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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #43

It’s time once again for the SGD Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up, our weekly salute to the best new indie games to make their way onto the Android scene. Our dedicated editorial team has been tirelessly combing every nook and cranny of the net in order to bring you this comprehensive guide to the coolest new indie games available on Android. And after countless playthroughs and a few lively debates we’ve come up with a list of 25 awesome new indie Android games for you to check out below!

Be sure to vote for your favorite new indie Android game in the poll at the bottom of the page too. As always, the game with the most votes as of Tuesday morning will be declared our indie game of the week and will also be featured on our front page!


Battlestation from Awesomeware

This intergalactic arcade strategy hybrid puts players in command of a “Death Star” type battlestation that stands as Earth’s last and only line of defense against a marauding alien horde. Battlestation lets players outfit their zero g war machine in any way they see fit and allows for all sorts of cool combinations and attack styles. Will you retrofit the hangar bay to make way for a fleet of smaller fighter craft, or do you put your faith in superior fire power and cram every last inch of the ship with giant missiles? The choice is yours commander. 

battlestation1 battlestation2 battlestation3


Below the Known from Dawnfall Games

Designed in the grand tradition of the PC shoot ’em up comes Downfall Games’ action packed old school side scroller Below The Known, a retro throwback that features copious amounts of stick figure violence. Players must survive as long as possible in a variety of hellish levels where faceless monstrosities are devouring everything and everyone in sight. Luckily as players accumulate kills they’ll be able to level up and unlock powerful new weapons that tend to even the odds a little bit, what with the overwhelming firepower and all. 



Birds Vs Bees Birdhouse Battle from Zippy Brain

A charming ultra simple arcade game with light physics elements, Birds Vs Bees Birdhouse Battle provides a fun respite from over complicated game design. It’s up to players to help guide birds home to their birdhouse with a giant fan while making sure not to inadvertently send a swarm of bees into the nest by mistake. Easy to learn but difficult to master, Birds Vs Bees is simple and relaxing arcade action. 

BvsB1 BvsB2 BvB3


Chainliens from Haavepaja

Chainliens is a unique ‘match-3’ game that is truly unlike anything I have played before. Calling it a match-3 game doesn’t even feel right… but you are matching three Chainliens together, and hence why I’m calling it that. So the gameplay goes like this: using rubber band-like controls you’ll move a ‘train’ of Chainliens around a track while collecting more Chainliens as they float onto the screen from all sides. Once you have three of the same colour your goal is to slam the Chainliens as fast as possible into a brick wall to earn the maximum number of points. You need to do all of this while avoiding the ever annoying ghosts too… you need to keep an eye out for those buggers!

Chainliens’ Play Store description makes it sound like a truly bizarre game but I assure you it’ll all make sense once you start playing it. The concept is weird but thankfully the game is easy to pick up and is also a whole lot of fun. Oh, and it’s free so definitely check it out!

chainlien3 chainlien2 chainlien1


Couplo from Last 17

Couplo is an elegantly minimalistic word puzzler that feels like a game of Scrabble on steroids. Players rack up huge combos by successfully chaining together complex words out of jumbles of procedurally generated characters. With a ton of achievements to hunt down and unique daily tournaments to compete in there is a ton of replay value to be found in Couplo. 

couplo1 couplo2


Deity Quest from Fancy Fish Games

Indie developer Fancy Fish Games’ awesome new 16-bit style RPG Deity Quest has arrived, an SNES-esque epic strategy game that carries shades of the Final Fantasy, Ogre Battle, and even Pokemon series’ at times. With its clever gameplay, intriguing storyline, and nostalgic visuals Deity Quest is one of those games that immediately commands your attention.

deity quest2 deity ques3


Eternal Lux from Káwa Project

Eternal Lux is a fantastic retro inspired strategy-RPG that can’t be passed up on. Night has fallen upon the land of Elocesia and only you and your party of three adventurers can return it to a land of peace. The game looks like it came straight from the 80’s. It sports a retro 16-color graphics style, an awesome MIDI soundtrack, and challenging yet addictive gameplay reminiscent of classic RPGs that is sure to bring hours of enjoyment to any RPG fan. Eternal Lux will bring hours of joy to the lovers of the genre and is a free game that you shouldn’t pass up for any reason!

