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Strategic Military FPS Sniper Tactical Advances Onto Android

Indie developer FragOut Studio has some experience making military style shooters, after all it has industry veterans who’ve worked on Arma III within its ranks. So it’s no surprise then that FragOut’s new sharpshooter sim Sniper Tactical is a AAA quality FPS that fans of games like Rainbow Six will love.

Best described as a “thinking mans shooter”, this gorgeous military sim seamlessly blends together long range shootouts with stealth gameplay to turn each level into a sort of puzzle that can only be solved through carefully planned assassination. Knowing when and where to strike is key in Sniper Tactical as it’s up to players to not only take out the bad guys but also make sure no innocent civilians get caught in the crossfire either.

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As a world class marksman specializing in death from a distance players must help their comrades escape from enemy held territory by strategically dispatching any guards blocking their path. Enemy soldiers can’t be allowed to even see your friendly units on the ground which creates a tense atmosphere where careful attention to patrol routes and enemy line-of-sight considerations are essential. By completing missions with style and unlocking achievements players can earn powerful weapon upgrades and abilities like bullet time to help even the odds.


While most mobile shooters are designed with boringly simple action in mind Sniper Tactical requires you to think and is a much better game for it. You can pick up Sniper Tactical now for free on Google Play.

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