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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #44

Welcome to another edition of the SGD Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up, our weekly salute to the best new indie games to make their way onto the Android scene. Our dedicated editorial team has been tirelessly combing every nook and cranny of the net in order to bring you this comprehensive guide to the coolest new indie games available on Android. And after countless playthroughs and a few lively debates we’ve come up with a list of 25 awesome new indie Android games for you to check out below! And when we say awesome we mean awesome, every single one of these games has been played extensively by us and we highly recommend you check out each and every one of these true hidden gems!

Be sure to vote for your favorite new indie Android game in the poll at the bottom of the page too. As always, the game with the most votes as of Tuesday morning will be declared our indie game of the week and will also be featured on our front page!


Aliens Drive Me Crazy from Rebel Twins

The indie studio behind Crumble Zone and Daddy Was A Thief is back with an addicting new action platformer called Aliens Drive Me Crazy that features tons of physics based gameplay and hilarious characters. In this endless style sidescroller players will drive a souped up hotrod through an alien infested city as they wreak havoc by flattening the little green men or otherwise blasting them away. Aliens Drive Me Crazy is an elegantly designed platformer that is already proving to be a big hit.



Battle Gems from Artix Entertainment

Battle Gems is an incredibly charming match-3 combat game that is jam packed with hugely addictive content. With over 150 fully animated monsters, more than 450 quests, and a tonne of weapons and armour to unlock you’re sure to be kept more than a little bit busy for a long time to come. Along your journey through the game you’ll encounter a huge number of crazy and bizarre creatures like an Octobear, a Brutalcorn, a Gandolphin (“You shall not splash!”), and what seems like an endless number of crazy elemental and undead dragons, to name a few. In addition to the lengthy single player quest you’re given access to an indepth PvP mode too! Battle Gems is an excellent game that no mobile gamer should be without! Download it from Google Play for free today! You wont be disappointed.

battlegems2 battlegems3 battlegems1


Bit Breaker from Joshua Williams

Who out there doesn’t enjoy Brick Breaker/Arkanoid games? I know I have always been a fan of them so it was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon Bit Breaker from Joshua Williams. While it doesn’t revolutionize the genre that’s totally fine by me! There are enough new power-ups and other gameplay variations to keep the gameplay feeling fresh and new and the fantastic retro art and sound design make it among the best titles this genre has ever seen. Download it today!

bitbreaker3 itbreaker2 bitbreaker1


Crisp Bacon: Run Pig Run from SnottyApps

Crisp Bacon is a 2D sidescrolling runner that puts you in control of the games hyperactive hero ‘Crisp Bacon’. You must run, jump, crawl, climb, roll and fart your way through a multitude of challenging levels in your quest to find your little brother. Just make sure you keep an eye out for spiky hedgehogs, sharp saw blades, rolling trees, and other obstacles – but always know you’ve got your butt-stomp and the ability to break wind on your side. Crisp Bacon is a fun sidescroller that combines cute 2D graphics, silly humour, and addictive porkour gameplay in a way that will ensure gamers a lot of entertainment.

crispbacon2 crispbacon1


Cyberflow from Larissa Davidova

As an introspective cyber punk arcade game, Cyberflow is one of those unusual mobile games that aren’t purposefully trying to tick you off but instead is just focused on having a good time. With its unique game design that plays like a graceful hybrid of Snake and Star Wars Pod Racer, Cyberflow challenges players with guiding their futuristic dual engine Hoverbot through perilous procedurally generated worlds as they rack up points and avoid getting smushed by a brick wall or a freaky alien.

lvl3_ss2 lvl2_ss1


Dark Lands from Bulkypix / Mingle Games

This stylish runner plays like an old school adventure RPG with players going on an epic quest to smite as many evil creatures as possible. Loot is the name of the game so to speak as players will need to gather any gems they see in order to beef up their characters stats and gain access to powerful new weapons. With its interesting graphical scheme and action packed gameplay Dark Lands is one of the better runners out there.

darklands1 darklands2


DEUS from Vienom

Ever wish there was a bit more thinking involved in the average god game? Well, your wish has been granted as indie studio Vienom’s great new puzzler DEUS has arrived on the scene with a brand new twist on the genre that feels like a game of Populous crossed with Tetris. Not only do players need to solve puzzles in DEUS, they’ll also need to appease their followers by creating forests, rivers, and towns for them to use.