eternallux1 eternallux2 eternallux3


Gem Gem Munchies from Mauigo

What would you do if crazy evil monsters started invading your planet? Well, you’d shoot them down of course! If you’re of the same mindset as myself then Gem Gem Munchies is a game for you! In essence Gem Gem Munchies is a throwback shoot-em-up that most closely resembles vertical space shooters like Galaga. You move from left to right while avoiding deadly space monsters and collecting power-ups that bolster your attack power – and you try to stay alive for as long as possible. The game just screams retro with its fantastic SNES era graphics and it’s retro 3-button control scheme. To add extra layers of addictiveness to an already extremely addictive game Gem Gem Munchies features achievements and leaderboards through Google Play Game Services! Gem Gem Munchies is a must must must download!



Hack, Slash, Loot from David Williamson

Hack, Slash, Loot, the critically acclaimed PC turn-based dungeon crawler, has finally been unearthed on Android devices. You take control of a lone hero that hacks and slashes his way through expansive dungeons while collecting loads and loads of valuable treasure! You’re treated with a new dungeon each time you boot up the game which ensures that no two plays will ever be quite the same experience. Hack, Slash, Loot is among the best dungeon crawlers ever created and definitely deserves your attention!




Hazumino from Samurai Punk

Hazumino puts an addicting new spin on the endless runner that feels like a cross between Super Mario Bros and Tetris on steroids. At the same time as players are controlling their 2D protagonist while he leaps his way through Hazumino’s endless style levels they’ll also need to actively create the level itself by rapidly dropping puzzle blocks in an easily traversable pattern. Tons of unlockable characters, multiple arenas, and a fantastic chiptune soundtrack give Hazumino a wealth of replay value. 

hazumino1 hazumino2


Headball World Championship from Mgaia Studio

Timing is everything in this addicting physics oriented arcade game. Sporting terrific pixel art graphics and ultra simple gameplay mechanics, Headball World Championship is all about beating your friends high scores while pushing your sense of rhythm to the limit. Whether you’re a big soccer fan or not, if you like awesome arcade action you’ll want to check out Headball World Championship.



Jetpack Impossible from Nitako

Jetpack Impossible is a challenging arcade dodge-em style game that is sure to test your reflexes… and luck! Your goal is simple: stay alive by avoiding all orange burning asteroids while collecting green gems to build up your high score. Using a simple two-touch control scheme do you think you’ll be able to get all 5 medals? You do? Well, here’s a word of advice: this game is impossible!

jetpackimpossible1 jetpackimpossible2


Like A Bus from Syke Software

Like A Bus is a completely bizarre arcade game that is a whole lot of fun! You’ll be driving a bus and your goal is simply to rack up points by hitting objects, blowing things up, and causing whatever mayhem you can think of. There is one catch though: if you have no passengers on the bus your bus will take damage – so make sure you pick people up from the bus stop to avoid damage! The gameplay is unique, a lot of fun, and the great retro art style makes Like A Bus a must try game! Download it for free today!

likeabus2 likeabus1


Love from Fred Wood

Love, a popular minimalist retro platforming game from the PC, has finally made its way onto Android devices! This game puts a focus on challenge – but not so much so that it comes across as unfair. It has an innovative respawn system, 12 levels, a bouncing 12 song soundtrack, and competitive scoring as well. Love is one game that retro gamers absolutely must download right away!

love1 love2



Microbia from Fnugg

Microbia is a challenging and fast-paced colour changing arcade game that is easy to learn but quite hard to master. You play as an evolved Microbe that has been surviving in his hostile environment by eating the lesser microbes that are attacking him. Your life is always fading so you must change your colours quickly to survive the never ending onslaught of the lesser microbes –  or they WILL take you down! Microbia has 20 achievements to unlock, global leaderboards through Google Play Game Services, and there’s even options for all of those colour blind gamers out there too! Definitely check this one out!

microbia1 microbia2


MinuteQuest from moitititi

MinuteQuest is a retro-themed RPG that is sure to eat up a lot of your free time (or it has for me at least!). The goal is simple: roam the 2D world while killing baddies and bosses, earning XP and leveling up, and buying new weapons and armour. Though the concept is simple it is that simplicity that makes MinuteQuest so easy to pick up and play. Add on the fantastic retro art style, the great chiptune soundtrack, and the countless hours of gameplay and you have yourself an absolute must play game! Download MinuteQuest for free from Google Play today!



