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WH40K: Storm of Vengeance Review

The grizzled veteran that is Warhammer 40k drop-pods onto Android with a ‘splat’, rather than a ‘boom’. Front and centre marines, it’s time for my first bad review for SGD…


The futuristic table top RPG, Warhammer 40,000 (WH40K), first appeared back in 1987 with a rich mythology and expansive game universe. It essentially took the familiar orcs, elves and humans of traditional RPG’s and gave them laser blasters and massive tanks to wage full scale battles on alien worlds. Awesome, right? Unfortunately, Eutechnyx have dispensed with the myriad of rules and strategies associated with WH40K and turned it into a casual game instead. One that plays like Plants vs Zombies, in fact.

You’re not bored of Plants vs Zombies yet, are you? Oh.


Despite the static cut-scenes describing various scenarios, every round is played out on a five lane ‘battlefield’ where your troops trudge wearily along their fixed horizontal paths until they run into an enemy and kill it. Sometimes enemies kill your troops, so there is some variation there.

You assign troop-spawning macguffins to your lanes as you see fit, buying them with currency that you generate from communications arrays. These arrays take up one lane each, blocking you from creating marines there, thus providing the lone strategy element to the game. A second super-currency can be accumulated too, allowing you to dispatch vehicles and such, which is a pleasant change from the norm.


The £3 / $5 cost for such a drab, simplistic take on a beloved franchise is frankly unacceptable. You can’t even re-colour your troops, for god’s sake, but you can pay extra for new troop skins. These start at 68p / $1.10, with the more expensive ones adding new weaponry to your arsenal.  It’s not a paywall, to be fair, but it does destroy any last hope for the  player who wants to get creative.

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WH40K: Storm of Vengeance Review JC Richardson


Summary: Eutechnyx have created a monstrosity here. Storm of Vengeance lacks the complexity of Warhammer and any of the charm of Plants Vs Zombies. A badly missed opportunity.


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