Doom Tower from Yagoda Production LLC

Like a completely awesome melding together of Doom and Fruit Ninja, Doom Tower casts players as a master sorcerer charged with defending the last hellgate on Earth from being breached by the nefarious armies of the netherworld. Sporting top notch console quality graphics powered by Unity3D, addicting gameplay, and a badass atmosphere, Doom Tower hooks you in and never lets go.

doomtower13343 doomtower1334


Exodite: Space action shooter from Afrodude Works

Having already wowed iOS gamers with its adrenaline pumping bullet hell gameplay, the side scrolling shoot ’em up Exodite has now come to Android to test our video game prowess. A hardcore arcade shooter that draws inspiration from games like R-Type and Sine Mora, Exodite is a challenging new shoot ’em up that could easily be confused for a Vita title on first glance. Fans of the bullet hell genre will definitely want to take a look at Exodite.



Glob:Gelatinous Little Oddball by Prime8 Entertainment

A quirky puzzle adventure game with a unique art style and dynamic gameplay, Glob is like an alien version of Ecco The Dolphin but with way more challenging action and much more intriguing characters. As a strange jellyfish esque looking creature, players must make their way through living levels filled with all sorts of things that would prove deadly for a lost little protein like Glob. You’ll need both good reflexes and sharp wit in order to get anywhere in Glob.

glob glob3


Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage from Nitrome

An icy wind has swept the Vikings away and it’s up to you to get them all back home safely! You’ll make your way across a land filled with trolls, deadly traps, and other dangerous enemies! Using your powerful icebreaking skills you will solve a myriad of puzzles by cutting your way through ice, rope, cannons, explosives, slime and umm… chickens? Well, whatever it takes to get your clan home safely! Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage is an award winning flash game that you absolutely can’t afford to miss out on. Trust me!

icebreaker1 icebreaker2


iM Detective from Intelligent Millionaire

This impressive digital board game not only looks terrific but it also offers intriguing “whodunnit?” type gameplay that feels like a hyperactive new spin on Clue. Players can play alone or with friends as they take on the role of one of a group of investigators examining a murder scene where one of them is the murderer and the rest are trying to take him down by finding clues. It even supports cross platform gameplay across Android, iOS, and Facebook so you can continue your caper wherever and whenever you feel like it.

imdetective1 imdetective12


Night Lighter from Arraybracket

Night Lighter is a visually stunning infinite platformer that features classic mechanics, adaptive difficulty, and fantastic randomly-generated levels. You will bounce across enemies, collect delicious fuel, short hop under angry foes, and even blast out of spinning pots all Donkey Kong like! If you manage to collect 100 sparkly coins you’ll earn an extra +1UP – an absolute necessity when going for a new high score. Night Lighter is a free game you shouldn’t skip out on.

nightlighter2 nightlighter1


Nyquest from Noizoo

This charming kid friendly platformer features out of this world gameplay that’s reminiscent of They Must Be Fed while still retaining its own unique sense of style and adding new ideas into the mix. As an intergalactic reporter it’s up to players to fly their way around the solar system visiting other planets and making newsworthy discoveries. Along the way they’ll have to make sure they get their flight path right so they don’t end up in an asteroid field and miss their big scoop.

niozoo niozoo2


Ocean Hunt from Won-O-Soft

From the creator of the critically acclaimed arcade style stealth title Fox Tales The Skeleton King comes a great new arcade game filled with skill based deep sea fishing. As various exotic fish swim around the screen, players must time their spear throws just right in order to tag them and reel them in. Ocean hunt is simple and fun.

oceanhunt oceanhunt2


Racer: Fair Springs from TeaPOT Games

You may remember TeaPOT Games’ skill based driving game Total Parking, well get ready to return to the road once again as the indie developer has unleashed a terrific new followup called Racer: Fair Springs that kicks things into overdrive. This time around the focus is on flat out speed as players see how long they can cruise through the city with their pedal to the metal and not crash in the process. Performing stylish moves like drifts and close shaves rewards players with extra points in addition to looking really cool.

