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King’s League Odyssey Review

Gamenaut’s Kings League Odyssey (KLO) has finally arrived on Android, after draining Apple users of their time for the past few months. Luckily it won’t drain your wallet, as it’s a full game purchase at a paltry price, with a few optional IAPs which I’ll get back to.


Essentially, KLO has you managing a team of cutesy 2D heroes, made up of the usual sword and sorcery types, and battling your way through various competitions, dungeons and quests. All these earn you money to hire newer, tougher heroes and sometimes even jewels that upgrade their skills. Yup, the dual-currency is back, but you’ll be pleased to know there’s no nefarious IAPs here – all the loot is purely in-game. Nice. If you’re feeling flush, you can shell out real-world money for spangly new heroes, but this is entirely optional. Unique bad-asses appear at random anyway, and you can recruit them with your rewards from quests: a little grinding goes a long way in KLO. Double Nice.


The heroes also help you expand your territory, thus earning you regular bonus cash to plough into your campaign. There’s also factions to help out, who’ll unlock new dungeons and other features as your reputation increases: it’s a seriously intricate game with a whole micro-economy of its own.

Battles are fought automatically, ending when one side is dead, and the only influence you have is the amount of training and levelling up you put into your team. It’s a very simple engine, but never boring, as you’ll be constantly tweaking your team to get better results. Your heroes may be simply rendered, but they’re full of character and it’s great seeing them flourish under your command.


KLO follows a loose campaign, though this is a pretty short affair. Once that’s out of the way, you’re left to concentrate on your kingdom, finding new dungeons and new heroes and protecting your towns from random invasions. There’s a lot going on here, and well worth the admission cost.

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King’s League Odyssey Review JC Richardson


Summary: Playing KLO is a pleasingly busy experience. It's a real time-eater, full of character with a sensible IAP policy. Definitely worth anyone's time.


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