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Unique Multi-Touch Arcade Game Cyberflow Coming Soon

After working on the uber violent Postal 3 for a number of years veteran PC game designer Larissa Davidova decided it was time for a change of pace. She quickly set about establishing a indie game studio and began development on a surreal upcoming arcade game for Android called Cyberflow that would stand in stark contrast both stylistically and graphically to the mindless absurdity of Postal 3. Sporting a clever “easy to learn but difficult to master control scheme”, Cyberflow is destined to be a hit when it launches thanks to the way its addicting gameplay splices elements of several genres together to deliver a unique new arcade experience.

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In Cyberflow, players pilot a futuristic self-aware vehicle called a hover bot through hostile sci-fi environments using a unique two finger control scheme that adds a ton of nuance to the gameplay. Angling the hover bot like an airplane allows players to gracefully glide between the labyrinthine barriers and marauding enemies that populate each of the procedurally generated stages. Along the way they’ll need to power up their hover bot by catching as many crates as possible in the ships energy beam which will occasionally reward the player with powerful upgrades to help even the odds.


With its addicting gameplay, incredible graphics, and catchy original soundtrack Cyberflow is a terrific new arcade title that deserves your utmost attention. Cyberflow will be cruising onto Google Play this Saturday, May 10th.


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