Ouch! Couch from Twistory Entertainment Studios

We’ve all heard about downhill skiing, right? Well, how many of you have heard about downhill couching? If it’s a new concept to you then it’s time to get educated with Ouch! Couch – the first ever arcade downhill couching game that will puts in the drivers seat of custom designed sofas and davenports! You’ll be launching your couch into the air in order to avoid deadly obstacles like Fire Breathing Crocodiles, Flying Pigs, Dancing Robots and Penguin Waiters! Come prepared – the city streets are more dangerous than you ever could have expected!

ouchcouch1 ouchcouch2


Paul & Percy Portable from Kipper Digital

Paul & Percy Portable is a hugely popular logic puzzler from the iOS that has finally made its way onto Android devices. In this game you control two characters (Paul and Percy) that are each on separate sides of the screen. Your goal is to get both characters to the warp pad on the other side of the level – and to do this you’ll need them to work together. The game’s puzzles are challenging, the artwork is full of charm, and there’s a great soundtrack here to boot! If you’re looking for a good logic puzzler you’d be really hard pressed to find anything even remotely as good as Paul & Percy Portable.

PandPP1 PandPP2 PandPP3


Rubble N Strafe from J Griffin

Rubble N Strafe is a new ‘Harrier Attack’ inspired arcade side-scrolling bombing simulator where you’ll shoot, bomb, and rocket your way through an infinite horde of enemy troops. You’ll need to take out ground infantry, anti-air emplacements, enemy choppers, and a whole lot more while trying to stay alive for as long as possible. Rubble N Strafe uses a simple two-touch control system that makes it easy for anyone to pick up and play – but trust me, you’ll have a hard time putting this one down! Rubble N Strafe is an absolute must download!



Sidekick Cycle from Global Gaming Initiative

Sidekick Cycle is a fast-paced downhill cycling game where you must use your skills and reflexes to survive the treacherous terrain. To improve your chances of surviving the game’s 70 levels you’ll likely need a bit of help from the game’s wide assortment of helpful Sidekicks – cute animal friends whose special powers are sure to help you reach the finish line in one peice!

In addition to the game’s addictive gameplay money earned through in app purchases is used by Global Gaming Initiative to help deliver bikes to disadvantaged children. It’s great to see developers use IAPs for such great causes! Download Sidekick Cycle today!

sidekickcycle1 sidekickcycle2


Swoc: of Swords and Blocks from Baptiste Villain

Swoc: of Swords and Blocks is a match-3 puzzle-RPG that’s quite unlike anything you have seen before. Usually you’d be playing with just the tiles on the board but in Swoc you’re also exploring the board itself! Each time your match three identical items all of the characters might move to face one another – and they’ll either receive a power boost or downgrade depending on the items that you match. Each character and boss has their own unique ability too which really keeps the gameplay feeling fresh the whole game through! Swoc features an in depth single player quest to explore and it even includes a fantastic simultaneous multiplayer mode too for when you’ve got some friends around. Fans of match-3 games and RPG’s really need to download Swoc: of Swords and Blocks right away!



Tiny Tennis from Fat Fish Games

Fat Fish Games adds to their growing list of addictive sports action games with their release of of the sure fire hit Tiny Tennis. Tiny Tennis makes for some of the best tennis action to ever land on mobile devices! It’s fast, it’s fun, and most importantly of all it’s near impossible to put down! Do you really need more than that? So get out on the court, set a new high score, and see if you can net yourself that near-impossible to get platinum medal!

tinytennis1 tinytennis2 tinytennis3


Whack the Mervins from Eggplant on Wheels

Whack the Mervins is a brilliantly crafted retro platformer that is sure to please fans of genre classics like Megaman and Mario. Your run, jump, and shoot your way through levels while collecting a huge number of jewels and ultimately destroying some truly nasty bosses. The game is completely free – no ads or IAPs whatsoever! Definitely download Whack the Mervins today!

WtM1 WtM2


Zombie Rush Infinite Tap from Antone Abuyaghi

The zombie apocalypse is upon us again and this time it’s up to Ralph to put an end to this terrifying zombie horde once and for all! Using four different tapping skills and four different weapons you will blast away at a wide array of unique zombie types. How long do think you’ll be able to survive this relentless zombie attack?



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