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Aliens Drive Me Crazy Review

Aliens Drive Me Crazy sees Earth under attack from body-stealing aliens, much like that 60’s show ‘The Invaders’. That show would have been a lot more fun if David Vincent was bouncing around in a dune buggy and shooting up the place with a bunch of cool guns.


Anyway, this is ADMC in a nutshell. It’s a cutesy, side-scrolling Flash-style affair which is split neatly into two infuriatingly addictive sub-games: first, you’re driving along, running over aliens, smashing through buildings and crushing cars, all whilst desperately avoiding an ever-encroaching mechanical alien T-rex. Then things get crazy. Each stage has a fortress to raid on foot, filled with aliens to kill and hostages to rescue. You bounce between the floors, automatically spraying hot lead at whoever looks at you cock-eyed, and it’s immensely good fun. The controls are limited to swipe up (jump) and swipe down (drop), leaving you free to enjoy the chaos without too much thinking.


Along the way, you collect coins to pay for upgrades to your vehicle, your guns or your person, all of which gets you further down the alien infested road you travel. There are IAPs available here to boost your coin count, but nothing you can’t grind for. It’s a model which works well, and feels fair.

ADMC features some gorgeous animation, from the goofy bouncing of your bobble-headed hero in his car, to the luscious time-slowing explosions that are unleashed when you really cause some carnage. The level of detail is way higher than you should expect from a Flash-style game – your hero blinks when he shoots, for god’s sake. The game sounds amazing too, with a mixture of golden age sci-fi Theremin and hot jazz tracks that put an instant grin on your face.

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Aliens Drive Me Crazy Review JC Richardson


Summary: Aliens Drive Me Crazy is silly enough to be fun, but deep enough to hold your interest. There’s a wicked sense of humour at work here, with an abundance of charm and hugely addictive action.


An absolute blast

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  • sean

    but the IAP is horrendeous. almost three bucks for double coins. Seriously?

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