Published on May 2nd, 2014 | by Craig Forshey


Physics Platformer Snailboy Sticks The Landing On Google Play

It’s been a while since our hands-on preview of the physics-centric platformer Snailboy last year, but indie developer Thoopid’s mollusk mascot adventure has finally arrived on Google Play for all Android users to enjoy. This award winning side scroller has garnered alot of praise for its outstanding animation and tight platform based gameplay that draws inspiration from classics like Super Mario and Angry Birds. The mind blowing level of graphical polish Thoopid achieved with Snailboy is impressive to say the least thanks to a special rendering technique that allows the visuals to approach Pixar quality.

snailboy23 snailboy233

Snailboy is the story of the title protagonist’s quest to retrieve his stolen shell, an important item for a strapping young mollusk. It’s up to players to help our hero jump, stick, and slide his way across a vast and treacherous forest filled with awe-inspiring scenery and deadly creatures. However since snails aren’t generally very good at running players will be doing alot of jumping to complete each level which is handled in an intuitively designed quasi Angry Birds fashion. There are tons of rewards and secrets hidden throughout each level to encourage exploration and serve as extra challenges for more experienced gamers.


Without a doubt one of the best looking platformers on Android, Snailboy is a terrific game that was well worth the wait. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play.

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