to players to put a stop to these tomb raiders, Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom style. The gigantic sarcophagus you were mummified in was purposely designed to double as an elaborately deadly maze filled with all sorts of nasty traps like giant falling boulders, collapsing floors, and the obligatory blow dart gun. However these explorers won’t give up so easily as they are after your fabled horde of treasure buried deep within the tomb, which means you’ll need lightning reflexes and careful strategy to triumph over these greedy gold diggers!


By blending together the best bits of the strategy, tower defense, and platforming genres into a single potent formula for addicting gameplay, Defend Your Crypt delivers an engaging experience every Android strategy gamer ought to check out. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play.

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