racer12 racer1223


Rocket Drop from sc0tt games

There are lots of endless style arcade games out there, but there’s never been anything quite as zany or inventive as Scott Games’ insane new skill based action title Rocket Drop. Rather than jump over some measly pixelated platforms, players will instead jump out of an airplane with a jetpack as they plummet towards the earth amid a barrage of nuclear missiles headed straight their way. It takes fast reflexes and smooth moves in order to gain any lift in this game.

rocketdrop3 rocketdrop32


Saving Alley Cats! from Vigeo Games

Designed to look and feel like a Gameboy game, Saving Alley Cats! offers tons of addicting skill based gameplay. Simple and straightforward yet nostalgically enchanting, this old school style title casts players as a hapless hero trying desperately to save a hail of flying kitties who have all decided to jump off the roof at the same time for some bizarre feline reason. Appareantly these kitties aren’t aware that they do not in fact have nine lives so it’s up to players to catch them before they hit the ground.

saving alley cats


Season Shift from Fancy Otter

Charlie the groundhog is lost in the wilderness and he needs your help. By using Charlie’s powerful season shifting powers you are able to manipulate the environment and help Charlie find his shadow at the end of each stage. If you’re looking for some added challenge you can earn a star on each stage by shifting seasons as few times as possible. Season Shift is a puzzle game that’s sure to be fun for gamers of all ages, and you can download it for just $1 on Google Play!

seasonshift1 seasonshift2


Shipstorm from Bison Blast

Indie developer Bison Blast’s new physics based arcade game sports a unique art style and interesting gameplay. Players must help an imperiled vessel navigate the angry seas by tilting their device and swatting away at a host of nasty things lying in wait at the bottom of the ocean. With tons of unlockables and high replay value, Shipstorm will keep you sailing the high seas for a long time.

shipstorm shipstorm2


Spirit Run – Fire vs Ice from Lunagames

This dual element platformer from Lunagames plays like a charming combination of Super Mario Bros and Ikaruga. As players run around each level they’ll need to constantly change back and forth between fire and ice based forms in order to score points and avoid traps. With its old school style gameplay and emphasis on quick reflexes Spirit Run provides a challenge on par with what one would typically expect from an SNES title.

spirirtrun spirirtrun2


Sploxed from Kipper Digital

Sploxed is a charming and incredibly challenging arcade dodge’em game. Your goal is simple (in theory): move from side to side and avoid the blocks that fall from the ceiling. Simple, right? WRONG! You’re going to need lightning fast reflexes and a boatload of luck if you hope to set yourself a new high score. Sploxed is loads of fun and absolutely cannot be passed up. Download it for free today!

Sploxed1 Sploxed2 Sploxed3


Star Pod from Playdor

27 billion light years away from Earth we find Star Pods hero stranded on a strange planet. He is running late for his anniversary and if he doesn’t make it home in time he might just lose his wife to another man! You must solve a variety of mind-bending physics puzzles by getting from point A to point B in one piece and collecting valuable rings along the way. If you’re looking for a real challenge you absolutely must check this game out. It’s free and has no ads, so how can you really say no?

starpod1 starpod2


WAR! Showdown RTS from Flashpoint Games

An ambitious followup to their award winning title Pirates! Showdown, Flashpoint Games’ new strategy game WAR! Showdown is just as impressive and fun. Like a hybrid of Command & Conquer and Great Little War Game WAR! Showdown gives players all the tactical awesomeness of a real time strategy game without all the muss and fuss of micro managing resources. Here, players can get right into an awesome sequel that builds upon its predecessor in nearly every way.



Xtreme Dirtz from Makemake Games

Disappointed by the dumbed downed gameplay and cartoonish nature of Trials Frontier? Looking for a mobile game that really brings the Trials experience to mobile? Then check out Xtreme Dirtz, an awesome skill based motocross game that brings the magic of Trials HD to your Android device. With its excellent level design, advanced graphics, and high replay value Xtreme Dirtz just may be the best new Trials style game yet.

xtreme dirtz2 xtreme dirtz


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